Join SteemPact! Empowering Change Together

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Hey fellow Steemers,
want to do something meaningful? Then read closely!

We are launching SteemPact!


We believe that we steemers can unleash a tremendous power to push things forward. Together with you we want to make the world a better place. Let's empower change together!

What is SteemPact?

Each week you are given the opportunity to propose a charity that you think changes the world to the better. In addition to that you can vote on other charities. The charity with the most upvotes (in number, not value) will finally be donated the liquid reward of our weekly post. So your upvote will literally do something good.

What does this mean for steemit?

Each donation will be in the name of the steemit community, so we show the world that we can do something good! Furthermore we will encourage charities to join steemit and get donations in steem. For you this means you will get updates on their progress and can support the ones you like most directly.

How to nominate a charity?

In order to nominate a charity please make a comment on our newest weekly post (we will publish it every monday) telling us more about it.

  • Please make sure that there is a way to contact the charity in order to bring them to steemit.
  • Also include a link to the charity or a page with more information about it.


  • A charity is anything that you think changes the world to the better.
  • A charity does not necessarily need to be international, your local charity is fine too.
  • In order to prevent fraud we reserve the right to disqualify charities that we believe are not credible. In this case the donation goes to the next charity (second most votes).
  • Donations will only be payed out in steem.
  • Charities need to have a dedicated steemit account to ensure transparency.
  • We will release proof of every donation on the blockchain.
  • Nominating your own charity is allowed but should be disclaimed.
  • The liquid part of the rewards (50 %) of our weekly posts will completely be donated to the winning charity.
  • The vesting part of the rewards (the other 50 %) of our weekly posts will strenghten the @steempact account and thereby allowing us to support future charities by voting them up with more power.
  • The rewards of the comments will go to the persons nominating the respective charities. They are free to donate it.

I want to support this! How?

  • Upvote this post. Now you already have donated.
  • Look in the comments for charities you like and upvote them.
  • Nominate a charity you think is good.
  • Join our steemtrail (see below).

I want to support all posts you ever make! How?

We offer a steemtrail that you can follow. All upvotes from @steempact are for a good cause, so supporting the trail makes you automatically support good causes. We are also partnering with SteemVoter to make a @steempact guild available in the future. In the meantime you can use SteemVoter to autoupvote our project.

I want to throw money at you! How?

Please consider throwing money at one of the charities instead:

  • Send STEEM or SBD to @steempact.
  • In the memo write one of these:
    • The link to one of our posts. We will add it to the donated amount.
    • The link to a comment for a charity. We will donate it to that charity, but we will add it to the post if there are problems (see rules above).
    • Write anything else and we will try to find a suitable charity to donate it to.

Who is behind this?

@robofox and @reggaemuffin are running this account. We are supported and vouched for by witness @thecryptodrive. We will happily answer all your questions!


Thanks to @epicdesigns for the epic design of our @steempact brand!
Thanks to @thecryptodrive for supporting us all the way!



The vesting part of the rewards (the other 50 %) of our weekly posts will strenghten the @steempact account and thereby allowing us to support future charities by voting them up with more power.

I don't think we need that, please give more than 50% to charity.

Thank you for your feedback I feel so too. But that is sadly not possible, because steem automatically vests 50% of the posts rewards. We are considering constant powering down, but we will see about that once it is worth discussing about. In the end, all 100% will go to charity!

Constant powering down is a good solution as the people who'd be contributing already give out their SP to support you. It's like saying we keep 50% of the money you give us to force you to donate forever in the future. (SP compete with SP) I think it's fair that you for you to take out some money for expense from the money raised. Even if some other people would do it for the increased reputation and feel good aspect of it most people wouldn't mind paying for administrative costs if they are transparently reported.
Good luck in your venture.

Yeah you are right. If it was possible that was supposed to work that way. We need to make positive impact out there as the steemit community

Upvoted, thank you for launching this to help making the world better! I will keep an eyes on your posts and the comments continuitely . Good work !

Agree! Love this idea. Solid :)

Thank's a lot, @pakyeechan! We would be glad if you joined our steemtrail in order to support @steempact even more.

just joined! respect!

this is really great! thanks for organizing this to make the world better!

Thank you! We're really curious what we'll achieve by this together with you :)

This photo is very interesting, I want to join as a member of steempact, I am a new person in steemit world, please support and support, so that I can deepen steemit, and make me a person who always interact with steemit

In this very case we would prefer you supporting us, @miky ;)

Welcome guys! =)

Those are some powerful ideas! I'll get them resteemed if you add the tag "coagorism" to your posts.

Also, if you want to spread your activism and organize with others, you can announce such posts in the Activism_practiced channel on

great idea thanks for sharing

The tag has been updated to #cooperative-agorism and the activism channel is now found at =)

I'm intrigued what the coagorism tag means? Can you elaborate? :)

The short version is in this post I made.

