ADSactly Initiatives - Underprivileged Children Access Education

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ADSactly Initiatives - Underprivileged Children Access Education

We are here to talk about a Steemit funded charity school in Bangladesh, which was founded on 20 April, 2016 by Mohammed Abdul Aziz @Azizbd. The school (School For SDG4) has been blogging on Steemit since June, 2017 to crowdfund for 60 underprivileged children, its students, in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The goal is to help these slum children access free education.

26 March, 2018

This post will allow @SchoolForSDG4 to receive 50 % of the SBD rewards up to 100 SBD. Every single upvote will be used towards helping educate students in need.

How is the Steemit Blockchain Helping Underprivileged Children Access Education?

@SchoolForSDG4 has been blogging about the school's educational activities on Steemit to crowdfund for the charity school. We keep our supporters and those interested in learning about the project up to date through regular posts. In the time that we have been here a community has formed on Steemit. Of individuals that care about the students and hope the school continues to grow.

Not only are the upvotes and resteems helping to raise funds, but luckily each month, the school has received support from some caring Steemians who send direct donations for the children.

Last month, the school received 86.630 SBD from an ADSactly fundraising post. This makes a huge impact on the school’s fundraising efforts. It allows the school to continue looking forward in terms of planning programs. What the project can offer to its students constantly evolves.

Of course, every child in the world deserves quality education. Quality education for early learners can positively impact students for their entire lives. When people think about their own children, naturally they want to make sure they receive the best education possible. Those that are helping to fund this charity school also want the best for children who don’t otherwise have access to education, and, in that sense, the children of the world are all our children. The education of children in need makes for a positive change for the future: for those students, for their families, for the community, and for the world around us. Education is invaluable. In this post, we are excited to share our educational activities at @SchoolForSDG4 and give you an idea of what we do!

13 March, 2018

Rina and Srity are from two different slums, but they are good friends at school. With the help of the Steemit Community and ADSactly, the school has been providing free education to both these deserving children in Sylhet for last two years.

Read our first post about the school on Steemit

The school was founded two years ago (in April 2016). The first class was on April 20.

14 March, 2018

Last year, we donated new school bags to them from a Steemit crowdfunding campaign. Having the tools needed for success is important!

A new school bag means a lot for the children. It shows them that we care and want them to be prepared to learn. In the video below, you can see the kids in the classroom on 20 March, 2018. The school received a microscope from the USA sent by @tecnosgirl last year. It is a real example of how the Steemit blockchain is helping make positive changes. We are grateful!

Many of the boys work as child laborers. When you don’t live in a place like this, it’s hard to understand what that means, but the reality is that when they are working to provide for their families (to cover their basic needs) they are then unable to attend school. Even if a family realizes the importance of education as a long-term solution to poverty, basic needs must come first (like food, clothing, and shelter).

Last month Junayed left school to work. He was a hardworking student and was continuing his lessons by even coming to school at night. But, because of circumstances, he was moved away from school area and took on a full time job. This was really hard for us to see happen, but we understand that sometimes these basic needs force families to make difficult decisions. Goodbye Junayed.

Unfortunately, his story is not unique. This is a common problem that many children like him face. We are working hard to break the cycle of poverty and keep students in the classroom to learn and change their futures. The above picture was taken by Mohammed Abdul Aziz @Azizbd.

Al-Amin works with his father in a tea stall. When we go to the tea stall, he greets us in English and ask me different things. His strengths are in the subjects of math and English.

01 April, 2018

He washes cups, glasses and serves customers. In the below video, you will see him studying at @SchoolForSDG4.

@SchoolForSDG4 not only provides students with a free education (breaking down the barriers that prevent students from accessing an education) but we also arrange healthy fruits every week (for the past two years) and a hot meal each month (for the past two months). Healthy food provides important nourishment that allows students to focus on their studies and takes some of the pressure off families to provide. We are trying to tackle the problems that students face from all angles.

24 March, 2018

It is our hope to continue the monthly hot lunch program. To do so, we bought plates and water glasses with help of our Steemit crowdfunding. This means that we don’t have to constantly purchase disposable plates and glasses, and even though it was a big upfront cost, it will save us money long term allowing us to use the funds for other programs and to keep the school running.

