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School girl
Light house

To educate the girls, the line below this simple 'slogan' is being promoted by the government is saying a lot / it is just a matter of understanding /
Light house
Whichever house he lived in, like the light in the house /
When is the need of light?
When there is darkness in the house /
How is darkness?
Blindness of illiteracy /
Darkness of Wisdom /
Backwardness of backwardness /
Economic Reduction /
Social disdain blackout /
Is it not true that just like an educated girl is needed to destroy many such darkness?
If a destitute black child is to destroy the darkness, then an educated girl will have to use her talent outside of the house / today, in the hundred distinct women of the world, when the name of four women of India comes, then it is proud to see / but Is it a matter of pride? No / Never be proud / It will happen when these hundred women are the names of half women in India /
It is true that there is a burden on the shoulders of a working person (I mean, working out of Dehari), as in the office, not only in the office, it is better to read further than stepping on the steps of the officer but better than the subdivision and co-workers Coordination has to be maintained; The responsibilities of home affairs are also on the same; It is also his responsibility to provide the physical satisfaction of the husband along with the responsibility of activities related to the study of children /
Today there have been substantial changes in society / youth want to marry working women themselves so that they can get a better financial background and they can provide proper resources to their children / youth also collaborate in domestic work / children too. Giving time / they know that putting a heavy burden on one shoulder life can not be enjoyable / best place to get rid of the outside storms Land laugh with your family home, happy to spend a few moments /
In the end: In my opinion, if the woman works outside, then the people of her house arrange the related tasks by sharing / yes, who is one of the mother and father to stay with her when the children remain alone? And considering both economic availability, both should take decision / thanks


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