Steem Monsters Weekly Contest Announcement! // 30 Booster Pack Prize Pool!

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Steem Monsters Weekly Contest Announcement! // 30 Booster Pack Prize Pool!

Hi everyone! Isaria here, the Director of Content for @steemmonsters.
I'm very excited to be working on this project along with @aggroed and @yabapmatt!

I know there's already a ton of community excitement regarding @steemmonsters as we can see from the activity in the Steem Monsters Discord and I'm looking forward to finding ways to involve the community here on the blockchain!

I've created 3 Weekly contests.
Each contest will award 5 booster packs to the winner and 5 more booster packs will be divided among the runner ups, for a total of 30 booster pack prizes a week!

The Contests

Individual Card Fantasy Lore Contest

All Common and Rare cards will have a backstory created by the winners of this contest!

Every Monday a card will be presented for you to create a fantasy background story for that specific card.
You will need to make a Steemit post on your own account with the story, then submit the link to your post in the comments of the @steemmonsters submission post.
Every Friday the winner and runner ups will be announced and the best story submitted will become the official story in the game!

On the website, when you click on the card you will see Combine All.
A Story button will be added so that when you click on that, you will see the winner's story for that particular card!
Story credit will be shown as well as a link to your story on the blockchain!


Steem Monster Fan Art Contest

I'm already seeing some pretty cool fan art in the discord channel so I'd like to give Artists the opportunity to create even more!
I'm using the word "Art" as an umbrella term in this case.
You can create Steem Monster drawings, paintings, digital art, music, etc.
You can even make Steem Monster blog dividers and blog footers.
Just make a post on your own steemit account with your art then submit the link in the comments of the submission post.
The submission post will go out every Tuesday and the winners will be announced every Saturday.
Eventually there will be a Steem Monsters fan art video series on the website.
In the meantime, I'll be presenting the fan art in a video series here on the blockchain.
With the artists permission, Steem Fan Art can also be used in @steemmonster posts and even on the website which will include Artist credit as well.


Fantasy Story of the Week Contest

We've already seen Steemians creating some great fantasy stories inspired by Steem Monsters so I want to give writers a chance to keep sharing their work.

The submission post will go out every Wednesday and the winners post will go out every Sunday.

This is an open ended, free-write Steem Monster fantasy/lore story contest.

I'm very excited to see all the entries to these contests!
The contests will start next week with the first one being posted on Monday!
If you have any questions just let me know in the comments or contact me on Discord!

Thank you!

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I've literally just gone through the process of reading the first @steemmonsters post to signing up and then buying probably a few too many booster packs, and basically gone from extreme scepticism* to very excited in the space of 30 minutes.

The Epic card in one of the booster packs helped!

What a great initiative...

*(fond memories and crypto-kitties are two pairs of words I probably wouldn't use in the same sentence, unless they're combined with 'I don't have' and 'of' in the middle)


lol glad to hear you are excited now!

For those of us less creative can you also start a weekly random drawing pool for those that upvote a post or something?


Cool idea....we'll work on it! :)

Block chain card games with open source story lines. Am I looking at a glimpse of the future?

I am already excited and will definitely join the writing contest :)


Yay great!

I was discouraged reading the story part because writing takes forever! But I can make some fan art! Yippee




i wonder if collusions, i mean collaborations are possible... artwork takes forever! But I can make a story! yippee!!


I just finished some art I would like to enter, if you want to make a connected story I can dm you the art and see if it gives you any ideas :)

Free Giveaways are fun! Woo- Hoo! Love those Steem Monsters!

Oooh fun. The backstory as to why the beetle is on fire will be particularly interesting. @ironshield



I am SO excited to participate in some of these contests! <3


I'm looking forward to your submissions!!!

Awesome Cant wait 😎

too lazy to make a post.

but i got 1 idea for "Water Elemental"

The story should be something like that IT was a big wave.
when lightning hit IT and then a tornado came and gave IT the shape IT is in rn.

Bagai mana cara memainkan game ini

a very exciting contest at #Steemmonsters game.

Hey @steemmonsters (@aggroed), I just joined the party, nice project!

I just got some boosters but the unpacking scene went completely bugged. No visuals so this may be something to take a look at, as for me this is an important part of the excitement. I'm using Firefox.

See you all in the tournaments !

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YYYYY-AAAAY!!!! this is great news! ANYONE who wants to write some lore based around my MAP idea is WELCOME TO!!! (ITs on my blog) But I guess maybe a map will be chosen soon and then some of the mechanics of the Steem Monsters world will become semi-solidified so that the backstories can all begin to work off of a unified concept. I suppose edits can always be made as we go though......SO EXCITING!

Awesome contests.... going to do some fan art and buy a few packs.

My @steemmonsters Digital Fan Art from my Epic Collection.... Mystical Magi. This was my very 1st Epic Card from my very 1st Booster Pack... for some reason I could not get the card to turn around and reveal itself so it must have had a cloak of Invisibility on..... I had to find him in my full collection using the Epic Toggle button.


Will we be able to submit cards for the game?

Awesome ! This is a great way to build steemit monsters up within the community, I'm looking forward to entering something next week.

How fun! It is amazing how this thing is coming together! cheezeit.jpg

Exciting! Can't wait. Just reply submissions to the post next week to enter? This project is getting alot of people excited about using their SBD/STEEM rather than watching it sit in their accounts.