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RE: Join SteemPact! Empowering Change Together – Week #1

in #steempact7 years ago (edited)

i just invited Stephen to join Steemit with his Foundation , they are doing "small " things to make life easier for the needed ones in South Africa . I met Stephen on 2 years ago where we also had the ability to make money from our posts and to donate.

they just arrived on Steemit still strugeling with how things work here .


Thank you for your submissions. Please make one comment per charity and follow tha guidelines. That means writing a small text to give users an overview of what they are voting for. And please state if you will donate your comment rewards or not.

my bad :( about donating comment rewards no idea how that works or how many that would be only started 3 days ago on steemit

See @aaronsthilaire post for a good example of how to submit an entry :)

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