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A few months ago, the SteemitWorldMap project was launched and it is a booming success! If you are not familiar with it, you should follow the project and see what they're doing! The concept is simple: Any author on Steemit can submit an entry to the map by including a simple line of code in their post. Then, the project will add the photo to the SteemitWorldMap, viewable in a web browser.



Only submit photos that pertain to a landscape, building, park, monument, mountain, lake, or other features which might be of interest to a traveler or the people who live in the area! Putting only relevant, quality links will keep the map both interesting and informative!

To submit an entry, place a line similar to the following into a post on Steemit:

### !steemitworldmap 36.545473 lat -82.558613 long XXXXX D3SCR
The first set of numbers is the latitude, the second set of numbers is the longitude, and you should replace "XXXXX" with a SHORT description of the place: city, county, name of mountain, lake, valley, etc. (e.g.: "Mount Shasta," "Lake Erie," "Shenandoah Valley," "St. Mary's Cathedral," and so forth).


If you do not know the latitude and longitude of the location of the photo, you can get it easily by going to an online mapping tool such as Google Maps. Zoom-in on the location, then RIGHT-click on/near the spot where your photo was taken and a popup-menu will appear with the latitude and longitude numbers in it!


When your entry has been approved and added to the map, @steemitworldmap will leave a comment on your post with confirmation, a link to your post on the map, and another link to ALL your entries on the map!

As an added benefit, anyone who has been added to the map in any given week has an opportunity to be selected to apppear in the weekly "TRAVEL DIGEST" post. It is a great way to be featured in a curation post, which will give your blog more visibility. The weekly Travel Digests are delightful reading material, too, and a way to discover some awesome authors on the Steem blockchain!

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated in any way with SteemitWorldMap except for being an occasional submitter of my own location photos, and admirer of their project, and someone who finds their Travel Digests delightful reading material.



For a great group of people who are serious about blogging:



I love it. What a nice way to showcase your blogs and travels. Every day i find something new and interesting here that i just love.

It is amazing what some people do here, isn't it? 😊

Some of the people on here are nothing short of brilliant. It always amazes me what they can create.

I will add the places I visit in Kenya that are not included there. Thank you for this information.

So glad you want to be involved in the project, too! Thanks for your appreciation & comment! 😊

Good to know. Will be easy to show the world my world. Thanks for the info @thekittygirl

Glad you liked it! Thank you! 😊

Great post @thekittygirl. I am a huge fan of the Steemit World Map! I think it is such a cool project, I add all my posts to the map and I love all the travel digests. Even been featured in a few!! @martibis and @choogirl are so awesome for doing what they do there. They have been very supportive of me as well as many other travel bloggers.

Thanks for sharing that, Derek! Yes, it is a most wonderful project! 😊

This is really nice to know about, thanks:-) I travel and hike several times a year, adding a map to my blogposts should be great!

Wonderful! So glad to hear you will be participating in the project! 😊
I learned last night that the husband of Roxane (in SteemSugars) is involved in the project, too! In fact, the sever for the project is in their home at the moment!

Interesting post @thekittygirl....It can be very helpful for travelers and hitchhikers...

Thank you! So glad you see its benefits, too! 😊

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Thank you for the resteem and your good service! The extra SBD I sent was a little bonus for all your hard work and dedication to us minnows! 😊

Great post @thekittygirl, I didn't know about this very cool project ! Also, you have made creating the code possible even for a completely clueless like me ;-), thank you!!

Thank you for tha lovely comment! I am so glad to make it easy for others! 😊

Nice. Thanks for the information @thekittygirl. I hope I will be able to do it.


Thank you, dear lady! Let me know if you have any problems and I will try to help! 😊

More and more people should know about this. And submitting a place is easy as 123.

Yes, I'd love to see that map full of interesting places some day! Thank you! 😊

Congratulations, Your Post Has Been Added To The Steemit Worldmap!
Author link:
Post link:

Want to have your post on the map too?
Add the following inside your post:
!steemitworldmap xxx lat yyy long description d3scr

(replace xxx and yyy with latitude and longitude)


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Thank you for the resteem! 😊

Good idea! I want to try to add the Museum of Slavic culture. I will try to do it.

Awesome! If you run into any trouble adding it, let me know and I can help! 😊

You are very kind, it is important to feel the support!

I go to and click in the link at the top.
Search for the city or town closest, then zoom in and click to add a title.
Then, click the spot on the Map.

Copy the link and add to my posts!

Check my travels out:

Remember, sometimes different servers are down, so, on occasion, a link or two may be missing, but the data isn't lost. It will eventually all show up.

I didn't know that could be done! I just followed the instructions in the SteemitWorldMap introductory post and have been doing it that way every tine! LOL!

Always happy to teach you a new way to do it.

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