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This is a few of the epic slams from June 11. I had a couple from May 23 I threw in there too just because they didn't make it in my other videos, and wanted to give them some attention too. There was some cringe moments out there in the water, but everyone made it out in one piece (for the most part). So much fun out there! Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe for more!

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Riders That Day:
Tyler Thonsley, Tommy Cantrell, Mike Harris, Parker Mendenhall, Alex Johnston, Paulo Prietto, Aaron Clark, Geo Bryan, Cole Smith, Tyler Stanaland, Blair Conklin, Tommy Cantrell, Tyler Thornsley, Alex Johnston, Tanner Mcdaniel ,Jake Calinger, Hideto Shibata, Hunter Jones

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Irving Force - Crime Scanner

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Waaa,,, amazing interesting video.


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