My #Zappl-Features idea 1/2: Zappl Clouds - Hyper Focused Community Zappl Pages (A Mix of Subreddits & Hashtags, Blockchain Style)

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1. What is a Zappl Cloud? Why not just use hashtags?

In my mind a Zappl cloud is the blockchains version of a hashtag with a little more of a community spin on it, and in order to create a full circle and make this concept successful as opposed to just some random feature of the website, I imagine it would require some heavy real estate on the users profile, such as a sidebar to the right of their Zappl feed. I imagine a user would be able to 'favorite' or 'subscribe' to certain hashtags which would also be able to be shown on thier profile pages sort of like mini badges, or how reddit lists what subreddit the user is a moderator of, but a little larger in more of a promotional fashion. Basically you would be turning certain hashtags into full on communities and give certain aspects of the blockchain content a whole new life! ( as opposed to the Steemit 'top 50 hashtags list' which is, meh)

2. What is the point of this concept? 

The point of this concept is to do a couple things, for one I foresee it greatly enhancing access to many more communities than a simple list of popular and profitable content, this way the users get to decide what they want to promote and not just an algorithm. I also see this being a valuable way to incorporate a sort of following/subscribing method without alot of extra coding work, as well as help the rewards be more evenly spread out. Not to mention you could really go further than the simple concept I am presenting here and really beef these communities up, customized sidebars for each community and you could even use this approach to help certain languages take hold as their own community, the possibilities are kind of endless for how to grow this past small community hubs.

3. What are the expectations for 'cloud pages'?

I would expect users are able to create their own hashtags, pin them to their profiles and once there are enough subscribers to said cloud, perhaps it gets a 'page upgrade' at some point to be more of a customized one with its own customizable sidebar perhaps and maybe even a header (much like a subreddit?)

Beyond that the point of these pages is to create small communities within Zappl so that everyones content has a longer life and doesn't get drown'd like it does right now on Steemit, and lets Zappl expand beyond a simple 'list of hot hashtags' which is a very crude way to do content discovery...

4. Closing Statements, Why I think this would be huge.

I think this would be the equivalent of subreddits without moderators, seeing as downvotes are more or less the moderators of Steem anyways. This idea would help to expand the hashtags system without creating the need for google-level content discovery algorithms, and would be a quick solution in my opinion. If users can update profile photos, this concept would be no different than that code mainly, so it should be rather simple to implement.

I hope you guys enjoyed my idea and would love to hear your feedback, if I missed your suggestion post, please post it here as well. But so far I think I've seen everyone elses :D 

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LOVE IT!!! Let's do this... everyone keep the community, ideas, evangelism and development going..... We can build a social media meta-ecosystem that aggressively out competes everything else! Not only can it be better in how it works, and quality of content. But have more freedom through decentralization and economic support of our community.


Thanks for the support @xiobus

Very nice! Upvoted and followed.

Thank you for your submission.