Importance of trees

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Logopit_1535348852799.jpgWhere is Vivek, son? eat your breakfast.' After listening to the mother's voice, Vivek came and slept after sleeping. Vivek's mother also got all the work done and went to the garden, but seeing the view of it, the sensation of the mother of Vivek got soaked. The flowers were scattered here and the leaves were scattered there. Vivek's father had brought a plant yesterday, he too was lying on the ground. Vivek Rose came from the school and went to the garden to trample the trees. Never throw raw jamfloes in the garden if it does not look good, then break the aromatic flowers by brutally brutally and throw them on the road. If Vivek's father ever planted a new plant, he would not have got any new plant, without even getting it. Vivek's mother was very upset. He explained Vivek many times but he did not crawl on his ear. One day Vivek came from Tuka-Manda Vidyalaya and went to sleep after eating food. He saw in the dream that he was standing on a barren land. There was no greenery over there, there was no water to drink. Vivek started walking around there, but no human or bird was seen there. While walking there, he found some bones and male skeletons, seeing all of this, discretion became very scared and he started running away. Running away, he saw some grass growing in one place. Going a little further, he got some people and found some people. They were suffering terribly. On the question of Vivek, he told that cutting trees does not cause rainfall and there is no rain water due to lack of rainfall. The trees also used to prevent soil erosion. Due to the rainfall, the temperature is cooling, now due to the end of the tree, the sun's hot heat we are scorched. Vivek came crying after seeing the condition of these people and only then a Saint came and put his hand on the head of discrimination and said, 'Vivek, where you first went, there is a future of that time when the people living on earth have died. And where you are now it is the place where people are slowly ending and all this is happening due to the cutting of those trees. If you plant trees and teach it to others, our earth will always be green. ' Saints disappeared by saying so much. Seeing this, discrimination started crying loudly. Suddenly he felt that someone was shaking me and his sleep started. There his mother was standing there. Vivek interrupted his mother and said, 'Mother, I will plant a tree now.' The mother was surprised to hear this.


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