Preparing for the Future

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None of us ever know when we might leave this world, so being prepared is a good thing. I made plans a few months ago so that someone here on the Steem blockchain would be notified in the event of my death. Not only will that prevent folks from wondering what happened to me when the time comes that I stop posting, but that will also prevent my accumulated crypto from sitting in my wallet, unused.

The person chosen is someone I really trust — which is important! — and that person will be able to delegate Steem Power (SP) on my behalf. I've already compiled a list of projects that I'd like my SP to further support after my death, some of which I am already supporting now to one extent or another. So, when some communities here get a sudden 100 SP or so in a delegation, that might be what is going on. I have included @teamgood, @steemitbloggers, and others on this list. 🙂

How many of you have considered such? It's always good to be prepared.

Delegations can easily be made via:


If anyone wishes to set up a system as I did for managing SP delegations after you are gone, please do heed the following advice:

  • Consider putting your keys in a sealed envelope, under lock-and-key in a safe-deposit box or a home safe, with instructions to give the unopened envelope to someone you trust only after your passing. I created a "digital envelope" to get the keys to my designee, but paper is more secure.
  • Do not write "Steemit keys" or anything else of a similar identifying nature on the paper, just in case the paper ever ends up in the wrong hands.
  • Do not email (or text) your keys to anyone! That is not a secure method and can be easily hacked!
  • Ensure that the designated person knows how to do a delegation!
  • Include instructions on how you wish the SP to be delegated, and remember to update the instructions as your wishes change.

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This is such an important topic, especially for those of us who are not Spring chicks anymore! I also like @soyrosa's idea of a blockchain notary. Is there anyone out there listening?

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Yes, I have thought about this, and specifically to write it out to my boyfriend who I wish to use my little piggy bank here in case I suddenly pass away. It's an immensely important topic and not only on Steem but also on all social media, how it should be closed down - I still have a few passed away family members who I'm supposed to 'congratulate' on their birthdays according to Facebook :-(

But yeah, with money the 'need' to think about this is even bigger. I could imagine there might be a trusted service someday, like a blockchain notary, that keeps your keys and gets a notification after your death, after which that notary gets your blockchain affairs in order. Like what wallet to send your STEEM to, even what 'last message' to post on your profile so your friends know what happened...

I might write this up coming week. Thanks for sharing this topic with us <3


What a phenomenal idea, that of a blockchain notary to perform such services! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!


Thanks :-) I've heard about similar concepts for 'old' (ghehe) social media, but I will think about how it could play out for Steem for example.

This is such a great subject and important. I honestly can say that I hadn't thought of it much untill @c0ff33a asked me about it after we found out about @stevenalexander passed away. It was a wake up call and thank you for sharing this and the ideas here are things I will do myself. Great written my friend ❤️🤗❤️
Btw I hope you live long and nothing happens to you. Love you!

I was thinking about it long before the recent passing of Steven. I first mentioned the subject publically in a VO.TU podcast in January 2018, but had already been thinking about it in 2017. It's a subject that I think is definitely worth considering. Love to you, too! 🤗

this is a wonderful idea that no doubt must be done for someone else to benefit from what we did in life on this platform

This is actually not a stupid thing to do, but I have never thought about it honestly.

What a smart thing to do and so important in general to share you ideas with loved ones on what you want and how and how to organize it. You never know what of drama we will all run into one day

I sincerely hope this doesn't happen for at least several more decades.


I'm already in my sixties, so I definitely don't have as much time left as you spring chickens 😉


am no spring chicken, and even if I was it guarantees nothing....this post is actually very needed because sometimes things have happened on here and there is stuff just sitting , I am going to follow a lot of this and have to some degree...also you are a light in this place, js <3

Interesting. I had never thought about this, actually. Will do now :0)

Great advice! Would never think of letting ppl know how I would want my steem delegated , when I am gone.

Wow.. I wish decentralization has a way to do a next of Kin slot in the cryptocurrency world.
This was well thought out and articulated.

I will do same at my end. Planning long term is good
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This is really smart! We were thinking along the same lines for several things lately as our parents just both left for a month long trip.... makes you start to think about things that you normally don't spend time pondering!!!

but yes - gosh - it really is important with something as tricky as crypto! I wonder how much crypto is just sitting somewhere completely unusable because of these types of situations!!! awful!

thanks for the suggestion to start thinking about these things!!!

One option might be to put your keys on a Chip. Have the chip in your docs or held y a rep in a box or envelope only to be opened at the appropriate time

I did the envelope plan just for security reasons, given that having actually printed storage of the main Steemit key can be really helpful. Let's hope that time is far far way tho @thekittygirl

You will get many decades more of time to share each other this extraordinary experience we all call life. Hope to see more of your posts.

Best regards.