Price of steem going up. I WILL GIVE AWAY 10SBD

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I am som happy.

Giving away 10 SBD. Since the prica is moving up. Finally.


Today i really noticied and i like, SHIT my last investments are already doubled and i gues they will be many doubled.

Only rules i got:

-You HAVE to resteem this post. You should invite as many as you can. If this hits trending i maybe gonna give away more.

-Tell me what you will do with the money. By that i dont mean that i want you to make me cry because of some heartbroken shit. But i want to hear you ideas.

I will follow all contestant and you should follow me to.

I feel free tp give away 10sbd to one person. Or 5SBD to one and 1 SBD to 5 people.

You see thw point.

The better your idea is then the bigger chance you get the full 10$ . Or even more if i hit the trending pages.

Peace out sailors.

Remeber to resteem!

Payouts right after this post hits the payout.

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10SBD holy fuck that's like $30 (atm) LOL
if i was to win the 10SBD id totally put it to use through one of my STEEMIT community artists. trying to find the right artist...but I'm looking for a redwood tree and a potleaf inside a stealyourface but trippy like... maybe even blacklight reflective paint or glow in the dark paint...any artists out there wanna paint this future masterpiece?
gdfs.jpg ps this is a stealyourface with a STEEM logo inside it

I want this 10 SBD so I can add to my accommodation fee. I have been asked to pay extra where I am staying or I leave.
I'm trying to raise funds and I've written a post on it and this would be a good addition to it.
See the post here
[Help with accommodation]

If I should win the SBD I will use it to develop my talent in drawing by purchasing more drawing materials...
Here is my latest drawing



If I win those SBD I would use them to buy a spare part for my car and continue working with it as it is my livelihood.

Nice job brother!! This is a good idea to increase our steem power. If ever am lucky to be awarded the price of 10SBD, I will use to invest it here in steemit. Again, thanks for your generosity.

hey, very good idea to create a contest like that, I would like to participate.


You should. Read what ylu should do and you are in Brother. Remeber to resteem

You are doing a excellent work brother , I like it :)


Thank you. Remember tp join the contest tought


Welcome and Yah i will join the contest :)

I will spend it on hookers and coke.


LoL. Not worth it. Was there three weeks a go. Lovely girl tough but free sex is better

If ever I’ll be given 10SBD, this will be an added budget for the 7th birthday of my son on May 9. His birthday wish is to have a swimming bonding with family. Actually I am saving for this but still looking for an additional budget so that I can also buy his dream piano. As a mother, my ultimate goal in life is to give what my children’s happiness. I am very happy because God gave me such a loving, caring and intelligent son. You know what? Just a week ago, school year has ended and he was awarded as Most behave, Extra Miler and Top Performer Student of Grade One.

Me and my son during the Recognition Day.

The ribbons and certificate awarded to him and I was awarded as Cooperative Parent.

Thank you.

Fan jag missade detta... jag tror SBD kommer nå 10 dollar helt klart


Lurt å kjøpe litt sbd. Bruke de på upvotes så har du likviditet på kontoen og du får jo altid som regel samme beløp tilbake plus at du tjener mere SP.

Jeg pleier å overføre et par 1000krober. Bruke de på upvotes. Så får jeg mer SP lg har hele tiden sBD tilgjengeligm ikke mye på kontoen nå. Men det blir bedre å bedre.


Jag har investerat lite i mitt konto..

I have resteemed your post and I now follow you. I would like to see the prize go to someone else but would love your support in my competitions. I think these types of competitions are great for the community as it encourages people who are new to Steemit to gain some steem power. Growth for the community is great for all steemians.

I am currently gathering enough money to start a fitness buisness in a few years, so that would be what I would do with it. Pretty cool that you are Scandinavian, I am Danish so I am too.

excelente idea de tu parte me gustaría participar con esos sbd podría completar para mi compu ue por mala suerte un buen dia sali a trabajar al regresar a casa me encontré bajo la lluvia fuerte se voló el techo d mi cuarto hizo corto ni modo sin computador hasta nuevo aviso por el momento ando con una prestada por ratos



Though i am still struggling to make reasonable SBD on steemit and i have never make up to 10SBD since i joined steemit. Getting 10SBD will be like winning an olympic Gold medal. What i will do with the 10SBD is simply to use it to get another pair of shoe, i just realised one of my shoe is worn out and need a replacement.


Its a good cooment. But i really would hope the money would stay here.

But good luck. You are in is you restemmeber


Post resteemed.

This is a great post. You see I've been on Steem for a while now and I haven't made up to 10sbd put altogether so I believe you have an idea of what winning 10 sbd will feel like for me.

But if I do win 10sbd, I'll power up with some of it and also look for a way to give back to the community, I'll probably organise a contest. Also, I've been looking for a cogent evidence to convince my friends to join steemit, I believe 10sbd will convince them.


Usw the bots. You can make a lot.

Use @booster just ask @fyrstikken

I will use it to invest, thanks for the opportunity


Invest how? Have you resteemed?


I would be very happy to win, I will make power up :)
You are very generous, I wish you a nice weekend.


Any plans with the power up tough?


To upvote other posts and help the community.

I will invite 10 people to @steembasicincome. Comment below who want it.

  ·  last year (edited)

I would not take it out of steem, id use it either to promote my content, or power up honestly, I want to become a professional blogger/vlogger working into the future so any initial gains I can make to help me afford the equipment and time its going to cost to do that well. I delegate out a large portion of my sp and tend to use sbd to use bots to gains views and hopefully discussion and value on my blog.

I will use the SBD to raise my steam power, because currently my steam power is still very low.
I invited @ murt92, @teukumuhas, @muhammadiman, @murtalaumar, @alina2, @yundri, @abawhale, @abdulrizal, @abdullah76, @adekfaisal.
I have followed you and have resteem this post.
thank you.

