The Alley Bubble Tea 鹿角巷 @ Sri Petaling

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Dear Steemians,

This is a post on the new opening "The Alley" branch in Sri Petaling which is Taiwanese-tea based company. The signature of this shop is the black sugar tapioca balls , they named it deerioca which has a unique way of cooking results in a very chewy translucent pearls with black sugar fragrance. It's Malaysia's hot trend! Therefore, long queue is expected, it's quite impossible for the crowd to disperse. And the shop is new opening therefore I believe the workers are still working on the efficiency and productivity. (Time to train your patience xD)

PS: On the day of grand opening on 15/9 at Sri Petaling , you will get 50% off on second item (only for milktea series) from 3pm-9pm.


这家店鹿角巷 原名斜角巷,2013年在台灣桃園開設首家門市。目前在全马大概有十多间,还在世界各地扩大市场中,包括在中国、加拿大、澳大利亚、越南、日本等等。


看看那源源不断的人潮~到底有什么稀奇呢o.O? 好奇的我,抱着那想尝试的心态,终于来到这漫长的队伍中间! See the long queue~You must be wondering on how great are the drinks!
九月十五号在大城堡隆重开张的当天,有买一,第二件扣半价的优惠, 只限于奶茶哦。优惠时间是3pm-9pm!由于是新店开张,员工们还在努力适应那不断的人潮,也许会有些许慢,排队的人要有点耐心咯。

喜欢珍珠奶茶的粉丝们,不妨试试这主打产品鹿丸吧! 所谓的鹿丸就是那黑糖珍珠,另一种就是普通的珍珠拉~
Image Source
Image Source
至于净水器系统也是经过层层把关,毋庸置疑,饮品的品质和水准是特优级,小编可是亲自审核的!也只有过滤过的水才会进入制冰机和煮茶机, 所以水源都是从煮茶机出来的, 看来鹿角巷真的是有符合自身的企业核心价值—品质。
以下是饮品菜单。This is the menu, for the updated price please click the link below. A bit pricey but worth to try. My personal preferences are the deerioca fresh milk and the white velvet sugar latte.
Updated Price


  • 鹿丸系列 Deerioca Fresh Milk
  • 雪绒系列 White Velvet Peach Oolong (top) and Sugar Latte (bottom)
  • 九号奶茶 Royal No.9 Milktea


第三人气饮品是雪绒系列,就是特调茶和Cheese的混合。首先记得先喝口水以品尝到最佳口感, 过后用附上的小刀轻轻地在边缘划上一个小口,以倾斜45度的方式享用,以喝到cheese和茶的混合。

Directions to The Alley Sri Petaling
Operation hours: 11am-1am
Contact: 03-9055 3683

Feel free to comment~:)
Hope you enjoy reading my post! Have a great weekend!:)

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This helps a lot 🙆 Thank you

So cute! I like their label! :D

Yea! I know korea and Japan gt it too

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:) 谢谢。会继续努力的

This is really interesting as more and more people cashing in the idea of the famous pearl tea (along with its packaging and stuffs)

Now I am going to be more impressed if any of these stores would even have the idea of offering it zero waste by encouraging customers to come with their containers and see if this will get the anti plastic (and put some salt in, planet loving) people to hop in a bigger support.


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Yes yes. Johor gt few branches oh. The master franchiser is johorian

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