Let's Create a Library of Steem Stories. What's Your Story? $20 SBD

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Do you have an interesting Steem Story?  Would it inspire others?

Personal References are usually better received than advertisements.

With HF20 coming soon.  (We hope and all things indicate) the sign up process should be improved.

One of the ways to market is word of mouth, so I would like to start to collect SteemStories!

We also need a "My SteemStory Logo"

As a community let's take charge of gathering some fun SteemStories that can be shared on other social media sites or however you want.

I will give away at least 20 SBD, however I see fit.   It depends on the response.

What can you contribute?

What I would like the first round of stories to be about is people of average technical skills coming to Steem and learning about Crypto, learning how to transact, trade sell, cash out etc.

Did you come here to spread information that might have been censored or deleted elsewhere?  Tell us about it!  Use the tag #SteemStory and link the story back to this post in the comment section.

Tip:  I want to avoid Rags to Riches Stories as I don't think that is our target market.  I will likely be more attracted to stories that play down the Money aspect and stick to Learning, Creating, Sharing or Freedom!

What's your Steem Story?

Share it, Why Not?

To Enter:

  • Create a post highlighting your SteemStory  (vlog it, blog it, sing it, paint it, surprise me)
  • Use the Tag #SteemStory
  • Link the Story in the Comments.

This contest will be open until this post closes!


Please resteem and share so we gather more stories.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hey mate, great competition idea. I put together a little entry for you.



Great story Mazzle! Thank you for participating I love this one.


Thanks mate. It was fun to write. :)

Hello, @whatsup this my steem story about how Steemit Changing My Life.


Thanks for this cool contest!

My story is too short. When I joined Steemit everything was too good to be true. I started promoting Steemit to my friends and followers on Facebook.

I am sure over 100 people joined successfull and over 100 gave up after waiting weeks for the validation e-mail.

What can I say now it is that at the moment is really hard for newbies to grow on steemit if they don't have social media skills or know how steemit 'algorithm' works.

At the moment I am really happy when people I introduced on Steemit are celebrating 60 reputation score or 'x' months on steemit, tagging me on their posts.

I keep telling them to keep working, on steemit is not enough to work smart, is not enough to work hard.

You need to work hard and smart and you need a little bit of luck.

Thanks for your posts which encourages steemians to engage.

I'm not sure if this counts, but I posted my 1 year Steemiversary 'story' yesterday. I went ahead and changed one of the tags to #steemstory (I can change it back if it does not qualify)


Sure, I'll count it!

Steem Story


Pedant Man™️ loses sleep wondering if it’s one word or two.

Yeah, I really need to get a life.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have great hopes for HF20. Even more than that though, for SMT’s. The more that I think about how much development might be fostered by a successful rollout of SMT’s, the more I see for the potential of the Steem blockchain.


For tagging reasons, it is one word! :)

@whatsup first of all thank you for this great idea.

As my story is not too much big at this time because my journey have been only of 32 days. But still i found lots of ups and down.

I started My Steemit Journey on 25th June 2018. @moneyguruu introduced me about this awesome paltform. So i am thankful to him. As he is a you tuber so he told to many people. And at that time when he told around thousands of people joined here. I was also one of them. But when i see now that out of those thousands people only hundred people are left now. Sp after filtering up I am only seeing about hundred people here. Some used to say that i am not getting any earning. Even some people said to be also that STOP working here you will not get anything here. But I told them that why should I stop ? This is also a social media paltform and earning is my second priority. My first priority is to take wisdom from here. I always love to help and always want to take experience amd knowledge. Be it be any field.
One of the people also said me that "I failed on this paltfrom". then first i laughed and asked him do you fail in facebook and Whatsapp ? He said "No". Then I said just think why don't you fail in facebook and WhatsApp. Then he was answerless. So Then I just told him that you have not failed , you have gave up and you have made your mind that i can't do work here. It's all upon us that in which category we want to put ourselves be it be in PASS or FAIL . How can someone fail like on this world's awesome Platform? They always aim for money in just 1 day but my dear friends wisdom is more important than money. If you will aim for Wisdom na you will automatically get Money. In One day you can't be billionaire. People who are now billionaire in any field , just see their background. What all they have done ? They didn't reach here in one day. They have also done hard work then they have reached here. More over they all focused on Wisdom.
So in these 32 days i experienced lot of things. And i met with many people and talked to them and as a All I am just LOVING this Steemit Platform very much. I will work here in the futur also be it be any other work I do .
At last My one message to all Newbies although i am also a newbie "that please focus on Wisdom and Hard Work. You all get othet things at own . " Be positive and work hard.
Thanks a lot for giving me a chance to share my short story #steemstory.


