Support minnows , Date 14.4.2018 promote content on Steemit

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation 60 and below
-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion. please paste your -preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
-will not upvote same user post twice in a week.

List for today:

Congratulations to the winners!


wonderful initiative!
Please do check out the @ecoTrain highlights posts for some great curating food! Our latest one is here:

Thanks for supporting encouragement for the steemians. It will be a great help. thanks for sharing.

Congratulations to all of lucky Steem friends today.
You deserve a star.
Thank you @yoo1900 keep on contributing, because the scratches of your hands are always in the dream

I still lovi'n you, and the day, still about you

congratulations to the winners today. your support is very interesting @yoo1900 please visit my post, may be of interested to you

I see your post art is good

thanks for your opinion

You use what tools to do it

I am glad you want to arouse the author in steemit. and you are wonderfully rewarded for their work. @yoo1900

I appreciate all the work of people in steemit. I love the way you help the little whales swimming to the sea. @yoo1900

congratulations to all the winners today and thanks to @yoo1900 who has supported us, your support is always the best

I want to say a big thanks to @yoo1900, and a message to all the individuals that has been blessed by @yoo1900, I want you all to learn from him and I want to ask a question, if you were in his position will you do same just to put a smile on someones face?
Majority of you won't, infact 78% won't, beyond reasonable doubt @yoo1900 is a rare gem.
Anytime I see his post it motivates me to do more, I may not be financial possible to assist someone but I could teach them how to make money (steemit) and guild them through the process.
But someday I'll be given this opportunity and I'll walk on same path as @yoo1900.

Thanks for your great deeds

Congratulation to winners today. Your support is an awesome @yoo1900. Please visit my blog.

Thank you very much for your support @yoo1900 and congratulation to the other winners today. your suppot is amazing @yoo1900, I will try even better. I hope you do not stop here and really hope you support me for the future @yoo1900. This my link post hope you are interested again.

congratulations to the winners in the select @yoo1900 and hopefully @yoo1900 always support us and your family get happiness. please visit my post

Congrats to the new minnow support from @yoo1900 Doing great work here and helping the community grow..... Steemit Legend....

Congratulations to the winner today
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Congratulations to the winners today @yoo1900.

I'm waiting for your support

@yoo1900 thanks for supporting minnows here is my post i hope you love it

Congratulations to all 4 winners. If you didn't win today you will tomorrow. Thanks and keep up the good work @yoo1900

Congratulations to the winners,,,:))

Congratulations to the winners!

your support amazing for all people steemit, thanks very much for you @iyoo1900

Congrats yo the winner, i pray sometime you'll consider a glance at ny blog and predict the opus i put in my posts. last the competent works.

If you have a post you want him to consider, copy and paste the link here or on one of his post and he will consider it for these post and you might be chosen. But you must copy and paste a link to your original post.
Good luck.

Thank you Yoo1900, You are an encourager for minnows and congratulations to the lucky ones today.
This posts my link

Thanks so much for your support everytime.

Congratulations create winners and thanks for the support @yoo1900 fingers crossed this kind of support can continue make steemit beginners

You are great @yoo1900 in appreciating the writings of people and giving value according to the character of each post.


Yes @yoo1900 ...
Thank you for sharing @yoo1900 , good content will bring good effect also ....

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Thank you man

Congratulations to winners. I hope you check my works @yoo1900

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thank you @yoo1900 good luck always.
congratulations to the winners hopefully his post will be better again.

Congrats to @mistakili,@dimanrama,@fandem,@jcobs today's lucky steemian winner ,upvoted and featured by a very kind person @yoo1900. Lets keep posting and sharing quality contents. Thank you very much @yoo1900 for consistent support for the minnows.More power and God bless..

congratulations to the winners hopefully on this occasion I was the winner, hopefully luck in me.
success is always for you @yoo1900

Nice gesture! We need more of this to keep the community active so we can keep encouraging ourselves.

Congrats to all the winners and those who post content instead of spam, You guys make steemit worth while. Now I have post to go read. Have a nice day everyone.

hi @yoo1900. Because my popularity already 60 can not follow it anymore. I recommend this post.
Thank you. Good luck to your team that has given support to newcomers.

