MakeMeSmile Week 24 Announcement Post / MakeMeSmile 第二十四期开始了

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Weekend Freewrite 7/28/2018 - Single Prompt Option: The Taste of Chicken

Yesterday I have posted a teaser about our mini meetup with two other girls from @ladiesofasia, @livinguktaiwan and @jrvacation and some of our Team Malaysia members, @zord189, @littlenewthings, @orangila, @aaronleang and @joannewong. So today I will continue with part 1 of our meetup with this freewrite prompt "The Taste of Chicken".

Normally @aaronleang and @joannewong are the ones who will be organizing the food trip for our guests. But this time they are busy and all of us thought they are not around in KL. So me and @zord189 took over and arranged the dinner and dessert. We chose to have claypot chicken rice at one of the famous traditional shop in downtown Pudu. We went for Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice.

Me and my eldest girl, Halley went there earlier as they didn't allow table reservation. So we reached there about 7pm (half an hour earlier than our meetup dinner time). I ordered and waited for a big table for 9 of us. (I didn't know that Aaron and Joanne would pop up later, so I didn't count them in).

We had two claypot chicken rice, one claypot waxed meat rice (腊味饭, lap mei fan in Cantonese), veggie and soup and fish head curry. Everything is yummilicious. The chicken is tender and juicy. The fish head curry smells and tastes heavenly good too, not spicy.


Claypot chicken rice


Fish head curry


J is taking photo of the rice


@livinguktaiwan is taking her shot


@zord189 is so happy posing with the fish head curry


@littlenewthings and @livinguktaiwan busy chit chatting while waiting for the food


That's the shop "hiding" below the bridge


Look at all the claypots


Cooking with charcoals


The shop was filled with hungry people

The wefie at the top is captured by @zord189 before we left for dessert. So stay tuned for part 2 of the meetup.

Let's spread the SMILE out!


The rule is very very simple. / 挑战的规则很简单

A. Post whatever makes you HAPPY. It can be a photo, a story, a song, a video, a poem, a drawing, etc.


B. Must write at least 5 sentences describing why it makes you smile/happy.


C. Submit your MakeMeSmile post link under the comment section in this post to join the weekly lucky draw.

把你的MakeMeSmile 的链接分享在这部落格的评论区来参与我们每周的幸运抽奖。

How to Win the Lucky Draw? / 如何赢得抽奖

A. Must submit your post at the comment section below this post.

记得一定要把你的MakeMeSmile po 的链接贴在我的评论区。

B. I will use Random Picker to randomly choose the lucky winner(s) after I have received my post payout. I will record the process and result and show in the announcement post.

当我拿到了这po的支付,我将会用 Random Picker 来选我们的幸运赢家。我会把整个过程记录下来并公布让大家知道。

C. Previous week winner(s) will be omitted for this week to give others a chance to win. If you have won last week, the next week your post will not be eligible for the lucky draw. But you can try your chance again the following week.


MakeMeSmile will keep supporting @youarehope and @tarc together with @thealliance. Thank you for making this happen. Spreading love, smile and positivity! @youarehope and @tarc will each receive 25% of the post SBD payout.

MakeMeSmile会和@thealliance一样继续支持 @youarehope@tarc。让我们大家携手一起把爱,微笑还有正能量传播出去吧!@youarehope@tarc将各获得本帖25%的SBD支付。

If you have no idea what is MakeMeSmile is all about, do check out my announcement post HERE for all the rules and how to take part and you may be our lucky winner!

如果你不知道MakeMeSmile是什么“东东”,欢迎你到这里看看。也欢迎你踊跃参加此挑战,有可能你就是我们的幸运儿哦! (1).gif

Image credits to @littlenewthings, @sireh and @skyleap

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So glad to see ladies of Asia Meetup

你好吗?欢迎在steemauto里设置跟赞 @cnbuddy 给整个cn区点赞倘若你想让我隐形,请回复“取消”。


I am so going to steal this word!!!


What a lovely meet up! The food looks amazing.

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Nice meetup and yummy food!

Wow...yummy yummy, happy meet up👍👍👍

Here - that would be a huge meetup LOL.
And I want to come just for the food!!! You make me so hungry!!!


@mariannewest Just let us know when you are coming... 😀