ADSactly Contest - SteemShort #6- Post 1: Request for First Part of the Story

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UPDATE: The author for the first part of SteemShort #6 has been chosen (2018-Apr-17)

There were 8 valid summaries submitted to the jury.

And the jury chose the summary submitted by @gbengaremi.

Congratulations, @gbengaremi

Here is the summary:

William Chang spent his entire life in search of one thing, and one thing only: Victory! His father, revered across the galaxy as Chang the Conqueror, always looked down on him, up till the day he died. Chang, hovering atop the planet Raoulin V, with the faith of an entire planet literally in his hands, thought about that day on earth, in their family vineyard in Paris, when his father set him up against his younger brother for a duel. How he had his brother pinned under him, but couldn’t give the final bow. “Hit him!” his father had shouted. But he couldn’t. “You’re weak, boy!” His father said. “Weak! You’ll never amount to anything.” “General Chang.” A female voice called on the bridge. “General Chang you have to decide now!” “General, we have no choice. Control gave the order, General. We can win the war with a push of that button. You can win the war!” General William Chang remained fixated on a spot, hovering; his mind hovering on that vineyard, hovering above his little brother, and his father’s voice hovering in his ears.”You’re weak, boy! You’ll never amount to nothing! Never!”


SteemShort #6- Post 1: Request for First Part of the Story

SteemShorts are short stories written collaboratively by three different authors and illustrated by an artist/photographer.
The process of creating a SteemShort is described in this post, slightly modified by this post. The rules to select the authors and illustrators have been modified, as described in this post

Rewards for each part of the story are half of total SBD payout, minus the jury fee of 15 SBD.

This is the request for the first part of the sixth SteemShort.

The theme of this SteemShort is the following:

A torn space general in the middle of a battle. Deciding for or against killing an entire species. In the name of war!. The main character is named William Chang.

Authors that want to write this first part should send 0.001 STEEM or SBD to the @steemshorts account, with their proposed summary in a memo starting with the character '#'.

This summary must be in 100 to 200 words. Any proposed summary that is shorter than 100 words or longer than 200 words will not be considered.

It is important that the memo starts with the character '#': that makes this memo readable only by the author and the @steemshorts account.The character '#' should not be preceded by any space.

Example of the beginning of a valid memo:

# It was a dark and stormy night ...

Note that it is recommended to send the 0.001 SBD/STEEM with the memo from using a web browser, as we have seen several cases of "Invalid memo" when it was sent using an app such as eSteem.

There can be only one proposed summary per author. The proposed summaries must be received in less than 3 days after this post.

After sending their summary, authors should tell in a comment that they have sent their summary so that they can receive confirmation that their summary is valid.

After 3 days, all the valid summaries will be communicated anonymously to the 3 members of the SteemShorts jury, and they will decide which author has been chosen.

The chosen author will then be instructed how to submit their full contribution. The full contribution needs to be between 500 and 1,500 words.
Once the full contribution of the chosen author will be received, another post with this full contribution will request proposals for the second part of the story.

All authors need to agree for a "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike" (

No title for the short story should be suggested. When the full text of the full story will be known, the three different authors will propose a title.

So, writers, send your summary proposals with 0.001 STEEM or SBD to the @steemshorts account.

Steemshorts is authored and managed by @vcelier

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I sent you a proposal just now, from @BitsySpyder’s wallet, hope that’s ok. Excuse my goofy typos- I hurried when I realized it was last chance🤓

Yes, we have received your valid summary.

Thank you for the confirmation, it’s appreciated. ✨⭐️✨

I am reaffirming what Lori says, about the proposal sent from my account. The entry sent from this account was on behalf of the writer, Lori Brown aka @Lorilikes and aka ... me . Lol 🤭 Was it received? Thank you.

This is exciting! We will make a story with many authors. Im just wondering, what will be the outcome of the story 🤔

Summary Submitted.

Thank you for your valid summary.
I assume that when you write "Cheng", you mean "Chang".

Of course! Thanks!

Congratulations, you are the chosen author.
Please contact me on (vcelier) for your full contribution.

I have contacted you @vcelier. Thanks, cheers.

Summary Submitted.

Thank you for your valid summary.

Hi @adsactly! Entry submited.

Thank you for your valid summary.

well I sent the summary already so to cross the fingers :^)

Thank you for your valid summary.

hello I´ve submitted my summary

Thank you for your valid summary.

Summary submitted :D

Thank you for your valid summary.

Entry submitted, let's make Steem Shorts "Great Again."

Thank you for your valid summary.

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Really Good Post ADSactly. Like many more posts like this.

ok i try it

@adsactly great effort to become many thing in knowledge of steemers thanks a lot ... it help in many ways ...truly loving

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Wow looking forward to participate in this

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thank you for your post..

This is such an interesting concept.
@vcelier I hadn't any idea your diversity spreads this wide. Wow!
I mean I am enjoying your travel blogs but now this? You are an absolute well spewing raw talent, natural to say the least.
Just got a whole new level of respect to you sir.

Please teach me your ways, I'll be very grateful.

Entry submitted hope to win this time around...... All the best to everyone!!

Where did you submit your entry? I see nothing from you in the @steemshorts account.

@adsactly 👍👍

@adsactly it seem very interesting. I’m in. 👍

wow thank you very nice post and follow you yes vote tahnsk.

Entry submitted

So touhing i just saw this now.....but, i will try and see what i can do.....

I love this idea. I've just joined Steemit so am working my way up on the SBD's

Would love to give it a shot on your next one though.

Looking forward to reading the completed piece. ;)

Its a nice story about steem @adsactly

I think you are asking for an impossibility. There never was and never will be a general, who would kill in the name of War. Killing is conducted on very different premise.

  1. Political control over trade routes or neighboring territories
  2. A struggle over political influence in the country or territory
  3. Dynastical quarrels over some territory
  4. Raids to another territory with the purpose of pillage
  5. Killing as a demonstration of power as in punishing those disobedient
  6. Religious intolerance
  7. Ideological intolerance
  8. Defending your own county from invaders
  9. Stupid reasons (loss in a soccer game)

Most of the generals as well as other people think that they represent good and their enemies are evil. Even the most horrible people in history like Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Ivan the Terrible, Henry IX (the guy who concocted the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre) did this because of very practical considerations. Even Richard the Lionheart, who enjoyed the murder like a serial killer, didn’t want to destroy the entire species (only to subjugate them)
Only a completely insane person could be thinking about destroying an entire species. However, I doubt such a person would be able to obtain the position of a general in any army in the World.

There are a lot of expedients that may make such a scenario plausible. Especially in the realm of science fiction.

I suggest you sit back relax and see what the authors come up with.

When the question makes no sense the answers will be just as nonsensical. LOL