What is #MyJuniors? / #MyJuniors是什么呢?

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It has been an awesome journey together with Team Malaysia since July last year. Glad to have met awesome friends whom we can call family - Team Malaysia Family... Steemit has never been the same since Team Malaysia.


@bitrocker2020 has officially announced the launching of MyJuniors in his post. Thanks again to the team helping to make sure this project blossoms well! Thanks to @bitrocker2020 @zord189 @davidke20 @karinzdailygrind @khimgoh @littlenewthings @wendygoh @notimetospace @aaronleang @orangila

昨天 @bitrocker2020 在他的po里正式的宣布了MyJuniors的成立。感谢所有筹委的鼎力支持,我们的MyJuniors肯定可以快乐快速成长,发扬光大!

If you haven't registered your little ones to our first CNY Decorations Making Workshop, please go and register HERE now! We have 4 more seats left for this workshop!!!

我们第一次的工作坊将会在2月10日进行。如果你还没有为你的宝贝报名,请快到这网址 报名!还剩下4个席位而已哟!

Maybe some of you may wonder what is MyJuniors? How to use this tag? Who can use this tag? So this is the main reason for this post.


What is MyJuniors / 什么是MyJuniors

The ultimate aim is to foster a deeper bond between parent and child and enable them to understand and guide their child better. We will plan events and workshop once a month or once every two months. To meet up and have fun activities together. Teaser... We will have lots of art and crafts sessions, drawing and colouring sessions, maybe cooking and music too... So if you have any ideas which you think your little ones would totally enjoy, do get in touch with me on Discord. Let make it happen!


How to use this tag? / 该怎么运用这标签?

Some of you did ask, what to post? Well, our little ones are very creative (I am sure). Coz all children are creative. They can draw, colour, build Lego/blocks, sing, dance... and many many more... So what I do is I take photos of the process and the final creation. For example,


You may notice that I don't show my girls' faces. My photos of them will either be their back, their side, their hands... but not their face... This is because they are still young and I am not sure whether they really wanna be in the spotlight having their "cute" faces burnt into the blockchain forever and ever. And also for security purposes. We never know who is stalking our blog posts. So please do keep in mind, do not ever show details of your little ones like what school they go to, what's their daily schedule, etc...


Some of you might ask, should I register an account for my little one? Well, this is totally up to you. Maybe for a start, you can showcase your little one creation via your own account. Please bear in mind also, we will be the one managing their account(s) if we choose to sign up for them. Coz for younger children, we don't really expect them to manage their account(s), right? Some more Steemit account is attached with our Steemit wallet! We don't want them to lose access to their account(s), right?


Who can use this tag? / 谁可以使用这标签?

Anyone who is showing original creation from your little ones is welcome to use this tag. Any languages is welcome, but English will be the main language used as most of us can understand English.


Last but not least, wish everyone a great Steeming Journey! Let's grow together! With love and hugs! Thanks for the love and support!💕💖 💓 💗

最后,祝大家有个愉快的Steemit旅途!让我们一起成长吧!感恩感谢大家的爱还有支持!💕💖 💓 💗

Webp.net-gifmaker (1).gif

Image credits to @littlenewthings, @skyleap and @kira.ohba


If you like the idea of CREATE and EARN (just like here in Steemit), then do you know that everyday while we connect with our family and friends through chatting, texting, voice and video calling, we can EARN from that too? Click on the image to start EARNING from connecting with your family and friends!

Colorful hearts border is created using paint.net and gifmaker.me.


The STEEM Engine



Wow this sounds great! Will bear the tag in mind. Unfortunately, I'm not able to join the first event because of my tutoring class hours clashing with the time on that day. Will try to participate in the future. All the very best, @elizacheng :)

We will be having events every month / every two months... 😉

This is cool, an activity for the steemit family!!! bonding between steemit parents and steemit children. How is the wow app so far? get to redeem any rewards yet? just want to asked first before installing it

Thanks for dropping by! I am not an active user in WowApp... Still using WhatsApp more, but so far I have redeemed USD27 to my PayPal and there's another USD28 in my WowApp account.

oh, that is worth the try, thanks for sharing =)

Good luck on the initiative!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Congrats Team Malaysia!

Thanks for dropping by! Thank you!

Thank you for everyone's effort in making this initiative. Even though I can't be involved in the overall planning but my kids and I will try to give our full support for MyJuniors future activities.

