Is Superior Coin Really Superior?

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Superior Coin

It’s a fascinating story, how a coin was developed, nearly destroyed then overcoming all obstacles got listed on several exchanges.

I’m not sure when Superior Coin was first thought of, I don’t suppose anyone really does. It’s one of those things that sit around in the back of the mind as something you ‘might’ look at seriously, one day.

Whenever it started, it wasn’t at that time called Superior. The brilliant mind behind Superior is Nathan Senn who is, like most dedicated programmers is often more comfortable in front of a computer screen than with people, unless he knows them well.

He began by offering his ‘coin’ still in development to a social and market place platform similar to Empire Kred to use as ‘native money’ to interact within the Crowdify site.

It evolved from there to a stand alone coin based on the Monero blockchain. The founder of Crowdify and Mr Senn parted ways with quite a lot of acrimony, especially from the Crowdify side. Many tales were told, the majority of which were either outright lies or ‘canted’ to show Mr Senn in a bad light.

Naturally, this caused a deep split within the community who supported the coin. It had been decided prior to the split that the coin would be called Superior and its ticker would be SUP.

After the split, some wanted to change the name, some because they wanted to distance the coin from Crowdify, some because they thought the name a little arrogant.
Mr Senn stood firm, he had he said, nothing to be ashamed of and publicly stated that his coin was no longer associated with Crowdify. His decision seems prophetic.

Many people of the Crowdify side of the split, posted derogatory comments and tried very hard to ensure the coin never took off.

The supporters however rallied and showed their superior mettle as they answered lies with truth, refused to allow any negativity to take root and worked unceasingly on perfecting the coin.

During this time, Crowdify and its adherents continued to try and destroy the coin, ridiculous threats were made, talk of the FBI in many countries knocking on doors of those who did little more than continue to support Mr Senn. The majority by doing nothing more than following his efforts and reading posts.

The FBI is coming to arrest you.

Yes, this ridiculous threat was made. To clarify once and for all. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) does not have jurisdiction on foreign soil unless a special exception has been made. To quote their own website;

What authority do FBI special agents have to make arrests in the United States, its territories, or on foreign soil?
In the U.S. and its territories, FBI special agents may make arrests for any federal offense committed in their presence or when they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed, or is committing, a felony violation of U.S. laws. On foreign soil, FBI special agents generally do not have authority to make arrests except in certain cases where, with the consent of the host country, Congress has granted the FBI extraterritorial jurisdiction.

For anyone to make claims that the FBI was going to arrest people as far apart as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Wales, Finland and Honduras is and will always be, ridiculous.

To the Moon and Beyond

Despite all efforts to the contrary (we don’t have time and space to go into all the things said and threatened here) even trying to frighten and bully people, Superior coin has prevailed and is now being traded on exchanges. A testament to the tremendous efforts and basic decency of those in the core team who continue to work to get this coin mainstream.

Will they succeed? They have a superior team, a superior coin and a SUP ticker. Against all odds, they’re listed on 3 open exchanges, you can mine the coin, use it on Kryptonoa to pay for goods and services.

They’ve done their part, it’s now down to you to spread the word, to join the crusade and take SUP to the moon and beyond. Finally, when you see posts about ‘The Death of Superior Coin’ whether on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else, you can point people here to see that Superior Coin is not only alive, but kicking.


I thought I read there was a way to get a temporary wallet to mine without the desktop wallet. Is that an html page wallet generator? I can't find the post anymore.

Colin that was very well written and well articulated article. Thanks for the post- As for disclosure I am part of the $SUP team. —- Go SuperiorCoin

people behind this do a lots of hard work,sleepless night,dedication and team work have a strong and great team so trolls cannot bring down a good community that they have! SUPERIORCOIN going to the moon

Whats going to set one apart and provide clear proof of its value is, composition of a metalic alloy integrated either with or withought the users. In this case, device that uses the coin to do many things by turn making its value evident.

Well said article. There will be haters, doubters,non-believers and then there is @nathansenn and his team, proving them wrong. Bring it on SUPERIORCOIN. Dare to comment here TROLLS! 👊😜

haters is always a hater :)


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It's great story! I think a lot of coins have similar least stories of disagreements with development teams and supporters...this leading to the creation of new coins..Bitcoin forks...etc..

Good luck to the Superior Project, if more people get behind it, like all it will fly.

against all odds we fought back and it's paying off. full disclosure im a team member for the project.

You are one of those superior supporters doing superior work!

I’ve never heard of Superior Coin (facepalm) but the way you have articulated it makes it worth researching. Thanks for the write up. Hopeful I’ll make good investments heading into 2018.

In the spirit of full disclosure I want people to know I am part of the Superior Coin and you can see my name on the Superior Coin web site.

Superiorcoin people rock :)

Superior Coin has endured, deservedly so.

lets see if it goes high...just have good luck

Good article Colin!

Need to check out then.

To post so beautiful project in honor of cowardly I hope this will be of great benefit to us... @sydesjokes

I like superiorcoins anyways, just waiting to be it listed on exchanges

It is already on 3 exchanges.

Ive been hearing of it lately but Im yet to do some research and know what its about tho.

"The FBI is coming to arrest you." - People watch too many TV shows like Criminal Minds. XD

Yes quite pathetic and the person claimed he was a lawyer in his early life. He has no idea how the law works especially international law.

Exactly Colin. That's what always confused me. I always felt I understood more about the law than he seemed to

Best of luck to superior coin... It seems promising

Thanks for the post mate. Will be looking into "superior" tonight :)

This is really interesting, superiorcoin I will check it out

It seems like supercoin seems to be one good coin to invest into. In future it may go much higher amount.

Excellent post :)

its price is gonna be higher in 2018!

Which are those 2 exchanges other than southXchang @sydesjokes

A you said found this on FB

I was blocked by him on Facebook and now he has blocked me on Twitter :)

An interesting coin story. Let's wish her a happy future

It is very very helpful post thanks to you.

Very well crafted article telling how can superior coin one day be really superior...
Stay blessed my friend!

2017 is the year for cryptocurrency as a startup but 2018 will be the currency baseline.

I agree with you.

It helps me to learn more about Steemit

i am mining this coin and hoping one day it will be added to coinmarketcap and major exchanges as well

Simply, Great Info!!!!

Thank you for this post. Indeed it clarifies some doubts about the death of superiorcoin. SUPERIORCOIN BRING IT ON!! TO THE MOON

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