26 March, 2018

March 26th was Independence Day in Bangladesh. @SchoolForSDG4 arranged a fun sports program and served lunch at the school. This again was made possible thanks to Steemians who helped through upvotes and through direct donations.

You can read more about the monthly hot meal arrangement program from @lindahas who writes a crowdfunding post every Friday to support the children. She made 34 posts in total for crowdfunding and donated 100% of the fund she receives. The program was live on facebook. We definitely welcome these kinds of posts from anyone that is willing to write them and share them with their followers!

10 March, 2018

@SchoolForSDG4 also supports Al-Amin's family finacially so he doesn't need to go work and continue education.

26 March, 2018

On March 26th, when students participated in different sports we offered a prize to the winners! annual sports event. The sports event was live of facebook. We think it’s important to take pictures, videos, and make regular updates because everyone that is voting and donating can then see the positive impact that they are making – this isn’t just some place far away with students that people will never know – we are bringing the world together, making it a little bit smaller, and inviting you to be a part of it!

The weekly fruits program supports the children and allows them to focus on their studies. We know that parents struggle to feed their children three meals a day, so something like extra fruit (a healthy snack) is rare. Nutritious fruits help students developing brains, and is part of their overall health.

22 March, 2018


Each week, we need around 15 USD to be able to feed fruits to 60 students. We are thrilled to share that the school has a 1356.537 USD cash surplus from the last few months. But it is hard to predict what will happen in future as the price of Steem/SBD fluctuate, so it is so important to us to keep up with our fundraising efforts and make sure the school has a stable future.

@SchoolForSDG4 withdraws funds from Steemit on the 14th day of each month with the market price. It also powers up some of the funds to balance the crypto and cash backup for the school’s operation. The school publishes overall monthly revenue and expense report for supports and donors. The report explains how the funds are divided.

As mentioned, we try to cover things from all angles. So, the mothers of the students are offered free skill-based training at the @SchoolForSDG4 campus under the project @WomenEmpoweremnt. Women Empowerment was founded by Mohammed Abdul Aziz @Aziz on 7 January, 2017. It is a social business initiative. If we can continue to help the mothers empower themselves, we will ensure that students can remain in the classroom instead of working. As a part of this program, @WomenEmpowerment bought a new sewing machine from Steemit crowdfunding.

23 March, 2018

The mothers also attend monthly mother meeting at @SchoolForSDG4 to discuss their childrens’ education. School also shares monthly evaluation of each student and also rewards performances. I @Azizbd also discuss different social issues with them, so they can keep their children safe. As you can see, there is a lot going on here that impacts quality of life—we are working to make positive changes each day.

25 March, 2018

"I have grown up watching problem all around me and I am here to fight for education. But to fight, I can't do it alone and I need you behind me." - @Azizbd

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

School's Other Social Media

Source of Icons 1 , 2

Authored by Mohammed Abdul Aziz @Azizbd, Founder of @ScoolForSDG4 and @WomenEmpowerment. Proofreading by @jessicakluthe and @Lindahas, Supporters of @SchoolForSDG4

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Maybe in very near future with the help of blockchain and internet this children can access the education in a much easier way. The acadamic education is late by 25 years. And we are here on thr blockchain to fulfill their dream to have a formal education.

When I read something like this my heart smile, not for all the problems kids all around the world has to confront, but the will to help that almost all human being experience in life.

This, is another example of what we can do when we came together to help each other. thanks for your post I just began to follow these accounts, hope to upvote them every time.


Thank you for your comment. I am so hopeful to keep it up. ADSactly and steemit community helping the kids more generously for last one year but still, I need to continue and I have to look for continuous support. your follow means a chance to get visibility and involve you in this activities. I am not sure how long God will allow me to support them. But I am already supporting the kids for 2 years and school will arrange birthday party on 20 April, 2018 . Hope you will see our live birthday party on DLive.


Hope to see it!
2 years, my God, they must see you as their angel. You really are their angel. How did you begin all of these? Did you make a post about that? It will be a new opportunity, you can tell how did you get involved in this titanic work.

My best wishes to you and the kids.