There are more events to come... will sure get in touch with you and grab you into the team... :D

Sure. I would love to help out ;)

Very glad to know about teammalaysia ... I do travel to KL quite often on business trips. The last time I was there was last year's April. Now I'd like to meet up with the team on my next trip there. Thanks for letting us know about it @elizacheng :)

Thanks for dropping by. Just drop any of us a message in discord and we can arrange for a meetup. Maybe we can enjoy the yummilicious burger at @danielwong's Big Hug Burger!

I can't wait for this event. It will be something different from the usual events. Looking forward to it.

Prepared for baby shark? 🦈😁

So cool... bet #teammalaysia is the first with a juniors club! 💪🙂 Glad you also put in the alert on how to be careful with minors' photos and details - definitely a must for parents to be aware of! Bravo!! So, parents can be the ones posting for the younger kids, right? Must ask my friends if they are interested... Well, wish you guys all the best with the activities and growing #myjuniors! 👦👧

Yes... How parents want to showcase your little one's creation is entirely up to you to decide. Be it showing via own account or a new account for each child or a joint account. As long as everyone enjoy and have fun!

It's gonna be fun !!!

Yes! It's gonna be super fun!

Yay, finally registered to join. My wife and kid looking forward to it too.

Yay Yay! See you on the 10th

I'm offering myself to be adopted so that I can join as junior
Any taker?

LOL... Invite your daddy mommy to steemit... Hahaha... Then no need to be adopted...

@jun04035, you over qualify as a junior. You belong to the Big Brother category la

My inner self is only 3 years old 😂😂😂

Nice..... actually was thinking to open a steemit account.... but this tagging also not bad....

I just saw this! If no plan next weekend, will bring my girl!

Please register your girl before the seats are gone.

Hey @elizacheng .. great works .. we might do here in KK , will be in discussion with @gelfire @emmanuelnukchee @bitrocker2020 and @danieldoughty . Do share with us the programs or structure. May be direct pm me in Discord .

Steem on .

Great! Great! Great!
Happy Steeming!

Wow, just wow.. We cal really make this huge because the idea is so good! It's same time empowering the children and same time allow parents to teach children about the positives of the internet and the value to creating something people will value..

I will help as best as I can if you need any help.

Fly drone! Yay! Show the kids how to fly drone! 😎
showing the kids different professions... Hobbies...
You are one awesome role model for the little ones...

@elizacheng 这个项目的出发点很好,加上你本身的三位小天使助阵,你一定能把它办好 :)


Totally love this new project new move :)


Looks like gonna be fun and lots bonding happening! Good luck ? no need la..cos i think u will do Superb !!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ❤️💖💗💕😘

好棒也。改天我家BEBE 的照片可以TAG这里了


Can't wait for this event to kick off! I am sure it will be a blast. A great initiative like this definitely needs the support of the entire community. Upvoted and Resteemed

My girls are all excited to meet everyone too!

It is amazing to see how Team Malaysia has grown in so many ways and even more thrilling to see so many sub-communities sprouting out. This is a great idea, bonding with the children and at the same time creating awareness and promotion for Steemit.

Thanks! Having more daddies and mommies on board definitely we will have many many fun activities for our little ones... 😎

I happen to be in KL on 10 feb and will try to make it for the launching of My Juniors. Wishing you the best of luck for the launching.

Oh! Is your little one with you? Can drop by to make some CNY decorations. 😀

@elizacheng, that's a great initiative, and I believe we can contribute more under this team.

Thanks! Yep... Do share with us what ideas you have in mind for out little ones. 😁

@elizacheng, thinking of producing a behind the scene shot for his photography adventure. At one point can expose his photography journey, on the other hand as a parent can understand how his eye see the world through a camera.

Awesome... Sometimes I do this too... :D

i wanna get my kiddo to join too... is there a minimum age... (FYI, i love my weekends hahahaha)

We have a two year old registered for the workshop... 😉

ah noted. Will try to accommodate time after CNY.

Yayy!... I've done my 1st post for #myjuniors ... my kids are interested in joining steemit... but due to their activities/boarding school have to let them wait for a while...

Great initiative!

Wow! Awesome! They can draw or create anything on paper first... When they go home for the weekend or school holiday then daddy can help to upload... 😉💪

can other countries use the tag myjuniors? it is a great project


Who can use this tag? / 谁可以使用这标签?
Anyone who is showing original creation from your little ones is welcome to use this tag. Any languages is welcome, but English will be the main language used as most of us can understand English.

thank you

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