It really is something most people can get behind. The idea is to use technology and networking to make government more ethical and society more hospital for everyone. Bitcoin, blockchains, cooperatives, as well as many libertarian (capitalist or socialist) ideals can fit in this category =)

Hi @the-ego-is-you!

Even though I personally like the basic idea of cooperatives and am interested privately in your "coagorism" tag and "Activism_practiced" channel I would prefer to hold @steempact free from any political classifications. Not every steemer who wants to support @steempact may identify with or want to support the ideas behind "coagorism" too. I think we should keep @steempact open to any steemer, independently of his personal political views.

Furthermore I think we should not begin with this kind of "dealing" ;)

That's perfectly understandable. Just remember which social media platform you're posting on ;)

I hope your project does well and I might start to resteem it anyhow :thumbsup:

Of course I do ;) Thanks for your understanding & support! @robofox is following you looking forward to find out what "coagorism" is :)

I have just donated 150.00 Steem, who will match or beat me?

Hey @thecryptodrive I will match or beat you! :)
However I am going to wait to see which charities if I may.
Plus I donated to #steempark this week and sponsored a bench with my name on it. So I have a place to sit when I visit some day. :)

Sweet, that's cool man! Happy bench-warming!


@steemsports is behind you, our team will soon vote and assist. Go team!

Thank you so much! Great to know having the power of @steemsports behind our project!

great idea, thanks for sharing

Thank you! :)

Great idea. I will happily join this movement! Already have charity in mind. Upvoted & Followed! Thanks for good iniciative.

Pleasure to us that you like the idea, @bluudz! Great to have you on board :)

Support your favorite charity by proposing it in a comment on our first weekly post we published today:

CU :)

This is so wonderful. Right for "our conservation things"!
Hopefully someone nominate us. Thanks for this great opportunity!

Thank you, @kedjom-keku!
We'd like to encourage you to nominate your project as a comment on our first weekly post which we published today:
Hope to cu there!

It's a good idea for all the steemers......

Thank you very much! Great to hear :) If you wanna support this further on please follow our steemtrail.

thanks, I'll follow..

I'm new to This Here's My_Intro:

Welcome on board, @suraj! Great to have you here! :)

Well done @reggaemuffin and @robofox, your project echoes my ideals of using Steem for world change, I have been elected by the community as a top tier witness and in my witness capacity I will be monitoring this project and supporting the idea. Let's give them a good start like our community once gave me.

Thank you very much, @thecryptodrive! We appreciate your great support and are very curious about what we together will achieve with @steempact.

The @steemvoter project wishes you all the best of success, may you change the world one post at a time. Please signup at and add steempact to your voting rules to automatically vote it.

Awesome! Thank's so much for your support!

Very nicely written
Keep it up
This article pay your reward
Write that type of Articles with consistency
Highly Appreciated dude

Thanks for your support, @cryptocharts! Appreciate it very much.

great idea! love it! enrich the community and the world with great ideas! ;) upvoted and followed

Thank you! We're pleased with your encouraging feedback :)

This is an awesome idea.

Not only it will help people, but it will always bring awareness to others about our community!

Kudos to you guys!

Thank you! :)

This is really cool! Please nominate them tomorrow :)

Will do @reggaemuffin. Thanks so much.

Thanks a lot, @cryptodog! Would be great to have your proposal in our first weekly post tomorrow!

Thanks so much @steempact. Will definitely place my proposal tomorrow.

This is a very creative idea, I am in full support, lets keep steeming. I've upvoted and resteemed. Adding to my steemvoter now

Thanks for pushing this forward, @samstickkz! Let's do so – keep steeming ;)

What an incredible idea, I am absolutely on board and am looking forward to seeing this take off! Following, thank you so much for taking the time to invest in our own people!

Thanks, @epicadventure! We really appreciate your warmhearted feedback and strong support. That really means a lot to us :)

Very happy to be a part of it now! :)

This seems like a great concept.
Hope this gets big and helps a bunch of people!

Thank you! This we hope too :) Let's make this a success story together!

Some users raised concerns about how we choose the winner. We suggest three options for this:

  • By vote count (current pick)
  • By vote value (in this case whales may have too much power which, we think, may be contrary to the democratic approach of the project)
  • By having every user comment with 'vote' (may be hard to count)

We are not set in stone about this, so we'd appreciate to hear your opinions on what method is best. Please give feedback on what you think works best.

I believe going by vote count is the best choice for the community.

Vote by value gives whales control over what charity wins. The community in general might feel there vote no longer matters and stop contributing with an upvote.

Having a cast your vote by saying “vote” or using a third party survey I feel opens issues in regards to miscounting votes or third party sites being compromised. Third party survey sites often get trolled by people taking over them by either using a bot network to cast votes, or exploiting a weakness and casting as many votes as they wish.

