SteemSilverGold Daily Highlights - 15 Oct 2019

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In order to support the SteemSilverGold community we will be offering a daily highlight of quality posts by members. The premise of the community is to promote physical gold and silver, support member content, share information, and grow the community.

The highlighted posts below are selected automatically on a daily basis, using a custom query that evaluates the quality of a post in order to curate the best community content. The rank below does not signify which post is best and we encourage you to read all of the posts.

Top Daily Contributors

Our top contributors are picked from the @myprecious following list.

1@brian.rrrBeverage Review: Star Wars Space Punch
2@buggedoutNewSteem Onslaught Continues as Vote Sellers Capitulate
3@davedickeyyallThe daily highlight reel.. with guests
4@ronaldoavelino503 - Centenário de Alberta
5@silveringots👀Eye Candy👀
6@silverd510Fiesta Tuesday Vol. 4
7@silverstackerukOff work and being lazy, time t get my shit together
8@daveksCanadian Rockies through the Lens of a Smartphone
9@welshstackerOpening up some BETA packs.... I'll save you the trouble, it's not worth looking!!
10@raybrockmanSteem Round (Things Change)
11@goldkeyBright Moonlight in Midwest USA - 20191014
12@summertoothContest is Closed. Thanks to the 40 people who resteemed and gained entry into the draw!!! Here is how it will go down.
13@saffisaraUSA 🇱🇷 11 September 1 Troy ounce!
14@ironshieldA brisk morning campfire. Sukkot Day Two
15@bengyCable-less lift (a tiny nerd out!)
16@goldmatters24 Karat Gold Dice Back In Stock At Mene (better act fast)
17@senstlessAlready made my End of Season Push - Champion 3
18@moderndayhippieMy Actifit Report Card: October 14 2019
19@joshuaslane“Silver Adventures”- Captain Joshua Slane –15OC19- ‘Watch yourselves!’
20@methusSong Challenge Day #61 - A Song About Growing Up
21@handofzaraGold and Silver Get Whacked
23@shaungerowHockey Card Pack Break 104! 2016-17 Upper Deck Series Two! Rookie Hit
24@geneeverettHoly Palladium 😯
25@rollingthunder10/15 Trading Futures Update - PMs, S&P500, Crypto-ALL UP
26@knowledge-seekerSplinterlands Rewards 10-15-2019
27@georgemalesMy Actifit Report Card: October 15 2019
28@dropthatcodeThe FOMO is REAL!! I Pre-Ordered Some Untamed Splinterlands Packs


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What am I doing wrong. If you are missing my daily post then perhaps others are too. I need to correct that.

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I hope they can get your posts going forward.