New Beginnings

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"The world was all before them, where to choose Their place of rest, and Providence their guide: They hand in hand, with wandering steps and slow, Through Eden took their solitary way."
- John Milton -

~New Beginnings~

A Theological Fantasy by Duncan Cary Palmer


A long way from Earth.   ~   Photo courtesy of Enrique Meseguer

I'm in a celebratory mood, but at the moment a bit too tired to dance and sing, and so I lean back against the side of the ship, relishing the view. Grasslike vegetation below me forms a soft but supportive lounge.

The last two weeks have been utterly exhausting, but not without their rewards. Whoever imagined life in heaven as easy sure had it wrong. There's nothing remotely easy about opening up a new planet.

Even during my days on Earth, we already knew the galaxy was littered with worlds. Billions of them in the Goldilocks Zone, that orbital realm where—like on Earth—water can exist in all its forms. We chose Minerva to pioneer for that reason, among others. Here we have liquid oceans, solid ice caps, and glorious water vapor clouds.

After cleaning up and resting a bit, Amy and I will do some partying tonight. I uncork a decade-old Merlot from our stores, pour myself a full glass, and take a generous swallow.


Half an acre, sown.   ~   Photo courtesy of John Howard

During the past fortnight, we've succeeded in clearing and sowing a half acre of what looks to be very fertile ground for our first garden. It hasn't been all hard sweaty work; we've punctuated our labor with adventures in the surrounding savanna. Ranging only as far as we could travel on foot in a couple of hours, we have found more than a half dozen tasty native fruits and vegetables.

Tonight, we celebrate getting the garden in with a feast that combines grilled steaks and potatoes from our Earth larder with a salad made from local flora.

"What's for dinner?"

Pulling myself to my feet, I turn to see Amy, still blotting herself dry. She's headed my way after a bath in the nearby stream. My drop-dead gorgeous, enthusiastic and industrious soul-mate is without a doubt a fitting "Eve" for this brave new world. Though less sure of my qualifications for the role of Adam, I don't lack a sense of humor.

"Whatever you rustle up, love."

Failing to duck quickly enough, the wadded-up towel Amy flings hits me squarely in the face.

"Thanks for the towel, babe. I do need to go clean up for supper. Seriously, I've already thawed and seasoned the steaks, and the fruits and veggies are rinsed and chopped. All you have to do is throw them on the grill and toss a salad."

I pour Amy a glass of Merlot, and hand it to her after collecting a quick kiss.

"Slave driver. OK, I'll cook. I'm glad I got back in time for the second sun to set. Now, hurry, go get your bath."


Our stream-fed pool.   ~   Photo courtesy of Pexels

It's a two minute walk to our stream-fed pool. I plunge, then stand under the waterfall and wash away the dirt and sweat of the day's labor.

After a mouth-watering dinner, we put on some music. Amy and I dance away a half hour under the starlight, drawing progressively closer. Time for a little more sowing.


Beneath an unearthly sky.   ~   Photo courtesy of Hans Braxmeier

Later, beneath a light cover, we lie together naked on the springy grass, looking up at the unearthly sky, picking out new constellations.

"Do you think you caught?"

"Mmmm... Could be." In the starlight, I see Amy's gentle smile grow. "It's a boy. What shall we name him?"

"Don't know yet." I glide my hand over her belly, dipping my index finger into her navel. "I do know this. We won't be calling him Cain."


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In a celebratory mood...   ~   Photo courtesy of DivvyPixel

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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That's interesting... Did you write the frontend?

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Thank you!

Giving birth in heaven. Interesting. Yeah I think that we are not the only people -filled planet God is watching over. Thanks @creatr

Thanks, Troy.

Why not birth in Heaven? Do you remember God's very first command to mankind? :D

I think this is yet another topic that the church has absolutely misconstrued and misrepresented. Something that we ought to be thinking about and discussing.

Thanks for reading!

Mathew 22:30 Mark 12:25. The Bible clearly states that there will be no marriage in heaven. Children are called by God to have parents. It is sad to know this but we will be like angels instead of parents of children. That is my understanding. What do you get from these scriptures @creatr

Thanks, Troy, for weighing in with your understanding on the matter. You've expressed what I think of as the "mainstream view" that has been promulgated most widely by the church.

I have been absolutely convinced for years now that the "standard view" is a trivialized misunderstanding that misrepresents the teaching of scripture as a whole and detracts from our understanding of God's intention and purpose in all of creation.

If I've once again piqued your interest in this topic, I hope you'll take some time and re-read this entry from my theological fantasy series of a couple of years ago:

Whispering Hope #7 - Sex in Heaven?

If you were to read that carefully, and follow the embedded links to scriptures and other reference articles, I think you'll find that there are compelling arguments that contradict the traditional, simplistic "no marriage in heaven" view. The story does address the scriptures you've cited.

Please also take some time to read all of the interesting discussion in the comments below that story. In reviewing them, I see that you were one of the original commenters at the time. :) I was also a guest on an MSP Waves radio show hosted by @globocop after that was published, but sadly I'm unable to locate the audio recording of that show... :(

Summarizing my viewpoint, please remember that God's mandate to "fill the earth" was given to mankind before the fall, and that it was reiterated to Noah after the global judgement (i.e. the flood) that Peter tells us was a foreshadowing of the final judgement and restoration of the universe.

When God restores this universe for the next and final time, uniting everything in heaven and on earth, I have no doubt that he will once again enjoin us to "fill the universe" so that there will be ever more and more creatures to enjoy, appreciate, and praise him for his great and eternal goodness to us all.

Troy, I hope you'll feel like continuing this discussion with whatever questions, objections, and scriptures you might wish to bring to the table. :D

I like that ending. :) It has a nice touch with the foreshadowing earlier in the story. Thank you.

Thank you, friend.

That you have read and enjoyed my story, and taken time to leave me such a lovely comment, encourages me more than this brief message can say. :)

I'll probably need to reread this again to appreciate it's meaning. I do like the story though

Hello, Empress! How lovely to see you!

I've clearly been away far too long.

When you've had a chance to think about it, I would love to hear your take on what you suss out about the meaning... Meanwhile, time for some more writing. :D


Yeah...I don't agree with the theology but it''s more visceral than that - I don't agree with the tone. As I said before, your theology is a bit eclectic and the idea of what you're proposing strikes me as carnal. I see glorified bodies as a spiritualization of the senses, not indulging in sensuality...but what's more troubling is the spirit of it. You spend a lifetime with a spouse and although there's no marriage in heaven there is still a profoundly loving relationship which should only be deepened...for me, this form of existence would result in that relationship being cheapened. Sorry, my friend, no can go with you here I'm not proposing some Platonic marriage of the minds but I doubt Paradise would resemble a Bacchanalian feast. I don't want to get into theological hair-splitting either - you're entitled to your opinion and I doubt anything would dissuade you if this is what you're anticipating in the great beyond. Besides, spiritual things are spiritually discerned and everything else we put into words is by way of analogy. That's my take for what it's worth :)