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RE: Join SteemPact! Empowering Change Together – Week #1

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thanks a lot @steempact for encouraging me to nominate our conservation program.

We are Kedjom-Keku, People of the forest. Join us to save Misty Mountain Forest in Cameroon!

Our goal is to save and restore 1000 hectares of Misty Mountain Forest (called Abongphen Highland Forest) by 2025.

Our main objectives are protection and restoration of forest, raising education and awareness, improving of living standards of locals and research & ecotourism.

The Abongphen Highland Forest (misty mountain type) lies in the Kedjom-Keku area, whose name translates to the People of the Forest. It is a source of drinking water for millions of people and it is the natural habitat of the most threatened chimpanzee subspecies, the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, as well as hundreds of other endemic organisms of the Bamenda Highlands. Due to unsustainable development practices, the forest currently covers a mere 2% of its original area.



I like what this project strives for. Is there any official website or something with more information about it? And would you like to add information about if you plan to donate the liquid earnings of your comment to the project too?

Thanks, there is FB page on our profile. This is our website Unfortunatelly it is not updated. But if you wait for 2 weeks you find our new updated website. All earnings are going for the project so even liquid.

Great :) Thanks for adding this!

Thanks for your participation, @kedjom-keku! Great job :)

I thank you for the opportunity.

Nice project, I can relate to this, I am owner of the sports publishing project @steemsports. Great work on this!

thanks a lot. I am really grateful for your support.
Anyone interested in our other stuff? Check out our Football4Nature Conservation Champions league to save Abongphen Highland Forest. We would like to provide you unusual experience of each match. But we need internet data which are quite expensive in Cameroon. If we earn at least 150$ we will upload 5 minutes highlight of each from 45 planned conservation matches. Anything above will be directed to tree planting to restore the forest.

each 1$ = 1 tree planted

wow its a beautiful place! :O

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