You are doing a nice and great work ,thanks for sharing to us on steem.

That's a very nice idea and that is so nice of you. :)

If I will be given 10SBD, I will give it to my mom to add up money for the business she is starting up. :) She's starting up home made ice cream business and she wanted to start up a store for it. It would be a great help. :)


Resteemed - I would be investing it in the meme known as dogecoin most likelyAnimated GIF-downsized_large (1).gif

I will use 2sbd for giveaway , 3 sbd for post promotion and then I will use the last 5 sbd to pay for a trip i ought to go in school

If I'm awarded the 10SBD, I'd help myself get settled no matter how little it may be. Also, I just finished from the Uni and I can use that to start up few of the things I want get done like publishing of my chapbook.
Thank you @scandinaviaguide for the giveaway.

This is an interesting idea and i'd like to join. If I have the chance to be one of the luckiest person, I will use the money for financial support in the school :). hey! Thank you for your kindness .

Use it to promote steemit here in Ghana.

I sell Network data in Nigeria here, I saw most steemian consume data a lot so, I had to start exchanging SBD for data, for those that might not have cash to pay.

So I win the 5 SBD will add up to my capital for my data business.

This post has received a 18.92 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @scandinaviaguide, @scandinaviaguide.

I'm going to spend it in some Cryptocurrency.

Wow, excellent idea. Very interesting. If I win I use this for buying a laptop. From still now I do all my post using my mobile. If I get it is big support of me.

How the web programmer can earn money with steem

i would use the money to fund my trading account on IQ OPTION and trade.

I will buy Bitbeans and stake them. :)

hola buena idea para los que apenas empezamos sirve de motivación. yo los usaría para seguir aumentando y poder lograr reunir o completar el dinero para comprar un regalo a mi mama y papa en su cumpleaños

I am going to just reinvest the money because that 10SBD can be alot more once the market goes on a bullrun

I will use the 10 sbd to buy as enough food stuff as it can to feed my family and I.

This is a lovely contest and I will get a business running no matter how little

Hello, good day, what about @scandinaviaguide?
Well, mainly at this time I'm working hard to buy a camera, and that my photos have a better quality to present better works in Steemit, I know I have potential and I want to exploit it to the fullest.
If there is anything left of it, it would of course be for the payment of my university.

i will purchase steempower to grow my account

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Hey this is nice what you are doing. Making a lot of people excited.

P.S I participated :D

Hello @scandinaviaguide, I like your idea for the contest. I just joined Steemit a couple of days ago. I'm also into fitness and was an ACE certified personal trainer. I plan on blogging about different ways to stay in shape as one grows older. Swimming, yoga, exercises programs, etc. I would use the prize to have my own contest on Steemit to motivate others to start a healthy life style.

I would probably use it to make it into more SBD :D Trading it into Steem and back when the price is good for either of them. If i think that i have made enough im going to invest it into my Steempower to get of the 0.00 mark per upvote

By God's grace, if I'm opportune to be the winner or among them, I'll use the reward i get from it to get my needed school materials I've not been able to get due to some financial reasons. The school has resume for a new semester and lectures has started but i couldn't get my needed materials up till now. May my expectations be met(amen). I pray i win this. Thanks to @scandinaviaguide for this contest

I have a lot of problems I'm dealing with here, if I have to start listing them, I'll break down in tears here, mere writing this, it reminds me of the burden i have to bear all by myself. I know everything comes and go and so is my problems. Thanks to @scandinaviaguide for this contest

great idea what i will do is pay off my bills nothing exciting just practical suppose it depends on your position in life upvoted and following check out some of my posts if you like anyways all the best

In past 1 year I have developed a habit to store the money saved or earned from paybacks and cash backs separately. I plan to add my Steemit earnings to the same amount and donate it for a good cause. The good cause is not decided yet. I will look for one when I am ready to donate some good amount. I may end up donating the money to an orphanage or a old age home. But most probably I will spend it for my maid's grand children's education. She has been working for us for past 12 years or more and in her late 60s now. She ahs served us well throughout the time period and has been very consistent in her services. We too treat her as a part of our family now.

Nice contest I have resteem your post and also follow you. If am lucky to win the 10sbd I will be able to get more money to finance my business. Am into poultry farm and I will really love to expand the business, but to get capital here is really hard so all the money that am getting am investing it to the business. If am lucky to win this giveaway it will really help with my business, at least I will be able to get feed and drug from the money. Thank you

Hi, I will spend the $10 on promoting a new post that I will write about cryptocurrency. Do you like this idea?

Hello, it's a great idea.I want to participate,I have resteemed your post and I now follow you. I`m from Venezuela.
my goal is to help the people of my country. Starting with this man that I know and lives on the street,that's why I need money. Thank you for the oportunity. I invite you to read this story.

If I get the 10sbd would use it to pay for part of my leadership class fee it will cost me about 30sbd to be in the class. if I get 10 here I will be glad. Thanks @scandinaviaguide

Great. Follow me and get up vote.

For me I think my steem power is just too low
if eventuaally by stroke of luck
I win get the prize tag I will use it to by steem power
I wish to be more relevant in this community

I would buy more steem power. I have only been a Steemian for 10 days, so I am close to powerless right now. I am a tiny little minnow in a huge ocean full of whales. I have resteemed this post.

If i do win the money and i hope i do, i would use part of it to power-up my steem power, another part to do my own giveaway contest to gain more follower, then trade the remaining, It maybe small but it's something. Thank you

Wooow that’s awesome , I’ll invest in steempower delegation if I win the contest so that when I upvote someone , it has some more value . Anyhow happy to hear your success crypto story :D