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This is the third "periodical entry" in my Steemit blog.

About once a month, I republish my updated Table of Contents and my My Periodic "What Shall I Write Next?" Post.... This is a third entry in that list, a list of authors who I read as regularly as possible. I plan to update it as my focus changes over time.

I read the work of these authors because I enjoy it and find it personally valuable in one way or another. Of course, I have only one vote, and not a really powerful one at that - and so I seek to support these great writers, artists, and content providers in whatever other ways that I can.

This post is one of those ways.

Please scroll down, read, enjoy, upvote, follow, and help support and encourage my favorite authors! I don't want to see them go anywhere else.

My Colorful Author Lineup

My Colorful Author Lineup - Photo courtesy of Chris Lawton and

Here are some of my favorite Steemit content creators, in no particular order, with a few words about each.

Please do visit and browse their blogs, follow them, and read their great work!


The legendary *Capn' Crunch*, Welcome to Steemit


Introducing my friend and *amazing* writer... Check out her blog!


John is an author of fascinating, moving poetry and thought-provoking stories


Wonderful photography, interesting articles, and carefully considered re-steems


Finance articles, as well as a very wide range of generally interesting topics


Outstanding short Science Fiction stories, diet, and other topics


Fascinating folk tales, mostly from his native Argentina


She inspired me to write my first haiku in many, many years!


Between him and @lakshmi, I was inspired to re-write the Christmas story in haiku


Great photography, thoughtful general articles... Always a good read!


Marvelous wisdom in child rearing and general homesteading


Sweet, kind, interesting, encouraging wife and homemaker


Fascinating posts about liberty and government oppression


Spectacular photography, wonderful food photos with recipes


News, science, technology, motivational articles, politics


Principle of the Day, art, music, photography. Fan of R. B. Thieme, Jr.


Beautiful original artwork, individual and collaborative


Interesting posts analyzing various aspects and details of Steemit


This wonderful project helps discover and reward new, under-appreciated authors


Fascinating studies into hidden details of the Hebrew language


Poetry, writing, photography, anarchy - certainly worth browsing


Lots of great photographs, restaurant reviews, etc.


Beautiful original art and very creative homemaking posts


Very interesting and eclectic blog - music, anarchy, life, humor, etc.


Interesting, informative, eclectic, encouraging - Wide variety


This friend of mine wears more hats than I can enumerate! Visit his blog!


Amazing, well done articles about Bitcoin and many other topics


News, Steemit, gardening, photography, food, etc. Go check him out!


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - interesting and helpful articles


Outstanding, thoughtful posts on a wide variety of topics


Craftsman, photographer, thinker...


Marketing and self-help, life, etc.

The World

The World - Photo courtesy of NASA and

Thanks to may faithful followers for reading, upvoting, and following me. I write this stuff for you, and without you to read and appreciate it, I wouldn't be here at all.

I have very eclectic interests and want to write about all of them.
Did you enjoy this post?


Follow me, I'm creatr


LOVE this post.

  1. With which app did you create your footer image?
  2. How did you do the columns in the post?
  3. Do you perhaps know what happened to the STEEMIT feed & replies notifications?


Glad you found this, my friend. ;)

  1. A commercial program called Viddyoze, followed up with conversion at
  2. Answered in another reply...
  3. Ditto

Thank you, @creatr - I'm honoured. I think this type of support is invaluable b/c there are so many peeps on here I might never get to see unless you point them out to me. You are more eclectic than me - I'm the same way in my food choices - not adventurous, content with what I know. Well, sometimes I discover something really good and yeah...I obsess with that for the next few months ad nauseam. So, I need a breath of fresh air now and then - something new - Hey, that's kind of like the way I stumbled on you. Surfing? Ha! I don't even swim, but here we are :)

God willing, one day I will teach you to surf, my friend... :) If not here, in the Glory? ;) 😄😇😄


riding a cosmic wave on the Sea of Time - that would be awesome, creatr :)

Thank you for posting @creatr. Looking forward to discovering several new sites at Steemit. Very kind of you to share your list of reads at Steemit.

Appreciate the mention.
All the best. Cheers.

You are quite welcome. I appreciate your frequent visits here and your interaction. :) 😄😇😄


What an honour! Thanks so much @creatr! And it's nice to be in such good company :)

Thank You for your good and fascinating work here on Steemit! I plan to use this post of mine as a tool to help me "get over to" your blog more frequently... ;) 😄😇😄


It's only cause the language is fascinating!

And I like your tool idea here.

Of course, I had to miss this one!! Shame on me. :)
Thanks creatr. I appreciate you!

No worries, @anotherjoe! Thanks for taking a look! ;)

I was very happy to see your post dear friend @creatr, thank you very much for this nice mention. You are always kind and gentle.
Appreciation of heart your consideration.

De nada, @jlufer - Somos corazónes juntos, mi amigo querido. ;)

@creatr I'm humbled

This is a third entry in that list, a list of authors who I read as regularly as possible.

wow, this is so touching T.T
I barely drop by your page - and I remember you told me once, "we can't be everywhere" yet, you've managed to check out mine. Thank you very much

You're welcome; Thank you for your good work here on Steemit! Actually, I'm hoping to use this page as a tool for better maintaining contact with the authors I appreciate most, since I'm not (yet) using any 'bots... 😄😇😄


@creatr not using bots either, prefer manual as much as possible, checking every now and then to return upvotes
been gone for a few days and took my voting power to recharge to nearly 100% now down again to 60+% for just a few hours sighs.
Anyway, thanks a lot! If it helps, I'm making a list - like santa does :)

Thank you, Jessamyn... I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. It's nice to meet you!

I've visited and enjoyed some entries in your blog, and consequently am following you now, looking forward to getting to know you better. ;) I invite you to check out my Periodic Table of Contents as well, and see if you find any topic of interest among my eclectic offerings... ;)

You and me, buddy. You and me :)

Thanks, Matt, keep up the good work here on Steemit! 😄😇😄


I don't know what to say.....I'm so without words. Thank you @creatr. That is so sweet.
Thank you so so very much!

You've said it all, thanks. Keep on 'Steemin' !!! 😄😇😄


Nice work. I love when people share good information. Useful info.

I have decided on a gif. if you want to work on it when you get a chance. I would like it to say the normal things like "follow @ keithwillshine" "Upvote" and Brighten your day. As well as "It's You're time to shine" If you type shine in google images you will find many images that would work well. I will let you decide the rest. Steemit colors will work good, I like some dull coulours, then brighter when you write incorporate shine. as well as some cool effects like the one above. Thanks @creatr I hope I didnt make it too confusing. Go with your gut. I am interested in what you may come up with.


Hi @creatr, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads today and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

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