Mining SuperiorCoin with your web browser **UPDATE**

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Have you started mining SuperiorCoin yet?

It is easier now to do with your web browsers. Just open browser tab and go to enter your wallet address and click send and you will start mining (see above image). Check the short YouTube video

You can get a wallet address with the Offline wallet generator to start mining and collect your coins later. Remember to keep your Mnemonic seed and Private keys safe because you will need these later to get your coins. You are not able to mine to your Kryptonia web wallet address.

If you have a group of friends who want to mine as well you can all mine to the same wallet address so mining coins faster and coins are sent one 200 or more coins have been mined.

Some Antivirus software flag the web page because of the JavaScripts name, since it was a common practice to use without people knowing while visiting some web pages in the past.

Checking the status of your mining

You can check the status of the mining on the Superior-coin Mining Pool by entering the wallet address in the field "Your Stats & Payment History" and pressing Lookup (see above image). But please it can take up to 2 hours to see the mining stats.


If you are mining with a group of friends then you can all follow the status of the mining.

You can test now by using my wallet address below which you can replace later with your own wallet address:


My SuperiorCoin Mininig Pool

If anyone would like to mine to my wallet address permanently then I would give them a share in my SuperiorCoin Mining Pool. This way they do not need to setup their own mining wallet address and wait for the 200 coin limit before receiving their mined coins. I run mining stat updates a few times a week and provide people a web page to show the coins they have mined in the pool. They can request payouts which I send to their Kryptonia web wallet.

If anyone is interested they can contact me of my Facebook Messenger.

If you want to find out more about the mining options you can check the Official Superior Coin Mining group on Facebook.


SuperiorCoin is growing everyday, has social aspect to it and can help you promote your FB, Twitter Business, and other sites. Check out Tech details at BitCoinTalk Buy using Steem Here Signup to KRYPTONIA to get Free SuperiorCoins and trade them on BTC-Alpha HERE. Here is a Short Video About earning SuperiorCoins and Hosting task. SUP to the Moon.

I tested this out with your SuperiorCoin address and looks like I have found 40 shares and I have 40 verified shares.

Screenshot-2018-1-10 deepMiner.png
Image source: Screenshot.
Screenshot was taken on 2018.01.10, 11:09 CET.

Maybe I earned something for you. If that's the case, then take it as a gift!

Enjoy Steemit/Busy/ChainBB/Utopian and other sites!
Have a nice day!

If you don't have a SuperiorCoin Mineable address use a paper-wallet and mine to it and HODL.

My Kryptonia user name is the same as my Steemit user name (@xplosive).
Thank you very much for any amount!

thank you for the update. Do you know if I can also mine SuperiorCoin using my phone.

This is being worked now. Have first version of it on my phone to test it.

I have started but I have a lot of questions for you. There somethings am still trying to find out, but I will surely get back to soon on that. I like your post.

Please ask in the Official Superior Coin Mining group on Facebook which has over 400 miners there and they are happy to help people and answer questions :)

I have been using web mining with Firefox without issues and mined 192 coins since Friday. 11 just in the last 7 hours since I did this post.

That's $0.03 USD. Not a huge amount but as the price rises then the rewards are higher.

For more information about SuperiorCoin check BitCoinTalk

How is the pre-mine distributed?

  • 100Million Sold in Pre Sell
    • To be dripped out daily.
  • 200Million lock_transfer
    • Locked on a 4 year cycle where 1.8% are unlocked per month. Of that 1.8% , distributed as follows; 0.45% to reward users on our platform, the other 1.35% will be lock_transfered back into the blockchain for another 4 years, where the cycle will repeat itself.

interesting alternative for mining

What does it mean if you put it in but the meters do nothing?

Doesn't look like it's mining for some reason. Can you send mail to [email protected] with details about you computer, OS browser and a screen shot would help. I will have someone look into it.

Were you using my wallet address?

getting this error if I try to mine now,
VM47:164 WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 200

Send all the details with any screenshots to [email protected] and will get it checked.

think my issue must be firewall or something blocking the mining server, or websocket, if i run it on another pc it works fine

Got it figured out now, user error due to ignorance I guess. Thank you for the help!

Well I made one and tried it at first, then tried yours, no luck there either. I will certainly send a mail, thank you.

Nice one< I would really love to mine with you. How do I go about? I have some superior coin already in krptonia, how do I cash out?

