Steem Power Giveaway: Win Up to 100SP For 4 Weeks - Results 17

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Hello there,

We are on to the 18th week of my Steem Power (SP) giveaway initiative.

While the official post to kick-start the 18th giveaway will come up in a few hours, I will like to present the winner of the 17th giveaway

You can equally support new users if you don't have enough SP to donate. Check out @newbieresteemday and put a smile on the faces of promising new users by commenting on their posts.

A big thank you to @simplymike and @dragonblades for their support and collaboration.

@simplymike is equally supporting many new users with SP delegations and has many on her list. You wouldn't find many of such people on Steem. She's simply amazing. Thank you @simplymike

Created by me, @akomoajong

It is worth noting that 4 weeks are up for @deantonio who won 50SP and was the 13th winner.

To The Results

There was very little work with the @newbieresteemday account (I guess my friend is very busy nowadays) and those who's post were resteemed do not qualify for this giveaway.

Thus, there were two participants for this week's giveaway and they are applied on the giveaway post. These are @sljivanono and @makedonsk.

Before announcing the winner, I will start by reviewing the participants;

  1. @sljivanono: less active and engaging on the chain. Has 45SP. Looking at the wallet transactions, I'm not convinced this user has long-term goals on Steem which is RULE 4

  2. @makedonsk: less active and engaging on the chain. Has 17SP. This account has several power down histories and thus fails RULES 3.

Hence, there is no winner for last week giveaway.

Instead, I have decided to award 35SP to @angelro who also commented on giveaway post but was ineligible to participate. I noticed this user is very engaging and always low on RC. I hope 25SP will help in the meantime. Congratulations @angelro

Do not forget to put your posts at 100% power up as it is best way to go for new users and enable you to quickly obtain a better position on the platform as well as surpass RC challenges.

Thank you for your time and see you at the next giveaway that starts in a few hours from now.

Thank you for your time!

written by @akomoajong with love for Steem and support from @shortcut @bleepcoin @leeuw @jennimorillo @neoxian

@akomoajong 23/06/2019

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It is true that I have been neglecting @newbieresteemday. I can hardly find time to follow up on my own account. yesterday, i spent 5 or 6 hours trying to catch up on the comments that needed to be replied to.

Also, it seems to be harder than ever to find promising newbies. I went through an entire week of @heyhaveyamet posts on Friday, and from all the people who's intro post was featured in one of those curation posts, only 3 or so had managed to get out a second post....

Busy times all round. Nowadays, I get to play steemmonsters with the slightest chance I get :)

It's really frustrating not seeing newbies willing to stick around or have long term desires.

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It's really frustrating not seeing newbies willing to stick around or have long term desires.

Can you blame them? Even I'm questioning the long term survival of SteemIt these days.

It's indeed hard to find them, but that makes the joy of discovering one even bigger, imo.

It looks like @handtalk5 is going to do good on here. I also had the pleasure to find @dkkarolien, @kayda-ventures, @ùealhound and a couple of others. These people make up for all the ones that give up 😉

Absolutely! I got a few that make me smile as well :)

Really no time to look for more these days 🙂

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Thank you so much. .it has all been due to your words of encouragement, support and the love showered on me... Thank you so much for everything. Still willing to do more for steem

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Great to here, @kayda-ventures 👍

What a good news to spend the weekend in another wise boring day. When such good deeds are coming from selfless people, saying thanks looks like formality, but at the same time there is no word equivalent to it in the English language it seems. So no option other than to write a big THANKS

Normally I say, I am happy to my close people. So I am happy and making me more responsible too

Sending you good wishes... Have a good Sunday.

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👍 You're welcome and Thank you for your kind words as well 🍻

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Wow! Cool

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