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This Piece is dedicated to Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and maybe Avicii and all other Fallen Stars of Depression unto Suicide. Hope you found the peace you seek.



The menace is called CONFUSION, the victims are called the CONFUSED.
The result is called DEPRESSION, the victims are called the DEPRESSED.

We might have met or being a victim of confusion and definitely it is not what I can call a happy place. Yes, right seems wrong and wrong seems right and nothing seems wrong and everything seems right.

You exhibit fifty expressions and can define none of them. You want it and you don't want it. You love it and you hate it. You have it and you lack it. You are wise but you act foolish, you act wise but you are foolish.

Rita is a good or not so good friend of mine, she looks like a goal ( like you would kill to have her life) but her life is a pile of rubbles infact a mess. But who am I to judge, I don't have it definex too. Rita has a best friend that knows her inside out and she has another two not so best friends that she foolishly opened up to and now it is a battle between what the two people know and what the best friend knows. And then she decided to have a boyfriend, the next best recipe for disaster is having a boyfriend when you are not even able to manage yourself.

She went on thinking she could manage a boyfriend and three disastrous friendships. Luckily for her confusion, the boyfriend is a serial cheat that comes back begging after a raunchy adventure and she ofcourse takes him back. Now Rita is sliding from confusion to depression and from depression to who knows what.

Confusion never stops at confusion, it messes with your head and intellect. It pushes you to find answers to questions you can't interpret and when it gets so heavy for you and you don't get your answers you conclude that maybe and just maybe there is no answer to it and it eats you up and then one day you get so empty that you can't see how rich you are just because of one question you couldn't find answers to and then you decide it's not worth it.

People say "Reach out" "Talk to Someone" but a confused and depressed person doesn't even know what to say. It's like treating a baby, he is in pains but you don't know where it hurts, because baby cannot talk. You just have to massage everywhere, run a scan and check for symptoms. You keep your options open when dealing with a depressed person.

No matter how it is explained to you, you can never understand depression until you have been there or you are there. It is a depth that can't be described, the loneliness can never be shared. A depressed person can never be obvious in appearance, he would never show it. They have mastered the art of deceit, they have the widest smile in the room, the busiest mind in the room too but underneath it all is the Holocaust and the Great Depression.

Before the confusion sets to depression, remember that some questions are best unanswered, some questions are best shared to be unraveled and some questions are best nonexistent.

About Confusion leading unto Depression.
First it was Avicii then Kate Spade and now BOURDAIN.It shows how much depression is eating deep and we are not just giving it the right approach. People try antidepressant and therapy but it just doesn't work.
Before it becomes depression it starts as confusion and the best solution is try not to understand it, be open to all options when dealing with the depressed,let them dictate the pace and then you will find just where the shoe pinches

To Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade and maybe (Avicii), Only those who have never fought in a war can trivialize the battle. We don't know how tough what you went through was, but we appreciate your strength to come this far long and we are praying for you.


Hope you find the answers you seek, Fallen Stars!

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A great loss of creativity. Its really sad how confusion can lead to suicide. They walk amkng us, live with us, but their seemingly perfect life, seems to hide all the ills. Lets do more to reach out. We owe our relationships that. Solitude somehow, is the easiest sigb of depression. Isolation

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Actually not only the stars are dying, days ago a woman dropped herself into the third mainland bridge in lagos, reasons am yet to find out. But i read something that not all suicide attempts are caused by depression. Majority of us are depressed, there are initiatives now that help depressed people in nigeria especially online, ill write a post soon about it. Thanks for this.

Yes not all suicide is caused by depression but all is due to confusion. The existence of unanswered questions, the quest to seek answers and regrets overhauling the victim, the "What ifs" questions... No matter the cause of suicide, no one deserves to go through the pre-phase alone.
We hope the victim of the third mainland bridge suicide finds the peace she sought.

I would be on the look out for your post.
Until we all understand!.