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"Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom."
- Mary Browne -

Have you ever seen this error message?

"STEEM_UPVOTE_LOCKOUT_HF17: Cannot increase payout within last twelve hours before payout."

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Sorry, You Have Been Locked Out!
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It's a great article...

It was well thought out, painstakingly researched, and curated with lovely images. You found the article fascinating and informative. You desperately want to reward the author for his or her hard work and quality content.

Sadly, that article only earned 73 cents, and THE PAYOUT PERIOD HAS ENDED...

Meanwhile, dilettantes with friends in high places are publishing junk, gaming the system, and walking away with tens or hundreds in STEEM and SBD...

Where is the equity in that?

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Late Rewards Are Still Possible...
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Fear not.

You can reward any great content creator here on Steemit, no matter how long ago their article may have been published.

That's right, you no longer have to be disappointed when you come across a great article after the payout period has expired.

Just do what I do:

Leave a comment like this under the article:

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Leave a comment like this... (Screenshot by @creatr)

When your favored author responds,

upvote the heck out of his comment to reward him for his outstanding work.

This works for any Steemit article,

no matter how old. (For example, you can reward me for any article in 📚My Vast Library📚 in this fashion... Just sayin'! 😉)

Now that you know what to do, go for it! Reward all those deserving articles that never made it to the trending page!

- @creatr


P.S. If you have an "in" with anybody at Steemit, Inc. - Would you please ask them to get rid of these damn, extremely annoying "off-website" arrow/boxes? The have, overnight, made Steemit ugly. There are much better solutions.

For more Steemit articles, CLICK our Library Steemit Shelf.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Thanks for your time and attention.
You are why I'm here on Steemit!
I have very eclectic interests and hope, over time, to write about them all.

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That is a very good idea :) i will use that :)

Good on 'ya! :D

Testing :) I upvoted one of your old comments in this post and saw no $ apply so I'm thinking it has to be a fresh comment :)
Very impressive that you figured this out :)

Greetings, my dear, and Thank You for taking the trouble to check this out...

Actually, AFAIK, it must be a recent comment (like this one that I'm writing now! ;) for you to be able to "reward" my older posts...

In other words, the concept works as follows:

  • You come across an old article, written by anyone, and decide you like it and want to reward it...
  • You then leave a comment below that article... (e.g. "Hey, love this... please respond!")
  • When the author responds, you vote for his responding comment at as high a percentage as you like. ;)
    I hope that clarifies?
    I constantly amaze myself at how I can write something, find it perfectly clear to myself, and yet leave my readers confused... <Deep sigh!>

Thanks so much for caring! :D <3

Deep sigh, lol. I missed this again!
I made reference to your HBOT comment. Hope you see that one re: Paul.

No worries, Thank you for your consideration!

I'll continue praying for Paul to be sure; I hope he reads or has someone read all the good will messages. We need him!

@steem-samiam I'm waiting for you at Discord


Sorry I missed this post when it was current, but I would like to continue supporting your work. If you reply to this comment, I will give your reply a good vote. :)

PS - I resteemed this post using Steemit won't allow you to resteem old pieces.

Cool! Glad I mentioned this article, Thanks! ;)

Thank you for your support! :D

That's a great idea, but I don't think anyone would want to do that. For the 1+ month that I've been in steemit, I've realized that you get upvoted not on how great your content is, but how high your sp is to reciprocate the gesture and how long you've been in a community. Very few people sincerely upvote good contents. I've seen junk content having tens of dollars and I keep wondering what I can do to get seen so that my original content will get at least 1sbd. But the truth is that, if you're just starting out in steemit, regardless of how informative your content may be, it may never get the needed attention. If people like you that would have a desire to curate a past great content are many, some minnows may stand a chance of making it here.

It would be nice if more people, especially whales, adopted this attitude.

I think there are "good whales" out there... But we all have the problem that there is only so much time in a day, and only so many people we can meaningfully interact with.

Thanks for taking the time to share your outlook with us! :D

Thanks for the response. But i'll have to bother you a bit. I know you've been on steemit for quite a long time. Please, what can a minnow do to get noticed here? I comment alot on other people's posts daily and I've also set my reward to be converted fully to sp 100%. What else do you think i should do that will give me a chance to climb higher? Steemit is really getting harder with each passing day!

No bother, I'm happy to try and answer sincere questions...

Simply put, I don't really know? What you are doing is certainly important, and keep it up. I feel similar frustrations even after being here for almost two years now.

I think the best advice would be to look for some whales that you have genuinely shared interests with, and cultivate a relationship with them.

We all have the problem that there are limited hours in the day, and it is difficult to add "new people" to our set of folk that we interact with...

I wish you the best!

Very nice i like it

I never thought to do that. It's really smart though. Thanks for the idea!

You're so welcome, m'dear! :D

Good tip, my friend.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and that's a good one!

I know the pain of spending 40+ hours on a post with video only to gross $0.69. Will it happen to someone else? You bet!

Indeed it can be frustrating...