@Azizbd thanks for your compassion, you're a role model to most youth today, keep up the good work you will harvest the one that you already planted for the sake of all and especially to poor people. :)


Thank you very much for your encouragement and supporting the kids. It is really great help of course.

Very great initiative by @azizbd . I will support this whole heartedly . And thanks to @adsactly for showing generous support to this project.


totally, this initiative is incredible, thanks for sharing


Yep 👍🏼 that’s great

By any chance do u Bangladeshi dear sir? @adsactly


@ADSactly is a global decentralized platform for all. It is not an individual. So yes, Adsactly is Bangladeshi. As a global citizen, we are part of every country. I personally don't believe in man-made borders. Thank you for your comment.



Thank you.

This is a great job by steemit which help these people to grow and get education and then become the future star. As per my knowledge approx. all the great people, leader, journalist, and many singers etc had a dark background but single chance in their life made them a hero or star. I hope these child will become the future stars. I have no enough Steem power or SBD to support them. But my support is always with them.
Great work by @Azizbd


Your words enough to support the initiative on steemit. You made me happy with your excellent comment my friend. Your every upvotes counted here. Have a great day.


Thank you bro

A fabulous effort and we hope others would do the same in the poor areas across the globe! Blessings and Upvoted! Oh! And also voted for you as a witness!


Thank you for your comment @papilloncharity , I am grateful to have such support from @Adsactly and feel so privileged to have love, respect and money. I find very few time to spend online but I think I should give more effort to get rewards for my kids and myself. It is really difficult for me as individual to run a charity which has different functions. I am upset with some recent incidents with my kids at school as they left school for their family problems. Don't know how long my voice will worth here, don't know how long people will donate and support posts but I know that these 60 kids need me and us. Hope God will allow me to continue. Thanks for your witness vote.

great efforts by @adsactly to educate underprivileged children. May almighty ALLAH blessed you and your team. Now a days its very tough favor gather funds and run awsome school.

I would like to request all my followers as well as steemit family to help poor people as much you can so we can be a part of this movement.

we should also appreciate @adsactly for his tremendous efforts


Thank you very much for your support and helping kids. May Allah bless you too. Hope school will be funded by steemians and I will able to run it properly. The school is funded by steemians but we need regular support to continue it. @Adsactly is helping the kids different ways. I strongly believe that Adsactly worth your witness vote as it is helping steemit community different ways. Have a good day.

Great initiative to save our children. everyone should step forward.


Thank you very much @rdalex .

Such a wonderful Initiative... This is the power of Steem! I'm happy to support (if even in a small way) such selfless causes. Thank you, keep up the good work :)


Thank you very much for your motivation and supporting the cause. Please stay in touch with @SchoolForSDG4

@adsactly this is very good work. Because you can help poor childrens or students. @adsactly you are doing very good work. Education is very important in our life. without education we are nothing. You are doing very good work keep it up Ind I appreciate your work.


Thank you for your great comment. Education is not only a basic needs, it also helps to fulfil other basic needs. But unfortunately, we can't keep all the kids at school for their family financial background. I am not only upset with some recent things but also demotivated. But such support from @ADSactly really engourage me a lot.


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@mago-2 these accounts are of my friends. I have a single account @mafzaal92 other of my friends. I send money in these because it's my friend. Ate you undrstand

We can truly see how happy those children are who were given the oppurtunity to live happily. Thank you for your kindness @adsactly. Keep up your doing ang spread always peace and love to everyone. Cheers!

Such a wonderful project. You are doing a great work. This project is really great. Its always good to know that someone big like you is trying hard to make this world a better & beautiful place.
Thank you much for doing this great work.


I am happy that you checked the post and helped the kids to get some fund by upvote. I am tired of replying some good comment here. I wish all the best for you and thanks for your appreciation.


You are doing a fantastic work.Keep up the good work.

Bangladesh is a @Developing Country.

This project is truely extraordinary. Its constantly accurate to recognise that someone big such as you is making an attempt tough to make this @global a better & lovely area. All of us have to be provided @education. All about being @humanitarian.

@Resteem done

is (13).jpg

wow, that's great initiative @adsactly. everyone has right to education.. best wishes for this best of the best step... keep on supporting education....