That is also our current view on the matter. We will see what other users have to say and decide tomorrow what system we will use in the end.

Nothing is easy on world.....
By having every user comment with 'vote' (may be hard to count)
Make survey with nominated using Google and recaptcha maybe ?

I like that idea! We will have to protect against users with proxies though… They could easily vote a lot. And we have to delay voting to create the google form (I think editing it with each new submission can be hard)

You can make votes from last week nominations ! Idk about proxy .... i am not really tech person but someone will know how to deal with this :)

This idea itself is really inspiring and empowering. I ll be more than happy to join this cause. Steemit is growing rapidly and apart of personal gains we should do something for the community as a whole.

Pleased to hear that, @cryptonet! Many thanks for your encouraging feedback :) Hope to cu soon!

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Interesting post.
Thank you very much for the post.

Upvoted. Nice Work!

LOVE this idea. My followers can probably tell I love animals, so my charity of choice would be any charity stopping animal cruelty. Particularly to stop the disgusting people of Yulin in torturing and killing dogs to make the meat taste better?!?! Are you ####### kidding me?! Love this idea. Followed/resteemed/upvoted/grateful. Here's a link.....

Please nominate your charity on our post tomorrow, I'll definitely upvote you :)

Thanks for supporting us, @queeneleanor! Would be great to have your proposal on our first weekly post tomorrow :)

Love this idea. Man I love Steemit and all the possibilities it has. Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you, @saved4newlife! Glad to hear that you like it :)

Is orphanage fine?


Of course it is! :)

Sounds like you two have raised money in the past for charities. I have great respect for the amount of transparency in who you are and, how the payouts will work for the charity drives. I look forward to seeing just how far the love and care Steemit has can bring into the world.

We hope that this can do something good! We are both hopeless idealists and want to make a difference together with you :)

Word! :D

Thank you for your trust and strong support, @enjar! Let's make that a success together! :)

Will the winning charity be expected to make an official public statement when their account gets approved of the official name they will be using on Steemit? I.e posting said information on their official website, Twitter, or Facebook?

What happens to the Steempact account if one or both parties with controlling interests are no longer able to keep running it?

This should not be taken as by any means that something where to happen. What, if any legal protection has the steempact account arrange for any in real life disputes between the controlling interests of the account? Here in American verbal contracts are void after exceeding $500 in value in most cases.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Thank you for your feedback @enjar!
We plan to verify that a charity account is what it claims it is and hope the community will help us there. We are open for suggestions on this.
Our current plan is for @robofox and @reggaemuffin to continue doing this for as long as possible. Should we be forced to step down, we will find suitable people who will continue to run this.
We are both from germany and value contracts. There is always the element of trust in all internet transactions but we hope to demonstrate that we are worth of your trust.

Great thought definitely like to join 😇

What an awesome idea. Upvoted

Great to hear, @luzcypher :) Thanks for upvoting!

Ok i like the idea will try to chek all your submisions !

Thank you! :)

Welcome to Steemit :)
I follow u, follow me back if u want lot of fun and amazing picture every day.

Thanks for following us, @izbing! ;)

Thanks for sharing and launching. Upvoted your post.

That's great! Thanks for upvoting us, @irfanullah! :)

Just getting started here on Steemit - Please evaluate our 40 yr old Micro NonProfit. Even a little bit of money goes a long way.

We have consecutively won Top NonProfit Status every year we entered on the platform.

Also you can evaluate our organization here:

23-2634508 (EIN) Federal ID# for our 501c 3

While I love this idea. I also want to take the time to mention a challenge. I strongly suggest always powering down as giving SBD/STEEM seems to be the purpose. Think we should aim to giving away as much as possible like United Way which at one point giving away 98% and only using 2% for expenses. While I understand that 50% is locked in SP which has benefits too. I think giving away the maximum would prove most beneficial in the long run. So the idea be would to donate the liquid amount and continuously giving away the liquid reserves. Maybe explore ideas of what percentage of rewards to give away too.

Would like to also propose an idea of how much of reserves to give away. Maybe to always reserve 50% of the reserve pool to keep a growing pool.
Then to give away relative to the vote $ amount as a way to measure and compare votes and SP interest. Then say the highest vote payout amount is $100 one time, that charity could get 100% of the 50% of the charity pool.
Then the next time if the payout of the winning vote(d) charity choice is about $25, that charity would receive 25% of 50% of the charity pool.
This way charities the community is more interested and supportive of along with higher SP holders would get a great share and benefit.
shared on twitter

Good idea! We had multiple steemers suggest this so we will most likely do this once the first payout hits!

that's a good initiative. So our donation will only be in the form of upvotes or...?

This world really needs people like you & your team. How can I nominate charity organization ? & Is this allowed to bring Charity organization account on steemit as well ?

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