WIN Some STEEM and Upvotes for 60 Days - Enter The Share The Steem Love Competition No 25 here!!

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Hi Everyone!!

Share The Steem Love Competition No 25 is Now in Session!!

I'm about a week late, but I eventually made it!! #stsl - Share The Steem Love Competition No 25 is here!! 25!! That means that I have already had over 50 winners of my competitions (some of my competitions have had more than 2 winners...). And now it's your turn to enter, and stand a chance to win upvotes from me for you and a nominee on your posts for 60 days. You could also win the liquid post rewards from this post, converted into STEEM.


Current Competition Exclusions:

This being my 25th installment of my competition, there will be NO country exclusions!! @enginewitty, that means Texas even qualifies!!

My current competition winners, receiving upvotes form me are as follows:

How to Enter:

Entering my Share The Steem Love Competition is really easy. Just follow these rules, and you could be the next winner!
Please note: Rule No 6 has been modified so that nobody gets disqualified because that's not in the spirit of Sharing The Steem Love.

  1. Upvote this post and resteem it. This will boost the reward pool and exposure of the competition, and give you a chance at winning more SBD. The SP rewards go into my upvote value, so everyone I support wins! Your upvote % and resteem status may be used as part of my algorithm to find my next winners.
  2. Find someone on Steemit who is posting great content and making a positive contribution to the Steemit community, and who you feel deserves to get a few extra upvotes as reward for their efforts, and do the following:
    • In the comments section of this post, tell us who your nominee is, what country, and community tag you are a member of and are entering under (England, Japan, Canada, South Africa, teamaustralia, thealliance, steemsilvergold etc... you get the idea), and why they should win 60 days of upvotes from me.
    • Put a link to one of your nominee's recent posts, no more than 2 days old.
  3. Get your friends to come and upvote this post and upvote your nomination. The SBD (traded into STEEM on the internal Market) and STEEM reward go to the winners, so the higher the post payout, the more you stand to win.
  4. I will feed in some information about the top 5 nominations from different communities by vote count, including reputation scores, post frequency, post length, and average post payout value into my AI engine, and calculate a winner. My algorithm is "Top Secret", and subject to many variables (possibly including the current moon phase, and price of chocolate at the corner store), and may carry a certain amount of subjectivity factored in.
  5. A country (as listed in your nomination under rule 2), cannot win my competition more than once every 4 competitions. More specifically, The country represented by the winning nominee is deemed to be the winning country.
  6. === UPDATED RULE === Self- or Bot- upvotes may result in a 25% Score Penalty. Auto app upvotes (like eSteem App) and voting trails may also be deducted from your vote total.
  7. DO NOT upvote your own comment.
  8. The winning nomination will also receive the liquid portion of the rewards, traded into STEEM for this post, split between you and your nominee.
  9. Read rules no 6, 7 and 10 carefully!!! I don't want anyone to be disqualified. Missing any information out in Rule 3 renders your nomination invalid.
  10. DO NOT upvote your own comment. Self-voting your own nomination or comment will result in a score penalty.
  11. If there are no nominations, the SBD prize pool from this post will be put towards renewing my SP leases, and my master, @bmj will choose an entry from one of my previous competitions to add to my prizewinners upvote list. @bmj's decision will be final, and not up for discussion.
  12. The decision on who the winners of my competitions are is final, and no protests will be entertained. This is about Sharing the Steem Love, and not who is "entitled" to claim a prize.

The Prize

The SBD portion of this post reward payout will be traded for Steem on the internal market, and shared equally between my winning nominator and nominee. Both winning nominator and nominee will be also be added to my prizewinners voting list for a minimum of 60 days (I sometimes conveniently forget to remove my winners from my list, and give a few more days of upvote... just for fun..). Those voting settings can be found in my latest status update post.

Now all you need to do is get your entries in, and don't forget to read the rules carefully.....

Good Luck!!


This time I'm nominating @angelveselinov. He is a passionate Steempeep that has set aside his own personal pursuits (in light of moving but mostly) to build and be a founding member of @poetsunited. It is a small community (for now) that fosters the poets out here in these vicious waters and being a poet myself, I know they can be brutal. Can see his latest post here.

I support @enginewitty's nomination. @angelveselinov is a hardworking Steemian who supports others and is building community!

Your balance is below $0.1. This is your 2nd notification that your account is running low and should be replenished.

@angelveselinov has done an amazing job developing a poetry community and gets my vote!

Thank You for the Awesome Nomination Engine :) You have been one of the best supporters that Poets United has !!! I am really happy to know you. You really make steemit a better place... I am sure the future holds great things for us poets here on steemit and on other networks in the future probably :) . Thank you once again for the nomination did not see it coming to be honest there are so many awesome people on steemit that deserve that more than me probably :) I feel honored. God Bless You man Peace and Love. :)
P.S. Got Carried Away there :)

Sorry For Using the Community Account but it felt right to write it from there :) Thank you for the support. Best Witness Poet Ever :)

Thanks man, appreciate that :)

well deserved Angel!

My support completely. A hug and success.

@angelveselinov has done an amazing job developing a poetry community and gets my vote!

I support @angelveselinov... He has done really great job by developing PoetsUnited as a poetry community... ☕❤

I agree with @angelveselinov nomination, a superb member of the community and wonderful poet.

It is probably Angel's wife and me who know best how much time and effort he put into this little community of ours and so I can only say: Well deserved man!

I support @angelveselinov he's probably the most workaholic leader on steemit. Night and day he's always trying to better our community.

I support @angelveselinov for his kind and hard effort here on steemit and

I nominate @dwingsworld, who is from the United States and is a member of the #steemsilvergold community. @dwingsworld is a wonderful steemian who posts great content and is making a positive contribution to the Steemit community with his articles and the support he provides others. I believe @dwingsworld deserves to be rewarded for his efforts! This is his latest post:

I will gladly second! Although I'm not sure you're eligible again until the 23rd lol

hehehe, it is not for me, but @dwingsworld, my dear friend! I am returning the blessing and favor you have given me doing this. I really hope he wins it!!!

I support this too! @silversaver888, you may want to change the ssg tag.... I suck at golf pretty badly...

You know what, I used to play golf! Another thing in common with us, my friend. I took lessons with a pro to start me out. Thanks for the catch, I changed the link to the latest post. And also corrected the tag. GREAT CATCH! I can always rely on you! Have a great weekend, my friend.

For this one I will nominate @kafkanarchy84 who is in Japan, and talks a lot about #Anarchy and #Freedom. I love listening to his rants and chats, it always opens me up to sharing more and he always has intelligent arguments for whatever stance he has regarding something. He explains and defines things coherently and eloquently, and I really enjoy discussing with him through comments and hearing his thoughts.

Thus he brings inspiration, motivation, and shows by example and helps bring awareness to others.

His latest post is here:

Ol. Now this is amazing. How have i not come accross this. I wojkd have love to nominate myself, am inlove with steem.
But since i can't i would love to nominate @aksapphires, representing Nigeria. As for community,the #airhawk-project community.
Why she deserves the upvote and steem? Because she is simply amazing. A natural writer. Her creatuvity is top notch. She based on relationship and stories.
So much wisdom in one post. Sometimes, after going through her post, i feel like ive studied enough. So i will share one of her link. I know you'll like it.
And by the way, i celebrate you and what you're doing.this is my first time. Dont know if i constructed my answers right. But if there is anything i need to correct, please let me know,

Team Good Alpaca loves this post! Nomnomnom!

I support @enginewitty's nomination. @angelveselinov He does a great job with the @poetsunited community here on steemit.

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