I have collected EVERY Steem Monster!!

in steemmonsters •  6 months ago

Visit https://steemmonsters.com/ created by @steemmonsters to get yours today!

For those curious, it took opening 211 packs to complete the set.

5 packs will be given away to random commenters on this post!

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I’m creating an achievement for unlocking all cards from the alpha. We will likely call it feel the bern in your honor


Make sure there is a Bernie Island on the map. @aggroed.


hahah, 211 x $2 + $4 = $426. (or was it $5 for the starting pack? $427 then...)

Now if there was a contest to see who paid the least to get the most cards.. that would be something! :)


Spread this mania across Steemit and people don't realize that a few people are making a lot of money off this.


All of the monsters are going to the millionaires and billionaires.


Would you expect anything less??


Just like in Magic...


I bought 5 packs, got 1 legendary and one epic. I am no millionaire :)


You can participate or be left behind lol


I would, but I'm too busy playing the collectible money game.


Better get some if you can great little investment in my opinion.


Actually. I've got some good cards! And you purchase a few booster packs. Lol if you go over board and end up with 40 cards of the same card then yea spending big lol


we will be waiting for that.


That's dope


Feel the Bern bwahahahahaha!


Sounds great !



hey @aggroed , what do you think if steemmonsters have this card , honor for @berniesanders
might be more interesting :) I do not mean bad, but this is just my mind, and respect for everyone, especially for bernie


All cards unlocked here, so I guess I feel the bern now.



2 booster packs. Excited! Congratz on the complete set. I am extremely jealous.

How many players are on this game now?

Today I got 2 Lord of Darkness, 2 Selenia Sky and 1 Gold Dragon!


Good shit.

I saw this and peoples ideas are getting really close to something I have had in mind for a while but I had a few innovations that I think will set mine apart.

I have been considering platforms to build the project and ETH was the first pick due to the smart contract functionality for a DApp. The problem is we have seen what happened with CryptoKitties (recall you hopped on that as well when you did the giveaway) clogging the ETH network and I considering the rammifications of my choosing that network.

I basically will have collectibles with a XP system but think it will be best to create a hybrid decentralized / centralized approach depending on the nature of the game's computing tasks. For example, the tracking of XP grinding between player levels will be tracked through a centralized server infrastructure and, once the threshold is reached (new level reached), the information will be committed to the blockchain along with upgraded stats of said character. This will reduce the frequency of transactions and minimize overloading the network.

Anyways, I gave the Steem Monsters post a quick look and my happening to randomly receive 5 packs may be the impetus enough to get started.


Thank you sir...


niiiiice. Get involved!

I'm 49 packs in and still yet to get a single legendary!!
I'm tempted to buy 211 packs just to get my first legendary >:(

Whoa, its like a card game, lol

That's awesome! I was wondering how many packs I'd need to get the entire deck. Just 200 packs short!

Fuck Yea I have 13 more to go! I can tell you love them monsters!

You sir are a total NERD! ahah Love it.


We all are.... Can't stop buying more. Just collecting the cards is addictive :)

thanks for the info i didn`t even know about this monsters

I saw this project on the trending page a few days ago, but didn't take the time to look into it. But, after seeing your post I followed the link and took a look. Wow! How cool. I purchased the starter set.



Lol....we all are. So loving the steemmonsters even before the game starts, it's already addictive

i want a free pack god dammit !

I would really like to get involved, but I don't want to enter my private key on their website.. is it safe?

Waaat, no way! Even Bernie got into that game, definitely have to check it out later ehhh.

Make sure you keep them in good condition...in a couple of years you can send them off to some digital PSA to get them graded...

So long 1st edition base set shadowless Charizard, hello steem monsters!


I expect him to sit down with his children years down the road and show them the collection.

In fact, I wouldn't put it past Bernie to make personal printouts and keep them like Pokémon cards.


why not right? if this happens to be the next cryptokitties then he will be an even richer man

Wow...congratulations Bernie, you must be the first to do this. I've collected tons of cards as well but I still have three legendaries and one rare missing. Hopefully I can complete that when the trading feature is added.

Go get your steemmonsters people and build your deck. This is gonna be the latest trend on the blockchain in no time.

