Support minnows , Date 15.4.2018 promote content on Steemit

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation 60 and below
-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion. please paste your -preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
-will not upvote same user post twice in a week.

List for today:

Congratulations to the winners!


Thanks a lot, @yoo900 sir
Your real contribution helps to increase the income and popularity level of our minnows, and one thing that makes me very happy and proud, almost everyday, at least one Steem Friends from Aceh who gets the gift of your vote.
For that I ask your permission to greet Aceh friends in our language, Aceh language.

One of the important points I want to convey to my Acehnese friends is about the rules you make that will not upvote the same user post twice in a week and on average they do not understand about it, it's still very much steem friends send a link, even though they have won in this week.

Pu haba syedara lon bansa Aceh, that brat can lawet @yoo1900 hambo-hambo vote, rap tip urou na syara tanyou Aceh nyang meunang, ladom peugah drou awak luwa nanggou, ladom bouh nan drou lagee awak jawa.
Meurangkaban jeut olah, nyang peureulee ta ingat peugout post beu lagak, aseuli (bek PLAGIAT/bek cu atra gop) lheuh nyan sesuai peunutoh @yoo1900 that will not upvote the same user post twice in a week nyang meu makna, meunyou ka lheuh meunang lam minggunyou, bek kirem lee link, preh lewat tujouh urou baru kirem lom.
Teurimoung Geunaseih @yoo1900, lon tuan kalheuh keunoung lhee gou vote bak akunnyou.

Congratulatio to all Steem lucky friends today

Thank you @yoo1900 for your real contribution in helping us, the Minnows.
I am one of your followers who have experienced of the beauty your scratches hand, really feel so helpful, I have begun to know about how to post promotions, learn about better tricks and writing techniques, and many other positive things.
Thanks again @yoo1900 without you, I am nobody

Here I'm

More Better of the more Beetle

Congratulations to all the lucky Steem Friends today, thank you for sharing @yoo1900

helo @abangace99

I love the flowers you share, hopefully @yoo1900 vote

Always success

hopefully so, thanks for the prayer @anonimox

wow i have seen your post. I like it very much @abangace99

Thank you for looking at my blog @burung21

I like to post you very beautiful flowers

Thank you very much @hantu

Thanks @anoni22 this is my favorite flower

Hii @abangace99

I've seen your post. I really like the red flowers look very graceful...

thank goodness if you like it @manokkate

I have seen your blog. And I like red flowers, if I ask what the name of the flower is

congratulations to all winners, @yoo1900 support to minnows is very remarkable. Please visit my blog, there is my post interesting and useful. thank you.

hi @poenbit, your writing is very useful. Where can I get Legundi seedlings? Thank you.

thank you .. about Legundi seedlings are in my house, where do you live? if you want i can give it for you

thank you for your information @poenbit, your post is very useful for me

Yoo1900 you are doing a great thing,minnows will never forget philanthropist like you. Thanks for helping the minnows to grow

Congratulation for winners today, interesting your support @yoo1900, you have powerfull for support minnow. Thanks for support all friends in steem. I like your setting about you not support same user in one week. Please visit my post may be of interest for you.

congratulations to those chosen today, Thank you @yoo1900
I hope you check my link posting

hi @yoo1900 thank you for making such a contest honestly I am very happy to participate in this contest, although only in select 4 winner participants, and the unelected do not get discouraged, keep fighting because tomorrow can still follow this contest, oah under there link my post if any time please check and consider, regards from aceh thank you.

It's nice to see @yoo1900 which always support minnows. I am very happy if you want to visit my blog.

your writing has motivated me, thank you @apaqie

Thank you @jjusman, your comment also makes me more excited to continue sharing information

Congratulations to those curated today. @yoo1900, thanks for this opportunity.
Here is my link

a very exciting race, I am interested to join him.

A strange little animal

congrats to the winner today @yoo1900 thank you for the support for the minnows hope you considered my post poetry I composed for my best friend in life even I wrote it in Tagalog. Here is my link for today.

It's all about our closeness and how happy I am to have friend like her. She's very supportive until now.

I am glad you have given us all the opportunity to be curated.

Here is a post I believe is educative and informative.
It's a personal experience about friendship and how true friendship knows no race, religion or background differences and why we should all live in Peace and Unity .
Please read.

Thank You.

congratulations ya for you who have been selected by @yoo1900, below there is my link please check and enter, hopefully I am on select this time thanks @yoo1900

I support you hopefully selected

thanks you so much

I fully support you in this contest may be elected

thanks you friend

Thanks you very much @yoo1900 you have selected me

@yoo1900 Keep doing great things for the minnows. This is legendary and it happens every day... Congrats to the new supported minnows, Steem on and keep them dreams alive....

Hello brother, i need help upvote from you, please visit my blog. Thank you brother

Congratulations to the winner, Hopefully you are happy, make Steemit as one of the bonds of brotherhood of fellow human beings to support each other.
Thank you

Yes, very inspired friend, I support you.
hopefully you become one of the winners of our friend @yoo1900

Thank you for your support @yoo1900. Hopefully with such support can improve the posts of the stemians all. This is my post

Hi @yoo1900 I agree what you say,
Your remarks will add to the spirit of steemians, especially for newcomers
thank you for your support for steemians
this is my macrophotography contest

Thanks @yoo1900 for supporting minnows like us. Here's the link to my recent post

Thank you @yoo1900 for the opportunities you give to us minnows and newbies on thr platform.

In this post of mine, i wrote down the pain i have had to pass throgh as a minnow to get to my current reputation of (48).

