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yes it is and i am very happy for that and the most exciting part is i will be the one to leas the marketting team, we will start small and as time goes on we will have a big community, for those thst dont know, SUPERIOR COIN is traded on south exchange, you can view more info at superior-coin.comDQmabu9dYXAuMxQnA3Q3Wof2wSC27sJ6FAEPBaShgcebPG9.gif


SuperiorCoin is growing everyday, has a social-media aspect to it. It can help you promote your FB, Twitter, Business, and other sites. Check out Tech details at BitCoinTalk Buy it today using Steem or SBD Signup to KRYPTONIA to get Free SuperiorCoins and trade them on BTC-Alpha

Shi is very beautiful

Great stuff. I just found the site and free coins are never a bad thing.

Yes mate ..eveeything is good when its free🤣🤣🤣

Fantastic! Getting into what our coin is for!

Yes, this is great and what #SuperiorCoin is all about. Citizens Action Network has a Nigeria page already and the CAN AfriCAN Leader, Abel Bishop, is in Nigeria!

Same here in Tacloban City, Philippines :)

thanks for the information.

Welcome to the SuperiorCoin community. I am one of the core team members of SuperiorCoin.

That's interesting. I just registered too and I did some of your task. so what next? How do I get the superior coin?

Can also mine SuperiorCoin and I sell the coin for SBD/STEEM.

Yeah, i forgot to mention that

Yes, sir i know that🤗🤗

Great to see the content on Superior Coin going out into Africa, build slow, build strong @easytyga

Yeah. Thank YOU

Everything is looking good for long term growth of the SUP project.

Yes 😍😍😍

Citizens Action Network has a Nigerian page and several other African country pages. Citizens Action Network is making #SuperiorCoin the Crypto of CAN. @sydesjokes

Yes ..thats right

please is Superiorcoin listed in Coinmarketcap?

We need $10k of daily trading before coin will be put on CoinMarketCap.

Its going to be achieved this Year

Not yet , we need a lil more cap , thzts why the marketing is going on , but iys being traded on and you can also goto to earn free sup coin...when you register reply me and i will also give you some free sup

Thanks for clearing this up, I was wondering the same thing!

Thanks for posting @easytyga. Upvoted and followed.

Thank you

Nice. :)

I saw this on your task - follow me in kryptonia

Keep up the great work and keep grinding away!

Thanks and you too..lets steemit 🚄🚄

I can't wait to see SUP at $0.01 ;) This is a great coin from a longterm hold standpoint

Yes me too..i cant wait

just joined and happy to be there!

Awesome! Just joined this community and trying to figure it out still but excited to be here

Welcome to steemit mate...there are wonderful people here

@easytyga thank you. What's your kryptonia username? So I can follow you on there also

Its ezekiel 😁😁

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