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hi @magoo-2 , I appreciate your artificial intelligence. But second account is not mine.. that's hold by my younger brother. he sends me sbd so that we can withdraw our sbd from singal account. but if this is also a fault than sorry from me.. and it will never happen for the next time..

This is such a great thing to know that steemit helps other people not just in earning money but as well as with their education. This post totally deserves an upvote.


Thank you for realizing our needs and also supporting the charity

All those photo's are amazing. Such a nice one and all the photo's are taken from @Bangladesh

@upvote // @Resteem

is (19).jpg


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Felicitaciones, excelente iniciativa, todos los niños tienen derecho a una educación, recreación y buena alimentación, @adsactly, mis saludos!

ADSactly Initiatives ,,great for school going students,,,great work for students,,thanks for post


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whats problem ,,,i dont understand,,,@mdriadrahman26 thats dont take any communications for last 3days to next unlimited

Your vote is very helpful to me

everyone must be provided education
Keep it up mate

really noble his intentions

I like your posts. I always follow it. and I hope you follow me too. and my upvote. we create a good cooperative relationship for the progress of the steemit project. visit my block as well

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Postingan yang bermamfaat..
Saya menyukai nya..
izinkan saya resteem postingan anda...

It is satisfying to see this type of initiative; BLESSINGS.

great work done .. best wishes from my side.
Education is best investment that is done out of all.


Thank you for your understanding and prayers.

you are doing great work. keep it up. bless u

i am so impressed. This is a great job by steemit which help these people to grow and get education and then become the future star. keep it up. amazing!!!!

Very Nice post. I am Neeru from Kolkata, India. I am new on Steemit. I want to be established on Steemit. I am trying to get upvotes for my establishment with several kind of posts. Please be kind and upvote any of my recent posts. As there is no cost for 1 upvote but 1 upvote can give me rewards for my Steemit establishment. Thank you.


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Thank You! ⚜

A wonderful human work teaching children
Because children are the future of the homeland


hello @roselover , Thanks for your comment. I am sure they are future of the world. The world is like a human body, if one part becomes sick the other parts will also be affected. This is happening in Siriya and refugee crisis and many other issues.

Thanks for sharing. These are some awesome pics.

Salute. You make they have smile for better life, peace

Amazing initiative! things like this is the saving grace of mankind! More power to you!

This one gave me chills. As an educator myself and someone from humble beginnings I know the value of education, especially at the early childhood level. The empowerment of women is also a wonderful initiative. you an never go wrong with that. Thumbs up for this, I applaud this effort. An upvote from me.


Thank you a lot. Hope to see you in our blog and have conversation to develop the teaching environment here


Could you please send me a link. I wanna learn more about it.

interesting and a great initiative

Upvote back plz


Please dont ask for upvotes. You will be flagged. Write good comments and your will deserve it :)

your post is very helpful for children education.nice post sir.

The fight for improved quality of life for all persons is only won on a united front, with knowledge from the past, resources from the present and insight from the future, we are looking at the emergence of a paradise.
Keep the steem up!

Helping the less privileges and the needy is a priority to those who are kind hearted. The Love of the people is our collective effort but only few recognizes this. All about being humanitarian. God bless all hands who engage in taking care of the under privilege. A good job Weldon @adsactly

This is so awesome to provide access to free education for these underprivileged children ! Thank you @adsactly for all that you do and your awesome donations ! a definite upvote and resteem for such a great cause !👍👍👍

it' realy realy goooooooooooooooooooooood joooooooooooob............

To get upvote from @kasemkhan, the post needs at least 300 characters! Please describe your work in detail ;

This is inspiring. Nice post

your advocacy is selfless. I hope this will last long...I admire the purity of your heart.

very fun to be with kids ..
I am happy to see

These projects are really wonderful, they are a pride for everyone, thanks to knowing how to use this platform, I hope to have some day and be able to do things this great in my country

AMAZING! Things such like this is impossible before, but know thru this project it shows that there is always a good part in human nature.. Thumbs up to those who are supporting this project!

Wow! This is really encouraging, thanks @adsactly

a very nice initiative
wish you best of luck