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Hi everyone. I don't plan to make this one of my usual long posts, as many of us have spoken of what is all about on several articles. However, admittedly, I'm not sure if we've actually dedicated an article to completely, and singularly explaining how the site works with Superior Coin (SUP).

So, here is a very short story to begin things. This way you have a base knowledge of the history of the coin. Michael Q. Todd hired Nathan Senn some time ago to create a crypto token that could be used to trade and pay for tasks on Crowdify. There was a break up of the two men, and the correct owner and the only truth teller in the situation gained control of the coin and the funds from a crook. Nathan and Michael Senn are now in control and following through on all promises.

Here is a list of what you want to do and why on

  1. Register
  2. Create your own account and wallet
  3. Look at tasks and discover how they work, and how to post a task for others.
  4. Do tasks to earn Superior Coins
  5. Run tasks to give away Superior Coins for something you would like people to do for you. Such as write a book, write a letter, create a webpage, or blog for you, or simply read an article on a site where you might earn credit or money for readers, etc. It is your choice as to what task you want to run really.
  6. Sell/Buy Superior (SUP) on one, or all of 3 exchanges.

Everything in this simple list is what will help Superior Coin grow and grow, and earn value on the market, until 1.5 Billion coins are finally mined. Are you interested in mining to earn extra coins? Then just click on the Superior Coin link and download the mining application.

There you have it folks. Can't be easier to do or understand. This is how many Cryptocurrencies work, and earn value. Kryptonia transferred a good amount of folks from Crowdify, and we are continuing to grow every day. Soon, SUP will climb, and we will all become wealthy! That is the goal.

Welcome to and Superior Coin (SUP)! Have a blast!!

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SuperiorCoin also has a very simple browser miner now that needs no download. , open and input your address for superior coin and off you go.

my address won't work in there for some reason Michael.

You can't use the web wallet address and need to use GUI wallet address.

Do you know the back story to superior coin? I am still trying to get my million some coins I mined and bought like a year ago totally sucks....

You should be able to sign into now.

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A very short post with almost everything a white paper can cover.
i discovered by one of the post of Mr @sydesjokes almost couple of months ago.
Since then I am watching superior coin closely. It seems to have a strong potential but I believe superior coins need to hit Exchanges more and more in order to be highly adoptable.

great article and were adding more features soon. full disclosure im a part of the superior coin team.

Superiorcoin has grown over the past six months with a great community @authorcolinbmw

Hi I'm Tania! please back upvote and follow me. .....@steemitgirl11

not doing anthing

Very nice

how thus referal system of kryptonia works? got some people on board but did not see any rewards.

I'm in