Where can Birbal get

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Logopit_1535348852799.jpgOne day while strolling in the Birbal Bagh, he was enjoying the fresh air of morning that a man suddenly came to him and said, "Can you tell me where will Birbal get?"
"In the garden." Speak Birbal.
The man got a little scolded but then he said, "Where does he live?"
"In your house." Birbal replied.
The shocked person again asked, "Why do not you tell me his complete address?"
"Because you did not ask." Birbal said in a loud voice.
"Do not you know what I want to ask?" The man asked again.
"No." Birbal's answer was.
The man remained silent for a while, and Birbal's jogging continued. The man thought that I should ask that you know Birbal? He then went to Birbal, said, "Just tell me, do you know Birbal?"
"Yes, I know."
"What is your name?" The man asked.
"Birbal." Birbal replied.
Now the man was stunned. He was asking Birbal from Birbal for so long and Birbal was not ready to tell that he is Birbal. It was a matter of great surprise for him.
"You are also a man ...", he seemed like angered, "I was asking you about you only, and you did not know what was telling me wrong. Tell me, why did you do this? "
"I had answered your questions straightforwardly, just!"
Eventually, the man could not live without seeing the sharpness of Birbal's intellect.

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सविता- प्रकाश, तुम हर इतवार को मछली पकड़ने जाते हो ना?

प्रकाश- हाँ ! क्यों पूछ रही हो?

सविता- बस ऐसे ही ! वो मछली कल घर आई थी, कह रही थी कि वो माँ बनने वाली है !


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