Wow! Thats awesome! I'm jealous. I've been buying a ton of packs and haven't gotten them all.. Yet! Heheh Great job!

Great now everyone has to spend $400 to compete against Bernie :P. Hopefully I will never have to play against him until my lowly starter pack gains some ground.

I will like t9 also get the packs to feel the goods of STEEM.

I didn't get any time this kind of achievement because my luck is very bad

Wow Bernie... you should host a BernthemPalooza Tournament. If you do I will happily donate to the pool some SBD's and one of the requirements could be that users have to announce their participation of the Tournament on Twitter or other social media.

Bring some attention to Steem, and new blood, because...lets be honest, we need it.


Great idea @meno. That'd be really cool

That was quick i only just found out about it...

It only came out not too long ago! lol

Bernie is just too fast.

this has been very well done! Could really take off and help bump steem prices for sure. Now if only SMT where out it would prob be an even bigger hit!

I'm the first random commenter! :) I thought there were more legendaries, let's hope to get some !

I literally have no idea whats going on here. I thought this was going to be about haejin lol

Well, that is certainly an impressive collection! I expected no less from you. I am terribly curious about how the gameplay will play out.

Do you have to win at everything? LOL Now people will get destroyed by Bernie's Monsters!!!

I need some of those leftover packs.
I do not have any epic monster.


Very cool.

If steem goes into the crapper. I can sell some of these cards and make a million.


haha, wow, congrats! I hope I dont have to play against you in any of the tournaments ;-p

That's epic, great work bro

Dun-dun duhhhhhh! A fun way to stack a pack of @steemmonster cards 🤞

And they could introduce 211 more cards, to print more money.
People still fall for this trap?


Already they are creating 5 expansion addons collection series so Bernie can spend all his SBD's on.


Aren't you a barrel of fucking joy


That's my famous trademark

First you take on the reward pool trolls. now you take on Steemmonsters.

Can't wait to play.

I only have a starter right now.

It's stuff like this that makes me feel like an out of touch old man. I have no idea what any of this is.

It's a huge collection buddy, waao so many steemmonsters, i nver tried this game but i think it's a good game.

Woah 211 packs. I've only bought myself like 8 packs and got only 1 epic :D

Thanks to such an informative post, I have entered this side and I have been benefiting you for steemit development, I want you to continue your work.@berniesanders

That's cool, I only have bought the beginners pack, but it is a start I guess along the way I will be able to add more to it, maybe I can even catch up with you at some moment.

Damn... those dragon’s are a beauty! Someone going to take over all the tournaments lol! I’ve bought around 50 packs already only 2 frost giants and an angel of light! That’s crazy 3 lighting dragons! I’d say let’s trade for one but you got everything haha


2 frost giants....;)
I believe you'll be up for a trade once the feature is added

Dammit. I've been trying to avoid getting sucked into this thing, even when my friends are buying packs and talking about their gold this and dragon that.

Dammit. Such temptation.


you know, the thing of it is... we might be missing out on money too.. imagine we get a rare NegDragon. We can sell it later for 5 SBD alone and we bought it in a pack for way less... im saying, something to consider.


What, are you saying we should start our own Steemmonsters competitor?

We could have just two cards. NegDragon and MenoMonster.

Both cards would be so rare nobody would ever get either of us.

We'd make a killing!

you are going to destroy me! But, I do have one legendary and almost all of the epics. I will be a steem monster dolphin anyway! I am stoked for this game and glad to see that you are on board too. (I will trade you a lord of darkness for one of your lightning dragons ((it's my fav)))

Hi Bernie!
I'm a random commenter ;-)

hahaha great, you keep suprising me with your posts !!!

I have always supported several of the projects that have to do with gaming in Steemit, this is not the exception.

Unfortunately I can not pay beyond an envelope because the rest of my money I have destined for something else, but when I can I will buy more packs.

I thank you for making a publication of the game, that shows the potential that the game can reach and that makes me happy, because the gaming tag will start to grow more and change its reputation.

I am going to continue working to improve the content in the tag gaming with my radio program in spanish and the curation project

Congratulations on being the first to getting every single one (afaik)! Dang what I'd do to get my hands on a Serenia Sky.

