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RE: Join SteemPact! Empowering Change Together – Week #1

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I love Heifer International.
They're mission is to end world hunger and poverty.
Our donations contribute to women's empowerment and social capital in third world countries.

When I make personal donations, I like to purchase the animals.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.59.01 AM.png

These animals generate income, food and milk, and better the environment.

I'm really proud to be a contributor they are doing great things!

I'd happily donate 100% of this comment!


That is really good! I like that it is not a one time thing but animals that pay dividends for years to come!

Awesome! Really seems to be a long term and sustainable way of support. Like it.

Thanks for your contribution, @aaronsthilaire! A very example of how to nominate a charity on @steempact :)

Thanks for opening up the doors of giving! :D

Fabulous idea!

The most grateful things has always i said thanks to, i found the people who cares about each other like they care about themselves.

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