Steem Monsters Weekly Wrap UP!

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Steem Monsters Weekly Wrap UP!

Wow what an exciting first week for Steem Monsters!
We're totally overwhelmed by the support of community and so glad you love what we're doing as much as you do.

We've raised $40k this week alone. It's shocking... absolutely shocking.

The first Steem Monsters announcement post was just 8 days ago...let's take a look at what has happened since then.

Off To An Amazing Start!

The Steem Monster Intro post had over 1600 upvotes and 500 comments. People were posting almost immediately about how much they loved it. They loved collecting the cards and there were a lot of references to Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, and Magic the Gathering.

Feed the Burn!

Bernie collected all the cards and let everyone know. We didn't even have trading operational so he purchased 200+ decks. We're going to name this achievement after him. It's Feed the Burn. The Burn is a reference to his name, the itch to buy more cards, and an illness that will be present in game.

Trading started

Yaba is a genius. First he got card pack gifting operational. Then got individual card gifting operational. So, now trading has begun. I just changed the name to Mt. Mox. This is an obvious reference to MtGox. That name stood for Magic the Gathering Online Exchange. I'm calling the place Mt. as in moutain Mox as in monster online exchange.

@cryptoeater is reporting he's already traded over $1000 worth of cards. That doesn't mean he's necessarily $1000 in the hole so much as trading lots of cards back and forth!

Steem Monster Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters

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Is there going to be a SteemMonsters anonymous ? I'm addicted and I need help! lol

Im excited to see how far steem monsters will go. You guys have a huge community with strong support behind you, including myself.

so just to clarify, the actual game isn't actually designed yet right? but it's going to be a m:tg clone type thing?

I don't know...I kinda liked "Feed The Bern" more lol

I still don't get it, but seems fun :P

imagine somewhat if Magic The Gathering/Pokemon bred with Cryptokitties but then gave birth on the steem blockchain

Next step is stats on the most popular cards by trading value. And the average price per card.

Thats amazing ! I tell you these cards are causing real addiction here. Whoever buys one pack cant stop and I am one of them lol

It really speaks up and leaves the project to speak for itself because of how much support it has been given from it's fans. I really hope this becomes a well thorough game and a fun thing to experience. Onwards and Hurrahs for Steem Monsters!

Great job guys, too good actually. Those booster packs get damn addicting!! 😂

Much love and keep it up.

I just bought way too many of these...
Excited to start playing!

Just joined and ready to play XD
Did you guys buy the boost pack?

A scintillating first week! You guys have totally rocked it.

The onlt thing that I'm feeling right now is excitement and thinking when would the battle start!
More power @steemmonsters! 😁

Congrats to @berniesanders! I'm thinking of going on DLive to create a map that I can enter into the contest. I'm thinking of a large island with mountains, a King & Queens royal grounds, and additional area for volcanic activity explanation for new life forms that can make reference for all characters habitat.

Acha hai

Great one on your first week guys! I actually can't Wait. This is going to be really addictive. I'm filled with ectasy thinking about this already!! Way to go guys!!

and they should continue like this

That was intense... I love steem monster too. Unfortunately, I didn't have lack for legendary and epic monstercards.


I already went over my budget with steemmonsters :D

can't wait for tournaments, and trading from player to player

You can trade player to player now I think

you can just gift cards.

but you don't have a trade what you can do straight for CARD TO CARD

Amazing can't wait for the future!

Maybe steemmonsters needs a native token to enable full trustless card trading.... If so, something Pocket-like could potentially do it.

I'm brand new to this, never traded in cards before, but I'm in, and I have 2 legendaries :)
w00t w00t

This is really fun to watch - I've never have seen a Steemit game or initiative grow this quickly. In a few months, this thing will be flying high. Great job! @ironshield

Hi. I had 3 legendary cards (double) then a few minutes later I saw 1 was missing, There are now 2 ea (double). Please kindly check my account. many thanks

I am familiar with collectible card games (CCGs) such as Magic the Gathering and, recently, Munchkin. Now CCGs have made the leap to the blockchain (cryptokitties not counted). Really excited about the potential of CCGs on the blockchain and the endless possibilities. CCGs have finally stepped into the 21st century!

Only one week?? With so much activity and such an incredible amount of posts talking about @steemmonsters it almost feels like months have passed :D (in the good sense)

I´m about to be one more, posting about it, since I´m going to be doing a massive pack opening soon.

Hi, when I open a new pack in Firefox under Linux it looks like that:


Displayed OK 3 days ago. Anybody with such a problem?

When is the 'pre-sale' over and we can start 'playing the game?


Interesting topic, I congratulate you, thank you for sharing!

Yes life

Mein Freund kauft auch schon wie verrückt
der will unbedingt alle haben.
Wünsche euch viel Spaß und Erfolg auf jeden fall

¿No van a sortear paquetes gratis, para los nuevos miembros de steemit? Saludos.

Really looking forward to the game :)