Awesome! I bought about 10 packs and miss 7 cards. Very excited about the game. Congratulations to you for having all cards already.

That´s amazing, the game just got released and you already "finished" the collection... it's a case to say that you are ready to see new cards hitting the game.

You're a fuckin animal bro Hahaha!!

I Love/like berniesanders and I am curious what will be mine.

Screw @haejin!
And hip hip hurray for Bernie!

I've always had a knack for gambling lets how it goes this time, I'm ready.

i want one pack! ;P

Just commenting to maybe win the random pack giveaway

Congratz and good luck in battles :)

I have collected EVERY Steem Monster!! This post has been resteemed by the mystical @resteemmuse!

I just want to get my first pack. I don't have liquid steem and I just want one pack to be a part of the team. Trying to get rid of a bitcoin fork but I would lose the amouny in withdrawal fees.

Oh man, if only I had the SBD to spend on that...

it's very clever to not combine any of those cards so they could be traded individually. I chose to level up those few I had two of not yet realizing they could be traded.

Damn dude, go big or go home eh?

Shame it wasn't 3 of the Gelenia Sky, that's the one to get I hear.


Good thing I have the Gelenia sky then. Feel like selling something I own to get more cards....lol. I'm crazy

I spent 350 dollars today on this game!

211 packs? ... I think I've bought 13 packs in total. No legendaries and no rares. I thought I'd spent too much already... :D

-13, when did that happened? You really have just a little to go!

And yeah, I find this game a pretty good initiative to bring value to Steem, I guess it has more potential than cryptokitties :D

Wow this steemmonster things is so cool.

why i only heard of this now ???

Ooooh this looks fun, I want to play!


awww $5 is a lot of SBD these past few weeks, I wish the price was calculated in Steem instead of USD.

I bought a few packs but didn’t get any hot ones, I’m going to buy more 😂😅

The question becomes.. How much did it cost you to purchase every Steem Monster!?! :)

hmmm let's see what should i comment to get a pack....FIRST!

Edit: nop, it wasn't the first comment :(

HA HA you are ready for battle!!


Lol! This was what I felt like after joining the author competition! I was having so much fun with it! My body was in pain. But, it was worth continuing!

I just share this post, I also comment now, I will appreciate it if you shared some with me.

This game look cool!

The art for these are so well put together!!
I especially like the cute lil elephant in the Giant Roe's talons. I like to think that is his little buddy, not his food. Or, better yet... Maybe that little guy is the source of all it's power. 🌌

I really really really really wanna zigazig ahhhhhhh.

i've bought only 5 booster packs and i thought i was unlucky!!

Congratulations on finishing the collection. What’s next for you lol

@berniesanders You sir are a legend! Likely the first Steemian to complete the set, congrats! 💪 Now let's hope that your game is as good as your bankroll!

Wow! It is like me trying to find a Michael Jordan baseball card in the 90's. Just keep buying until you get one!

This comment will never win a pack.

i opened more than 211 card packs :l i spend 300 steem, and left me 5 cards

I hope I win one of those 5 packs man :P

OMG you have all already.. but i was sooner and my dragon will beat yours...

Congrats on the full deck Bernie, happy to see you supporting this.

Thank you

I do not know why seeing the different monsters remind me of yugioh congratulations on the @berniesanders packages

That's was less expensive than I was fearing ... having experienced the beginnings of "Magic:The Gathering"
Now because the prices are in USD, I'm tempted to wait for the STEEM price to go up before buying more ... it's currently easier to earn fiat that earn Steem hence I put a premium on Steem.

Good for you , i heard about this game and i want to collect all the monsters too...

Is that a gaming websites @berniesanders

I have no idea what this is.

I've bought 4 packs excluding the starter pack. I have 37 monsters so far :) .

I'm the first person to comment so just pay up 👅👅👅👅

random, random, random, random
random, random......

Ok so I need more or less 200 more booster packs hmm damn I need to sell my soul for that xD

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I am the random commentor that has randomly posted in order to win. I like winning because I am a winner and that's what I do.

Random comment

Random me!

Random comment because I'd like some cards.

Thanks for sharing this information about the complete set! Best of luck to all those that commented for the free pack offer!!