Zappl features contest poll.

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Here are the entries to the contest pick your favorite idea

  1. Use Zappl To Seamlessly Lead People To Steemit! Good For Steem Steem Steem!
  2. ZAPPL IDEA - Bitshares Integration
  3. Zappl Review & Feature Suggestion, Blocking Bad Apples on Zappl
  4. Zappl Games: A 100 SBD Zappl Contest Entry
  5. The ultimate trending page, with mockups.
  6. bonds - #Zappl #Zappl-features idea submission
  7. Zappl Feature: Blocking hashtags
  8. Zappl features contest | Video Live Streams
  9. Faster payout on Zappl posts
  10. Zappl Feature Idea . Receive Value in Zappl or Steem.
  11. Zappl Feature idea: "Charge" posts with Steem and SBD
  12. Zappl Entry 'Cross Platform Posting'
  13. Zapple contest for #Zapple-Features | This post is on fire!
  14. My ZAPPL feature proposal contest entry - Slack!
  15. My ZAPPL feature proposal contest entry - Bots
  17. Decentralized digital marketplace integration with profiles
  18. Zappl Contest 'scheduled-posts'
  19. My ZAPPL feature proposal contest entry - Tinder!
  20. Zappl Clouds - Hyper Focused Community Zappl Pages
  21. What is going on near me - a Zappl Proposal
  22. Multi-Function Video Platform
  23. Proposed ZAPPL Features (Warning: Potentially Humorous)

Contest Information:

The contest submissions event will last 7 days after this contest is posted.
There will be a poll made with the ideas that have been posted.
We will then make a post with all the ideas that have been submitted.
There will then be a poll made which will last 24 hours.
The top 3 ideas that users voted for will go into a final battle.
We'll then post another poll where the community will choose is the best idea.

Winner will take the pot of 100 sbd

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How to cast a vote:

Votes are determined based on the weight of your vote. Follow this guideline for voting on your choice.
1. 1% - 4%
2. 5% - 8%
3. 9% - 12%
4. 13% - 16%
5. 17% - 20%
6. 21% - 24%
7. 25% - 28%
8. 29% - 32%
9. 33% - 36%
10. 37% - 40%
11. 41% - 44%
12. 45% - 48%
13. 49% - 52%
14. 53% - 56%
15. 57% - 60%
16. 61% - 64%
17. 65% - 68%
18. 69% - 72%
19. 73% - 76%
20. 77% - 80%
21. 81% - 84%
22. 85% - 88%
23. 89% - 92%

You can vote and see results here: SteemPoll Website
This poll result will be determined by: vote

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We suggest everyone reads before they vote this could effect your future experience on the site. So blindly voting might not be a good idea.


I didn't understand the percentage part!


If you want to make it easy for yourself, vote (for #21 please) here and when you come back here to upvote the post, just make sure that if you get the slider you choose "100%".


If you have enough steem power you can vote via steemit. if not you have to go on that site and use your post key they creator of that site is the same creator of esteem so its pretty trusted.


Via steemit? Like my above post? Or have I still yet to vote, technically?


If you voted on that page then you're all set. (You could also have adjusted your vote strenght when upvoting this post and they would have meassured that.)

Idea 21 : whats happening near me is good idea

21. What is going on near me

Solid choice to increase spontaneous interactions based on relevant events in your local area. Most other social media sites already have similar algorithms built into them.

Vote here!


this could even be integrated to do something like the Swarm City Token (SWT), an ERC20 token that will begin using a twitter like hashtag system to facility ride sharing. the first hashtag will be #needaride. I think ZAPPL could easily do this better than Swam City if desired, but that would a possible future idea maybe.


hey I like that idea!

Vote 8

I don't fully understand but I vote 22

ilike 1st position!

Thank @steempoll!

I've gotta root for 6 in this race (no voter bias, I swear). Resteemed!

@zappl Number one has five features half of which were already submitted, how is that fair?

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 08.47.06.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 08.47.19.png

I vote #17, I'd definately jump on board for that. Though, instead of having a digital-only marketplace, I'd have it so people can also sell physical items, so instead of recieving a download file, the buyer would be prompted to enter a shipping address.

I also have a couple questions about zappl:

  1. Will it have a character limit like twitter? Because I personally don't like that feature...

  2. I guess this is something I would have suggested as a feature, but anyway, will people will be able to run multiple blogs from the same account? That's honestly the biggest feature I miss from Tumblr lol.
    I don't miss the excessive loading times tho LOL
    my poor sucky internet can't handle it LMAO

Read number 1 (Use Zappl To Seamlessly Lead People To Steemit! Good For Steem Steem Steem!), like it, before you decide to upvote!


Me new @Zappl Feature Suggestion is a Simple Voting Option for Polls. lulz
Serious congrats to all the contestants. I made the top 10! Hurray. But the real congratualtions goes to @TheDegenSloth and his @Zappl team with @Steemitqa. I don't understand some of the competitive tones going round sometimes. We're all in this together. I just hope the developers who work hard and have our respect, receive our respect. And I hope they can give some back to others who spend their days devoted to other worthy endeavors. The interesting prospect behind Zappl is that, because of the developers hard valuable work to enrich other's lives, others will have a chance to share their hard work and enrich other's lives via the blockchain and in a more bite sized social media manner. Right now steemit is awesome for longer compositions, mostly crypto. Zappl might just be the voice for the masses. God speed Zappl.

22 : multiple media features .. good one