One of the people also said me that "I failed on this paltfrom". then first i laughed and asked him do you fail in facebook and Whatsapp ? He said "No". Then I said just think why don't you fail in facebook and WhatsApp. Then he was answerless. So Then I just told him that you have not failed , you have gave up and you have made your mind that i can't do work here

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing it.


@practicalthought thank you for liking it. And thanks for your lovely words.


Very nice, sorry I was slow to get around to reading these.

Mine is pretty simple. I hired @ashe-oro for a crypto consult and steem was one of the projects he introduced me to. It took me a little while, but in the end I was blown away by steem's potential.

So here I am.

this is my story
I got started in steemit because I like art, creativity and I like the contests they launch, I got myself into it because a friend of my mom's was already in the community first that I insisted on telling them:
! metan me! metan me! metan me!... but they refused to help me because they were too busy responding and participating in the contests.
Then one day I told them that when I participate and win with my drawing I will not give them a little bit of what I earn.
I decided to start my account and although I haven't won as much as I wanted to, I have tremendous fun competing and competing with my mom and her friend every time there is a new contest.
As you can see, my favorite contests are the D drawing contests, although I don't do it wonderfully, the music contests and the chance contests because they always involve a greater risk.
Now in my university vacation I will be more dedicated to reviewing other sites and competitions on other topics of interest, such as the talented @jacintasevilla contest that allows us to showcase art and contribute to conservation, the cooking contest that although I have not won one, always gives me a recipe to savor.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

This is not a bad idea for everyone who is into Steemit and STEEM. I have a story as well as all of us. I will tell later :)


Awesome, will look forward to it.

That's a good idea.
Hope you find many entries for this. Lovely concept.

Thank you for the opportunity @whatsup. Here is the link to my story:


thank you for this, i love sharing my stories here. hehe,


Here is my steemstory


Thanks for your initiative.

I still can not resteem. I will try to resteem.

I used steemconnect to resteem. good luck guys.

my history in Steemit begins thanks to the crisis that Venezuela is experiencing, hyperinflation does not allow to save in the local currency and that is why you should look for foreign currency from other countries to buy food and other things.
I entered this platform for a friend and the first thing he told me was to be patient and to be active in Steemit, and so I did, of course more than once I thought about leaving and that is why I had several days off to clear my mind, I recently went up to level 44, I know it is not much until now but for me it is a joy as I go up level little by little.
I believe and I think that this platform has a future and I do not know until I dare to say that it could surpass Facebook in the future.
Greetings from Venezuela

I’ll hop in after the first round.

I was (slightly) technically minded.

Steem did give me the confidence that what I write/say has value though.

That was mind blowingly powerful to me.

I never really valued my opinion like that or wrote for that matter.

Now that I’ve started writing more, I’ve gotten invites into writing groups that get paid to write jokes for Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website, and The Onion.

It’s not really lucrative but I do enjoy it and I think that’s pretty impressive for someone who had no writing background prior to steem.

It’s helped me find one of my biggest passions in life.

Want me to write that story for it?


I really do! It doesn't have to be a book. I mean things are kind of boring right now anyway...

shouldn't you be unpacking boxes? Get to work...

