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SteemShorts: Slight Modifications to the Rules

To reduce the time to choose an author, to allow more authors to participate and to make the voting process more fair, the rules for the SteemShorts that are described in this post (SteemShorts: Collaborative Short Stories) are amended as such:

  1. The period to vote for an author will be now 72 hours (3 days) instead of 96 hours (4 days). The duration to choose the illustration will stay at 96 hours.

  2. An author that has been chosen for a part of SteemShort #n cannot compete for any part of SteemShorts #n+1 or #n+2, even if it is a different part.
    Similarly, an illustrator that has been chosen for SteemShort #n cannot compete for the illustration of SteemShorts #n+1 or #n+2.
    However, an author of SteemShort #n may compete to be the illustrator of SteemShort #n+1 or #n+2, ad vice-versa.

  3. The way to vote for an author or an illustrator is also modified.
    Upvoting the summary comment of an author or an illustrator will no longer count as a vote for this author/illustrator.
    To vote for an author r an illustrator, you will need to transfer from your wallet 0.01 STEEM or 0.01 SBD to the @steemshorts account with a memo that start with "# " and contains the SteemShort number, the post number, and the name of theauthor you are voting for.
    Here is an example of such a memo: "# SteemShort #2 - Post 3 - @marcel.dubrovnik"
    The character '#' at the beginning of the memo is compulsory: it makes this memo readable only by @steemshorts, so nobody, except @steemshorts may know who you are voting for.
    This will simulate a secret ballot. Everybody, looking at the wallet of @steemshorts, will be able to see who has voted, but nobody, except @steemshorts, will know for sure what author they have voted for.
    Any transfer with a memo that do not start with '#' will not count as a vote.

These amended rules will be in use starting with SteemShort #3

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  ·  last year (edited)

Does these rules affect previous authors also ?


Yes, the new rules affect previous authors.

We want to have more authors participating in SteemShorts.


Ok that means if i write for steemshort 3# part 1
I cant write any part till steenshort 6#
I am ineligible for steemshort 4# and 5#


No. As you have written SteemShort #2 final part, you are ineligible until SteemShort #5.

great story thanks for shareing

  ·  last year (edited)

Fair enough. The big guys will now let us have a shot at the prize.

Interesting change. When is the next contest? I might actually have a chance now (probably not... lol).


Next week.

This is my first time hear about @steemshorts
May I know what is it for? Maybe i got very good reason to participate @steemshorts


Read the post that is linked in the first paragraph of this post.


I do not understand why I banned me. Is there any drawback to ask why? I was told not to do upvote in the article. I told him I did not do he and I said I shared the article.I apologize if I wrote it wrong. So google translate.

thumbs up for the new rules sir! this are going to be exciting.

can we write fiction stories as well?


SteemShorts are all about fiction.


then I can write :)


Imagination + Steem = Fiction in Action



great Thanks for sharing the new modification to rules

I suspect the new rules are going to be very good for bringing participation up...


Would you give replies to qualified participants showing the exact memo they should share for voting as this is still new. To avoid mistakes

That is fair enough tho.

Lots of people failed the first test of reading the words in the big bold title.