Congratulations to the winners!

congratulations to the winners
do not be heartened by being a winner, keep making posts that much better again.
success is always for you @yoo1900

Congrats yo the winner, i pray someday you'll take a glance at ny blog and see the work i put in my posts. Continue the good works.

it is a pride to be a winner.
congratulations to the winners hopefully his fore will be much better again in writing the post.

@yoo1900 is indeed best.

I have heard of your support and the great works you do
I have seen the great work you do
I believe someday soon I will EXPERIENCE YOUR GREATNESS

Congratulations to the winners
Keep up the good work @yoo1900, you are indeed a model for us all.

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks for keeping the support on minnows. I hope your good heart will last a lifetime or at least as long as steemit is here because we really need whales like you. Whales that really cares.

Congratulations to the winners. Another selfless effort from @yoo1900. We appreciate you.

congratulations to the winner,Thank you @yoo1900 you are incredible,you have helped many newcomers
This is my link posting, I look forward to your visit

Thank you so much for your generosity...we appreciate you...congrats to the winners...I pray it gets to

I saw three posts today that are so deserving sir. One of them is this, that I saw three days ago.

I Will update the other two from @adoore-eu and @mosunomotunde

Well done sir.

I don't know if it's good enough, but i just try to post my #steemitnamechallenge post in here. There's a video in there too! :)

Thanks for the good work. You have encouraged a lot of people to be better so they will be recognised. This is the link to my awareness post, it's helpful:

hi yoo1900 thank you for making a contest like this honest i am very happy to participate in this contest, though cuman in select 4 participants winner, and who do not kepilih do not be discouraged, keep fighting because in tomorrow masi can follow this contest, oah below there link my post kalou no time please check and consider, greetings from community aceh thank you

thank you for choosing me today as one of the 4 winners, hope you are always successful in everything.

Well done helping the minnow again
Hope you check my posts too someday

Congratulations the winners

Lot of new steemians putting great effort to write quality posts. This is due to Encouraging initiative taken by @yoo1900.

Congratulations to the winners of the day. @yoo1900 thanks for helping we minnows with upvotes

Conratulation for the winners who has been selected by @yoo1900,

Congratulations to the winners, thank you @yoo1900 for this wonderful call to lift minnows like me up. You are the bomb

Congrats to all winners.this is my post of art of my friend...

This entry me in the days a week, my son expecting supportminnows in Steemit. Thank you @yoo1900 you inspiring us.

yes, congratulations to the @yoo1900 winners. I am very supportive of this contest. hopefully @yoo1900 be the best :) .

thank you for your attention to us who are still minnows.semoga you more and more victorious luck .. congratulations to the winner today

Congratulations to all winners
Here is my post

hi @yoo1900 thank you for making such a contest honestly I am very happy to participate in this contest, although only in select 4 winner participants, and the unelected do not get discouraged, keep fighting because tomorrow can still follow this contest, oah under there link my post if any time please check and consider, regards from aceh thank you

Saludos @yoo1900, veo que realizas una gran labor apoyando a las personas con la publicación de excelente calidad, esto permite que sean valorados de una manera extraordinaria. ¡saludos!

congratulations :-) Please don't stop supporting minnows @yoo1900, God bless you :-)

OK @yoo1900. Thanks for the great work and effort taken to support steemit users. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for supporting minnows like us yoo1900. I can enumerate less than 10 whales who helps minnows and you are the included.

you have helped a lot of new writers. Thank you @yoo1900
congratulations to the winners
Link My Post:

This entry to my two days of this, I keep trying to winner, you as my inspiration, thank you @yoo1900.

God bless you @yoo1900, you are a rare GEM to the steemit community.
You help we MINNOWS get noticed for our quality post and we are very grateful for that.

congratulations to the winners of the last upvotes.
Ive been a winner once 21 days ago, and trust me i really needed that at the time it came, thanks again @yoo1999

Here is a link to another post i made.👇thanks.


it will be helpful
thankyou so much @yoo1900