What a great idea. I am looking forward to seeing the submissions. I have been procrastinating (using ignorance as my crutch) writing/self publishing a howto book on Steem(it) and maybe I will ask one or two of the entries for permission to use their story in it.

that seems a great idea from you, sir. I have a very short story about my start on steemit but I think, it is not worth it to write as a blog because it is not gonna be so long and would not be appropriate for my blog.
If you don't mind, can i say it here?
okay permission granted :P thanks

So, I saw a youtube video about steemit last year and I was really impressed by the platform. So, i decided to make an account. I made it and started adding some posts on the blog. But the results were very disappointing. I couldn't understand the steemit rightly. I was not getting any upvotes, so i gave up:(
Again this summer, in last week, i watched a youtube video about steemit and i started thinking about it again. I started posting on my blog about my tour series (you can visit my blog if you like) and asked for some help a user from my country to understand steemit in a better way.
And now i think i can survive here. I have started gaining some response from this community. People here are really helping and I think its great. I would love to work among you guys and looking forward to a better future of community on steemit.
Thank you for such a positive initiative from you sir

I plan to make some painting and share it to the community as soon as I get well. This platform really encourages people to give and share in what they have to offer eithet money support, talents, services, etc.

Genius topic!!!!

Great idea @whatsup here is my entry. It's not a story written entirely through rose-tinted glasses, but it's honest: https://steemit.com/steemstory/@beggars/my-steem-story-seven-months-and-counting

This contest will be open until this post closes!
@whatsup, this is my entry, just in time!!! https://steemit.com/steemit/@ikar59/my-steemstory-so-far

This is such a great idea! I'm sure a lot of us have really interesting stories to share with the community. I haven't thought of participating yet but I think I'll change my mind sooner or later haha
Can't wait to read some new #SteemStory!

Can I Join the contest with this post ? Link :)

Hi first of all thanks for the contest, my story is quite strange because one day I was looking at Google for a game of letters called scramble and I put the s and steemit came out is a social network that combines content creation, user interaction and the use of kryptoney called Steem and I am interested in the part that says a network that combines content creation, When I started to create my account I was a little disappointed because it took me several days to receive the mail, I really liked steemit because more than winning Steem you can show your talent to other users who also have a lot of this quality.

This sounds great, can't wait for the HF20 and see what happens there. I will try to write my story on steemit and crypto, one year ago I had no idea about crypto, steemit, blockchain, etc, and here I am trying to live off it lol.

And btw, I'm a graphic designer, if you want me to try something out for the logo please let me know :)

Congratulations @whatsup!
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That's a great idea.... I'm gonna do that for sure.

Una sobrina me habló de una página llamada steemit que daba muy buenas ganancias,que su prima y sus dos hermanos les iba muy bien en esa red social, y mi sobrina me abrió mi pagina y abrió la de ella. Creo que mi gran problema es no saber manejar bien la computadora, no sé hacer vídeos ni animaciones , ni siquiera poner la fuente ; ( lo sé soy un desastre. Pero ya pronto buscaré alguien que me enseñe, porque publico de manera muy básica y nada llamativa, creo que eso es lo que me tiene en bajo perfil. Y bueno que me llevó a stemmit obviamente la ganancia monetaria , por que a nivel mundial se sabe que venezuela vive una recontramegahiperinflación y aquí estamos como la película Soy Leyenda con Will Smit ¨sobreviviendo¨ ja ja ja. Un saludo y espero pronto poder ofrecer mejores historias!

This is a great initiative that will inspire a lot of people in this platform to aspire for great things here on steemit @whatsup


While I don't mind you posted your link here.. That is obviously not a steemstory.

I love the idea, i'm going to prepare my steem story

hello @whatsup here is my short entry thank you https://busy.org/@dcrealyn/my-steemit-story-and-experience god bless all..

It's sound good idea to encourage Steemitians to write better contest..
Such give aways will help to create better content..

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Congrats, this posy is featured on today's Joy news (in Chinese :D)


I will join this amazing platform In June to learn something from you all.


I guess we will look forward to you joining in June.


@amitak, I hope you have a time machine so you can join us in june 2018 and share with us all the good content that you can bring!! If you can do that you better join the platform in june 2016 and become an early whale!!! Hahaha just kidding, welcome to steemit, I hope you enjoy every second here!!

Wow! This is indeed a lovely one.
I certainly partake in this

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I just reached 50 rep, and thought to make an entry with that; https://steemit.com/steemit/@audreybits/so-i-just-clocked-50-b59c0dd6abfca