Then, occasionally, the opposite will happen. Something that came out in a creative flurry suffers a "hit and run" by a whale, and I've got fifty bucks I did not expect... ;)

Thanks for weighing in! :D

Yes!! I do that!!! I'm glad you are letting others in on it though. I don't know how many times I've read a post, commented and then went to upvote and the upvote wouldn't work. It's then that I notice the date. So when the person replies I give them my best upvote.

Thanks @creatr.

So glad to discover a kindred spirit in this quest! :D

Thanks for letting me know. ;)

Wow! This is such a great idea. I sometimes think it's odd when a well prepared article gets nothing and it's past payout. I usually just upvote their new articles but I think this is fine.

"I usually just upvote their new articles..."

Nothing wrong with that either!

Steem on! ;)

great idea @creatr
it's really frustrating to make quality posts and not have a meaningful upvote. already changed my mindset that steemit progress is just based on who you know. but recently i just decided to see steemit as a journey of self development, because on other social medias i don't take time to drop a content, but since i have been trying to be active on steemit, i try to always do better each time. and with patience and persistence maybe someday i will become.

"...i try to always do better each time."

That's a great attitude!

Steem on! :D

Thank you, and I really do appreciate the upvotes everytime.

Now why didn't I think of that? I suppose my vote is not worth that much but hey, any appreciation is better than none.

"I suppose my vote is not worth that much but hey, any appreciation..."

A vote is a vote is a vote... :)

You also have to consider that the worth of your vote is NOT what your vote is worth today...

For a HODLer, your vote is worth what STEEM and SBD will be worth when they ultimately cash out... which could be 10x or 100x or more than today's value... ;)

And, your encouragement is invaluable... :)

Thanks for your comment!

You can also use the wallet function to send a thank you. I read and commented on a book, commented on everyone of them, I got votes from the author but only a few comments, so after reading, I just used the wallet and said thank you for the story. Like the saying goes, (and I have no idea where it came from), there is more than one way to skin a cat.

That is also a great way to express gratitude for someone's work.

Thanks for sharing!

This is a fantastic idea @creatr.

A simple way to work around the 7 day payout - I will have to do this next time I run across a post past the payout window :)

Thanks, @cizzo... I'm glad you find this useful. ;)

Also...I use @tipu
Great service!!!! It helped me feel like I could reward better since it let me tip much higher than my vote worth!!!

I haven't used that... perhaps I should check it out?

How is it different from just transferring STEEM or SBD?

Let me show you! 😎

@tipu send tip please!!

(It can be adjusted also)

Do you have to sign up?

Missing my hugs... :O

You just transfer at least 1 SBD to @tipu - you can check the balance always by sending 0.001 to them and writing "balance" in the memo
When you've depleted your tip jar... Just fill it back up again :)

And I'm also missing them!!!!😭
I got to meet up with @mariannewest today at the Bay.. and then my niece has a dance recital 😍

I'm glad for you...

Hope your dad didn't get shortchanged this time around? ;)


I'm about to watch him dance with my niece and tomorrow they get us for the whole day!!!!

Hi @creatr! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @dreemsteem!

Earn daily income on steem: @tipU distributes 100% profit + 60% curation rewards to all investors.

Simple, yet effective. I like it! lol
Thank you for this tip. :)

You are quite welcome. ;)

What a brilliant idea!!

Thank you.

The truth friend @creatr, this article has been very informative. You always have good ideas. So the good articles always remain valid in the steemit community. Best regards

Yes that's a good idea, as long as the upvoter is not a redfish because the vote is dust unless they have dustsweeper. :) That's what I still know but if there's been a change since the HF let me know.

Good points.

The general idea here, however, is that if you have enough Steem Power to actually reward someone's post, and you would have rewarded the post... you can reward a comment at any time later, instead.

And, if you happen to be a redfish with very little voting power, but are really impressed by an article, you can always enlist your friends to supplement your vote with theirs to bring the total over the dust threshold.

Finally, most authors I know truly appreciate sincere comments all by themselves, even if you are not capable of generating a reward in Steem...

Thanks for your interesting comment, and for reading my old article! :D

Yeah. Found you from another post and saw this. You're welcome and thanks too.

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Simple yet overlooked.
Good info, now the little man can still be rewarded.

Thanks! :D


I do not have to look at the date to know this was posted a long time ago...when many could give a decent reward on a comment. Now? With 1,000SP, all I can give is 1c...which gets swept away by the system.

Thank you for responding to my article, nonetheless!

I am happy to have another reader. ;)

Our common friend John Geddes suggested I look at your posts - and as I respect his talent and taste, I did so.

I hope you will be around, this place needs all the talented authors it can keep.


Thanks for the kind words.

John has been a great friend to me over the last three years! Very kind of him to steer you my way.

You know, I never even thought about this and just assumed that on an old post the comments would not pay out. Good tip, I will keep this in mind now.

I'm so glad you find this useful!

Hope you'll continue checking out my library... ;)

informative post

Fantastic photography

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