Am already making superion coin in kryptonia, but it is on hold now. Great job

Yes they are put on hold for 14 days and are then released. This gives the Task creators time to check people are playing fair and doing the Tasks as requested. We saw problem where people were just taking the coins and not doing the Task. People can be revoked if they take the coins but don't do the Tasks in full.

But how would they know if my ID is different from my steemit ID?

tried mining yesterday, got a few accepted shares, will try again today

Great. I have mining running in a tab all the time and mined 184 coins since end of last week.

Its a good tutorial. It would be better if we could use Kryptonia web wallet address.

What is the status of power use for this mining? do I need high configuration desktop?

I am using on a standard laptop. Others have used on low spec desktops with no issues.

I see. Seems like we can try this.

Hi @sydesjokes is 1 share = 1 coin?
or how many shares make a coin
To check my balance I should enter my address here in the blockchain explorer right?

No you need to follow the mining stats at as that shows how many coins you have mined.

I was only earning 1 to 2 SUP per every few hours. Going very slowly!

I have a question in Kryptonia.. How many coins do you get per task.... like, give me an easy no sign up task and an example.

It depends how many coins the Task owner has set. He specifies how many coins the Tasks will pay out.

Minimum is 1 coin for doing a Task.

Tried using web miner but they are slow.

Hi @sydesjokes I started mining in Web browser.

Please clarify following doubts.

1) what is "FOUND" and "VERFIED" in web browser mining page?

2) The Status in pool status page and in web browser mining page is different?!

I am mining with my CPU on can I use that address to mine to?
and how many coins do I have to mine before it gets paid out? Thanks for your help

Yes can use the same address.

Payouts are sent to wallet address when you have mined 200 coins or more. The Pending Balance is then moved to Total Paid and you see the payout at the bottom of the page. Can then take up to 24 hours to see the coins in your wallet.

Brilliant thanks, I've been mining for a day and I've got Verified 1844, not sure what this means.

Thank youfor this tutorial @sydesjokes.

It worked neither on Mozilla nor on Chrome, I had to test it on EDGE xD
Before I realized that it was ublock's fault
Thanks for the hint !

I have tested it on Chrome and Firefox and works fine for me. How did you resolve your issue?

It was Ublock, that blocked the javascript i think, so disable the AdBlocker to fix it !


just read it today! thank you for sharing!

thanks for information friend.

With 3.33 H/s rate, how much coins can you mine per day? (Assuming that the PC is running for 24 hours)

I have been mining for a week soon, and maby have not been doing it correct because I have just mined 68

All depends on the computer you are using and how much Hash it can put to the pool.

From superiorcoins website they say they are cryptonote based which means if you are using cpu which the browser does then you want to know how much your L3 cache is because cryptonote uses 2mb per thread.

You can use cpu-z to check.

So when mining crypto on an i7 with 8mb L3 cache I use only 40%cpu for maximum hash of 200h/s. AMD is not really that good on the cpu I am not sure why I think it has something todo with the way they handle threading, but an amd card will out perform a nvidia card on cryptonote.

Hope that helps you a bit, you can also read more XMR MINING HINTS

Hi thanks for reply, I don’t understand what cpu-z is:-(

cpu-z just shows you your pc specs in full on windows pc's

This is great

Thank's for posting this, want to get in and try mining see what can be done and this seam a good way to have a go! Cheers @sydesjokes

Very simple miner and does seem like a useful coin from the website.

I like useful.

I just want to know where do you get the value for the coin as I can't find it on, I really like the idea of integrating it with ecommerce and cryptonote I can still mine on my shitty pc but am not sure if the coin is tangible?

Hello it is still a little early to be on CMC but you can check the PRICE at the exchanges. It is going up very fast. Also at the Pool, you can see a price widget, with up to date prices.

Easy way to get more superior coins :-D

Got this message from avast when i opened the site :-o

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 16.21.08.png

Antivirus is flagging the JavaScript because of its name, since it was a common practice to use without people knowing while visiting some web pages in the past.

We are going to try to rename the JS to fix this.

This is brilliant, the mining procedure is really easy to set up. I don't need a mining rig but just let my pc and laptop run while I am away at work.

getting this error if I try to mine now,
VM47:164 WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 200

Thanks for update and video @sydesjokes

This is great and we can see more miners coming on board.

Miner I have started since 1.1.18. And this is my current state ;-)Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2018-01-10 17:04:06.png
P.S.:I forgot to confirm Kryptonia

Looking good, get some superiorcoin and HODL. If you need mineable address , create here.

I already have a wallet. Without it I could not benefit ;-)

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