Share The Steem Love Status Update - VP still down so making a few more adjustments - Delegation Tiers on the Horizon

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Hello everyone!!

Well that didn't work... My changes I made have not really done much to help my voting power recharge, mainly because all of a sudden I'm upvoting almost 10% more posts than I'm used to. That meas I need to make an adjustment to the voting tiers I didn't change last time.

Here is a quick update on my settings

My Voting settings

The last 2 days have been busy for me with over 110 posts upvotes. That means that my voting power hasn't recharged as well as expected.

Here is a snapshot of my settings:

My voting settings will only vote for one new post per account, per 22 hours. That means I will only vote for your post if it is created or edited 22 hours after my upvote for you previous post.

Current Voting Settings:

My upvotes are separated into 4 tiers as follows:

Tier:Upvote %Upvote Value (according to
1. Prizewinners:26%$0.22
2. Delegators:37%$0.31
3. #thealliance Community:4% (down 1%)$0.03
4. #thealliance Member Delegators:9% (down 2%)$0.08

More information about my voting tiers can be found at my previous status update post here. Cheetah doesn't like me repeating myself too often... ;P

**These upvote values are indicative values, based on my current voting power as calculated on

No More Self Upvotes

I have reached a level where I can sustain my leases through powering down some of my SP (up to 80% of my weekly curation rewards) to make up any shortfall from my post rewards. I'm going to stop upvoting my own posts (except the contest posts) and hope that your support can pull me through each round of delegation lease renewals. That will give me more voting power to spend on you. The more post rewards I can earn from your support, the more SP I will be able to lease, and therefore the higher upvote value you will all get from me... It's all about Sharing The Steem Love, and supporting you as much as I can.

Join Team #stsl

Team #stsl is the driving force behind my mission to #stsl - Share The Steem Love, and support communities, and steemians dedicated to creating great content, and building their communities. Without the generous delegations of Steem Power from my team members, my mission could not continue.

This week @underground has taken a break from Team #stsl to put his SP into another project in the short term. Thanks for all your support, and being one of the original members to help me get a good start, @underground. You'll always be welcome beck on Team #stsl when the time is right for you again. You support has been truly appreciated!!

Team #stsl is:

@flipstar, @bmj, @ghoba.handcrafts,
@shellyduncan, @buggedout, @foovler, @phelimint,@ryivhnn,
@jackmiller, @buzzbergeek,@gniksivart,@jpederson96,, @superoo7, @qurator, @killerwhale,
@anjkara, @sircork,, @eaglespirit,
@thekitchenfairy, @edthecanadian, @mcoinz79

Delegation Tiers

I have mentioned delegation tiers in the past, and I am almost ready to start phasing them in. It may mean that some upvote values need to drop a little to accommodate higher tiers, but I will try to set up the tiers to give a well-distributed and fair return for your delegations. It is only fair to receive support back in proportion to your support given. You could also find yourself on a higher tier and getting higher upvote values soon :)

How To Delegate

There are some really good tools you can use to delegate some SP to my mission. One really good tool is The Steem Power Delegation Manager by @yabapmatt.

If you'd like a quick link to delegate some SP to me, here are a few links for you to use:

|150 SP|250 SP|500 SP|
|The Alliance 50 SP Delegation - #thealliance members only|

@bmj usually gets a notification when a delegation is made, but just to be sure, please leave a reply to let me know, or send @bmj a DM on Discord. That way you won't be missed out, and will be added to the correct upvote list.

Share The Steem Love Competition

Share The Steem Love Competition No 24 will start tomorrow!!!! Keep a look out for my competition post. There will be a slight adjustment to the rules, so make sure to read them carefully before you enter.

That's all from me for today.
Until next time....


very fun post

awww thats mah @underground!! he's always supportive ... !!

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