Buy Superior Coins with SBD/STEEM - 11th January 2018 **LATEST PRICE LIST**

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Want to buy Superior Coin (SUP) with SBD/STEEM without needing to go to an Exchange?

The main benefit of this service is that there are zero transaction fees. Sending SBD and STEEM to people on Steemit has no fees and when Gifting SuperiorCoin on there are no fees there either.

Follow these steps:

  1. Register for an account at
  2. Wait for account to be verified and approved (If you have problem accessing account contact [email protected])
  3. Once you have access to the account send the SBD/STEEM amount for the number of Superior Coins you want to purchase (Check the pricing tables below):
    • Send to @SydesJokes
    • Amount of SBD/STEEM
    • Memo: Gift Superior Coin to Kryptonia [yourprofilename]
    • Submit
  4. I will check my Steemit wallet regularly and when I see the SBD/STEEM transfer I will gift you the Superior Coins to your wallet on
  5. You will see receive notification that you have received the Superior Coins and will see them in your Bank Wallet. You will also see message on your profile.
  6. You can also receive extra Superior Coins by doing Kryptonia Tasks

If you have a specific questions use the Steemit Transfer/Memo and send 0.001 SBD. When I reply I will send 0.002 SBD to you so I pay when you message me :)

BTC USD = $13827.40
SUP BTC = 0.00000033
SUP USD = $0.0046
SBD USD = $5.77
STEEM USD = $4.73

Prices change daily. These prices are for 11th January 2018.

Superior Coin/SDB Prices

SBD AmountSBD USDNbr of SUP% SUP buy bonusSUP with buy bonus

Superior Coin/STEEM Prices

STEEM AmountSTEEM USDNbr of SUP% SUP buy bonusSUP with buy bonus

SuperiorCoin Steemit Posts


thank you , will definitely keep it in mind

Damn, was thinking of buying more but the price has already gone up so much. lol
Will probably still get more though...

Price has only just started to go up. We are starting a big marketing/promotional drive. Hoping to see it at $0.01 very soon :)

Oh, I'm sure it will make it there soon. Which is why I will still buy more. lol

any chance you can just use the money from the faucet?

You mean the SBD that people get from the Faucet?

Yes that one

It makes a lot of sense, superior coin can really be a hit tomorrow. Nice post

If people want to convert their pending SBD payments instead to SuperiorCoin I am happy to do that as well :)

Can you do that for me please, @plainoldme to "Gift Superior Coin to Kryptonia [reinhardt_n]"

I have not fully understood this

will have to seriously get buying, before it goes up too much, think it will be a great investment

Yes we are hoping to get it to $0.01 soon. Need daily trading of $10k on exchanges to get listed on CoinMarketCap.

There you go. Thank you

thank to your information, definitely keep it in mind.
upvote & resteem

Kryptonia looks like a good platform coming around :)

Still being developed so more still to come. Kryptonia is the home of SuperiorCoin :)

Soon, I hope to invest in other crypto. Thank you for sharing this @sydesjokes !

Thanks for the tips

No fees is the best. But what is SUP

Superior Coin is a secure, private, untraceable currency. Unlike many crypto currencies that are derivatives of Bitcoin, Superior Coin is based on the CryptoNote protocol.

thanks for the info

nice post sbd send

Thank you, i will try buy sup with my sbd today, so i can know hiw its done. Incase i want to teach someone too

It is very easy and I gift coins on Kryptonia right away :)

I hadn't noticed that the price of SBD was so high.

I will be updating the price table daily and show the coin prices.


This was super!

Price has gone up eh?

you're the best!

Some of the information was unknown thanks
Nice post .
its related to bitcoin
its a really informational post.
thanks for share.
(Upvote & resteem buddy.)

Great works, I wish you success

Awesome Thank You.


Why would you buy superiorcoin with steem? can you tell me an advantage from superiorcoin to steem?

Are you the guy who holds the most SuperiorCoin? Should I start harrassing you for more freebies? :P

Thank you! This is my first time hearing of SuperiorCoin(I am very new to the crypto world).
I will definitely keep this in mind as something to invest in ASAP.
I followed for the jokes, and stayed for things like this. Thanks, sydesjokes

@sydesjokes this is a good business venture

Nice thing.

great job. i like your all work.

thanks very good

Can i use the money pending to me from the faucet you run to get superior coins?

Impressive, I like this and would love to join

Thanks for the lovely information. I have joined so what next?

Very interestingly positive, I have started earning superior coin from the task. Thanks again

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