TEAMGOOD TITANS ROUNDUP (Extra Extra....Get Your Good News Here!)

in teamgood •  10 months ago

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Rounding up a few TeamGood Tag Users who consistently produce quality content, do good for Steemit, run charities and initiatives and are what comes under the Umbrella of the TeamGood Philosophy. Using the #teamgood tag is proving beneficial for many Steemians and their projects and all of us welcome those to join our fellowship of rising up together as a force for positivity!

What is this #teamgood Philosophy?

I started this Initiative to Help the Helpers and encourage an alternative to a traditional trending page or for those who want to just network and be in a more cooperative and less "sharky" environment. There will eventually be a server and further projects with this movement but for now it is aimed at creating a haven of goodness for those who choose to use it as such.

Sponsors: @andysantics48, @dreemsteem, @enginewitty, @ethandsmith, @monchhichi23, @tamala, @zen-art (petra)

Steempeers: @angelacs, @calumam, @dreemsteem, @scuzzy

members with * will begin officially in the next few weeks."


Check Out #teamgood and my own weird and quirky blog @battleaxe for some different angles on how to ENJOY STEEMIT!
...till next time Steem On!
(Giphy, @steemexperience @steemusa @steemsugars @ecs @thealliance @Rise Up and Do Better Together @Narwhals )

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There are a lot of good and great people here at steemit and this is the best place yet to get a helping hand into what ails us.


@cryptopie, you are very right....the right people tend to keep in touch and rise up together which is an amazing thing considering the freedom we all have to be very selfish or very giving. Thank you for visiting my blog and highest of five my friends.


Hello, my friend!
I have always wondered, is it...





Enquiring Minds and all that! lol

There will be a SECOND Edition of this very soon but did not want to jam in all the goodness in one post....
tenor (8).gif


self-aggrandizement for givin' more to #teamgood initiatives
lick my lambo you don't like it :P <3

Awww.... You are too kind! Right under YAH, I am Honored!
I try to remember where I came from, just a plankton at first, and so many of them follow my main account that I try and give a boost. We at MBC all aspire to give the small fishes a vote that is MANY MULTIPLES of their tiny votes, once a day. PLUS, we train for "better content" although my own content is less than stellar, I do know Good Material when I See It!


Thanks for the shout out!!!!! Hoping we can do something awesome!!! 😍


highest of fives @dreemsteem

Great job highlighting Welcome Wagon, YAH and of course other newbies.

You are indeed one of the good ones in the platform.

Yay for TeamGood!!! Keep it up, love.


great to see you and Engine Alliancing...that word is now a new Initiative! lmfao

Super Duper @battleaxe is breaking barriers to help newbies navigate the waters - kudos!!!


thank you kindly :)

I'll be expecting a spin around the block in that fleet of Lambo's.

Great shout out to all the helpful initiatives on the platform!


thanks....oh yeah all you need to do is choose which color of Lambo for us to ride around in before we go shoe shopping for 12 solid hours for heels you can't walk in because Kim K. said they are "everything" ;)



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Thanks for this initiative @battleaxe. Seems something real worthwhile :)


So good !

Yey for TeamGood!!! 💚💚💚

You got a 57.01% upvote from @sleeplesswhale courtesy of @battleaxe!