The purpose of the post was to show that while steemit looks like an easy way to make hard money, there are also some challenges a minnow might face and must be willing to overcome if he or she wants anything good out of steemit.

For those of you that would read this, i hope you share your thoughts with me while you learn one or two things about me. Thanks

Hello @yoo1900 ... Thank you for your support to minnows. Here please check this post of mine.

minnows support is very helpful for beginner steemit users to grow and develop quickly. I really like this stuff @yoo1900. I also beg the scroll of the minnows

Congratulations to my fellow Minnow who you have supported.

I have been hearing many wonderful things about you.
You are indeed an amazing person, helping, supporting and encouraging us minnows.

Life as a Minnow on Steemit is hard without having peoples support.

You have made it possible for minnows to smile and be encouraged to post more quality content.
Here is a link to my post

It is an original post that talks about THE PRAYER OF INTERCESSION; how to communicate with GOD, my personal experience and praying for others.

It teaches us how to communicate with GOD and the importance of praying for others too.

Thank you, as I anticipate your visit.

Thank you Yoo1900 You are an encourager for minnows and congratulations to the lucky ones today
This is my post

I also strongly support minnows. this is amazing and useful for novice steemit users to flourish. good idea from @yoo1900. please also support me from minnows. Thank you very much.

This is really outstanding and rewarding @yoo1900. This is the leadership spirit. As a newbie on steemit, this would give me a headway into becoming a great steemit user like you. I will like to accredit my success here to you. Thanks for this great opportunity.
here's my link

after reading this post, I was impressed
this post very appreciate the small fish
I support what you do,

Woaw! I was just checking my feed and I met your post. Thank you @yoo1900 for this great show of love for minnows, this is very encouraging.
Check out my submission below

This talks about Time, and it's fleeting nature.

Congratulation for the winners today. Your support is an awesome @yoo1900. Thanks for support my friends in steemit.

Sir @yoo1900, I am amazed by the way you provide support to small steemit users. And this is a very good way among the good ones.
Congratulations to steemit users who have been selected by sir @yoo1900 today.
Hope, I can also be chosen like them.
Look at the link below:

Your support is felt sir. Thank you and congrats to those that have benefited thus far.

keep t up bro

This is a great initiative! It is so easy to lose motivation on this platform. I joined in 2016 and after a few months I stopped writing and curating all together because it seemed so hard to get noticed around here. So thank you!

Massive encouragement. Many thanks, as always.

If you could have a look at this sir.

Great idea; love supporting the genuine minnows, despite me being one myself. upvoted and may follow in your footsteps.

Hey G. St. C :)
I trust you are doing well? Loving everything that you are doing on here, it's a busy but fulfilling week for me I must say, I have a few posts I will present to you for your consideration so kindly bare with me,you never know which touches your heart so best to be lay it all down lol
Here goes nothing..
1.Lion King in the Hood- Read This ONLY if you have a Sense of Humor lol
2.My Minnows guide on Steem Power Delegation
3. My Birthday Post, what I am committing to in this new year
4.Read on my First Ever Steem Powering Up here
Last but not least
5.If you are diverse with your music then you're welcome to jam to this with me :)

If I had to choose I'd go with the Lion King post, so you can come back for Part 2 & 3 of that conversation lol.

Anyway, even if you don't find any of it worthy of your vote, no hard feelings here. Still an avid follower of your work. I just wish you'd share something else or more about yourself or your future goals or even a contest? Or perhaps even a reply to a comment lol

With Love,


Thanks for support the minnows!

Here is my contribution :-)

A recipe for a tasty beer chicken. 🍺🍗


Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for your support @yoo1900
Here is my post link:

Congratulations to the winners!

congrats to all the winners!
looking forward to reading your post.

Guana plant post was the best !

really enjoyed reading it.

Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks @yoo1900 for the undying love and support you have for this great community.

Below is a tutorial I made for newbies and other users of this wonderful platform on how to purchase whaleshare token using bitshares token on

I will really appreciate if my post appears on your list as it will help reach more people that are finding it difficult to use #bitsharesplatform

Congrats to the winners. @yoo1900 thank you for all you're doing.
Here is my link:

It's actually a post about the need to do what ever you're doing real well and add some uniqueness to it.

I hope you check my blog @yoo1900.

Congratulations to these 4 lucky beings blessed by the merciful @yoo1900! You guys are awesome!

A warm congratulations to the winners

I do hope you check this out.
It's about true friends and the need for them in our lives.

We all need a friend don't we?

congratulations to the best contest winners. hopefully @yoo1900 be the best :) .

Thank you very much for the opportunity. Next the link of my publication.
Happy day.

Thanks for the wonderful platform you rolled out. You're fabulous.

I would like you to see this post about the Life Enhacing concept of "Interchangeability" in The Production Engineering field..Thanks

I have heard of your support and the great works you do
I have seen the great work you do
I believe someday soon I will EXPERIENCE YOUR GREATNESS

Congratulations to the winners
Keep up the good work @yoo1900, you are indeed a model for us all.

Congratulations to the winners. and continue to work. thanks for the selection @yoo1900.

wow ... congratulations for small fish .. i really support this contest @yoo1900. thank you :)

Congrats lucky minnow steemian.@yoo1900 thank you very much for this platform you are big whale with good heart that feed small fish like us.I admire the way you are the way you help minnow steemian who try to post quality contents and you had been upvoted.God bless you and more power.

Congratulation to the Winners today. Your support is amazing @yoo1900. Please visit my post.

Congratulation to the winners today. Thanks support my friends on steem from Aceh @yoo1900.

Thanks for @1900 who has chosen the winner. and I am very happy for your judgment for the writing.