Triple Chocolate Raspberry trifle - making the best dessert ever EVEN BETTER!

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I’m sure you all remember my favourite dessert – the chocolate mousse I wrote about here. And you may have noticed my conversation with @gardenlady about her Ice Box Cake. That inspired this creation which you will LOVE if you love chocolate, even if you don’t like regular trifle.


It’s not really quite like a trifle, maybe more like tiramisu. Or maybe it’s just its own special category. Ok, let’s get to it.

First thing I did was take some of my keto, sugar free chocolate brownies out of the freezer. It was about half a batch. For this dessert, you can use whatever your favourite chocolate cake or brownie is.

Then I made up a batch of the mousse. I whipped up the whole 300ml bottle of cream this time, so there was some left over.

Then I started layering. I used a rectangular glass dish, sized about 20 x 15 cm, rather than a bowl, to make it easier to slice up later.

The first layer was the chocolate brownie, broken up into pieces.


Next time I make this, I might add a layer of raspberries for the second layer, to make it even more succulent. Or any fresh berry would be lovely.

Next layer was the chocolate mousse. The alcohol I used this time was some chocolate Baileys, so it would be more accurate to call it a quadruple chocolate creation!


I put it in the fridge till the mousse had set. Maybe half an hour? Then added the rest of the whipped cream.


Then the third chocolate layer. If I’d had more dark sugar free chocolate, I would have used that. But what I had was some milk sugar free, and some Black & Green 85% dark.

So first I grated up some of the milk.


Then I added a layer of the dark 85%. So can we call it a quintuple Chocolate dessert now?


Lastly, a layer of raspberries.

These had come fresh that morning from our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We are a drop off point for them and they give us some fresh fruit each week as a Thank You. This week it was an abundance of berries. You can see they are two different colours. Some were raspberries, but we think the others might be tayberries, as they were mentioned in their newsletter.


I liked how it looked with this amount of berries. But I think to be truly decadent, more would have been better. @frot disagrees though, he thinks it was the perfect amount of fruit, just as it was. Either way, it was a fabulous treat. So good that half of it was gone by breakfast time. I sliced the rest up, so I could take some photos.



And then two servings went back in the fridge and four servings went in the freezer for later. Leaving it all sitting in the fridge would be a sure fire way for me to regain some of the weight I’ve painstakingly lost!

Although, the way I made it, it’s low sugar and high fat, so technically keto, it’s also very high calorie. It’s probably best if chocolate and cream are only a small part of my diet.

The amount I made could serve up to 12 people if you only wanted a moderate serve. But if everybody wanted seconds (and they will!), it would only serve about 6-8.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have a go.

Photos by me.

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I'll have to stop following you. I need to get on a diet and this is not helping! At all!
Raspberries are my favorite fruit, in fact the only fruit I consider worth eating!

Yeah, I'm back on my healthier diet this morning. One more slightly decadent recipe (are cheesy mushrooms decadent?) to record for next Xmas, and then I'll be much more boring again ;-) Raspberries are my favourite too.

No, mushrooms are OK. I used to make mushrooms filled with cheese, too.

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All good then, we can still be friends.

OH WOW that looks amazing. You are so good at this cooking lark :)

It was amazing, and we can thank @gardenlady for the idea! But I need to back off the chocolate and cream now :-(

I'm the same going to fast for 2 days as feel like crap now. Christmas is only 1 day but we make it last 2 weeks lol

Or at least Xmas Day to New Year's Day. Or till the extra treats run out...

I cut right back on buying treats this year, 1st year ever i didn't buy Christmas cake or I would have ate the it :)

Next year, you could make my sugar free christmas cake, make it in the mini muffin size, and then freeze them. That's what I did and they defrost in a few mins when you really want one, but are not sitting under your nose the whole time.

My new favourite - I could live on this stuff!

I could too, if taste was the only consideration!

But you told me it was gluten free, sugar free, organic and Paleo! :)

Well, gluten free, almost sugar free, partly organic, but the cream isn't Paleo. It was keto though!

It really was! My new go-to special occasion dessert. Probably just as well the next special occasion, @frot's birthday, isn't for another 2.5 months!

it's a decadent delight for sure!

I am going to have to find a photo of our icebox cake - i'll post it here....

Oh yes, please do - it would be interesting to compare them.

ugh! I can't seem to find an old photo. we didn't make it this year. When it is cut, it looks a like a torte. ah well....

Never mind. Next time.

WOW that must be hard to resist it looks and sounds so good thanks for sharing with us

It was. It called to me every time I opened the fridge. That's why the leftovers had to be frozen.

I have to admit I dont think if I had been there much if any would have been left to be frozen LOL

@frot had already had a damn good go at polishing it off, but I whisked it away.

Lol 😂 but can you really blame him 😎

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