Trading* in Steem Monsters is now LIVE!!!

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Man, I'm excited because you're excited. We broke $25k in sales today!!! You all have purchased more than 10k booster packs. It's incredible! @yabapmatt and I see this excitement and it's fueling us to do whatever we can to help this thing move along. This whole blockchain can feel that this is gonna go big. We're working our asses off to help with that!

Trading* is now LIVE!

@yabapmatt is a genius. You should vote his witness if you haven't already! We launched the game 6 days ago. He got card packing gifting up and running. Then he got card gifting up and running too! Here's what it looks like. I think @clove71 was the first to do a live exchange.

So, now just like gifting a pack you can gift a card to someone!

Confirmation of a gift!

How is this trading?

Well, it's a start. Now you can move cards back and forth between players. It's not trustless yet. So, I'm going to start with a non code fix for trust. I'm creating a merchant group in the Discord. These are people that have sent me at least 100 SBD. If they fail to perform a trade I'm going to take the money from what they gave me and make the trader whole.

So, if you trade with someone with a merchant role and they steal your card you can come to me and I'll pay you out of the money they already handed me.

In the future we'll make this all happen on the blockchain, but for now, tonight, and for a little bit until we can get trustless trading going you're gonna have to live with the code/role solution for trading.


Personally I think legendaries are worth at least $60. If anyone wants to trade me their legendaries for less than $60 I'm open to it. DM me.

If you want the merchant role send me 100, 250, or 500 SBD and I'll grant you the role

I'm not going to spend the money. If you ever want it back I'll give it all back and remove the role. This is like a performance bond. If you're trading as a middle person then this is the guarentee that you'll pay. If you screw someone over then I'm going to give them money out of this crypto performance bond to pay for the theft you caused. I'm the sole judge and jury for places where there was a miscommunication or purposeful bad acting.

So, pay me. Get the role. Do your job. Get it all back.

Pay me. Cheat someone. Forfeit what you paid me and I'll give it to the person you scammed.

It's the wild west people

If you trade with people that don't have the role I'm not responsible for you getting scammed. If you trade with people with the role I'll make sure you're kept whole. I'm ok with merchants charging for their services. Find a market rate until we get trustless systems going.

I hope you make a killing!

Have fun trading guys. If they don't have the merchant role in Discord trade at your own risk.

Discord link is on the @steemmonsters account info now! for you lazy people.

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Will look into possibly being a merchant without such restrictions. As far as "It's not trustless yet." I think that is an unfortunate thing because that is very important in such a system and feel it should have been a higher priority. Will still support as we all will. But the game should be for all users to be able to interact safely when it comes to trading. So everyone be careful in trading land! Look forward to get into trading mode!


Back when I was designing Pocket, I thought a fair amount about how trustless trading could be done on Steem, and what I figured out was disappointing. Some operations are definitely possible, but it can be cumbersome to do it right.

@steemmonsters, feel free to ping me if you want to chat about it.


I agree with you, but I do like the breakneck-what-could-possibleye-go wrong approach too. This will get the market price established before trustless, which is not a bad thing.

Wow! Thank you guys for featuring my image of your images. :blush: Steem Monsters really is going to be a huge contribution to what is possible on the Steem blockchain. Functionality is being added quickly (trading is now available...seems like I was just changing its diaper) and the discord chat is full of enthusiastic and talented users.


You cast tasty spells

I sacrificed a deck

and was immediately rewarded with my first legendary.


did it just appear or has it been in another pack?


It was in a subsequent pack. I bought 5. Sent the first to null, opened two, sent another to a friend, and then opened the final one containing a legendary.

One step closer to game play. Steemmonsters is the best thing since sliced bread.

Wish I knew programming to help things along.

I love how quickly you have pushed out new features since the open alpha! This new card trading will open up lots of possibilities for the game, and we might already begin to see some people who are able to make money off the game.

We will be able to close watch the price movement

So addicting and the game has yet to start!!!

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Nice, Now I can work on completing my collection. I knew I was going to need more that 40 boosters...back to buy more and start trading, things are moving fast, keep up the good work.

Excellent.... now I really need to buy some..... bought some. Why is my Epic Card hidden ?


Great work @yabapmatt!! And looking forward to seeing how the market develops!

I am really glad to see how well this is going! We need some fun projects and things to do on the blockchain. Really nice job guys!


Did you get any good packs yet? :)

Progess is faster than I thought! Kudos to the team!

Keep up the excellent work guys, so excited to see trading in some form, great if you are in need to complete a deck or level up.

I am live on DLive waiting there until I trade my Spirit of Forrest Legendary Card with your Golden Dragon and I will give you 2 packs of FREE cards!!

Could you explain why some of these digital cards are worth at least $60 in your opinion?

If they're bought between Steemians for a new collectible value you're pitching, could you please educate me as to how their future value and utility would be sustainable?

Are you making revenue from the initial sales of digital packs of cards, and the rest of the buying/trading is peer-to-peer without further revenue?


They're not worth anything. They don't actually exist.

The only value they have is based on what other people are prepared to pay for them.

Welcome to the world of digital TCGs.

wow. my legendary is worth $60? SWEET! I only bought three boosters so far.....!

Can I be an escrow if I bought packs worth over $200?

Damn! here it is! trading! haha!☺

Great article! Please check out my steemit account. I am doing TA, crypto news and giveaways. Thank you!

Wonderful news! I'm excited! Comment on this post if you're looking for a specific type of #SteemMonster for trade!

Yours truly,


One of the most awaited features after the gameplay, and it is already here making its first steps.

WARNING! Our community is amazing, but there are some people that can´t see an opportunity of "stealing"/scamming to make some more money. So, be careful, my advice is for you to try the system first with low value cards.

I like your sharing

Cool. I am interested :)

I like the idea of a card game, but there are some things that escape me.

how can you compete with

- Magic
- Heartstone

How many people there are behind the project? (only 2?)

  • Who draw the cards?
  • Who decide the game dynamics?
  • who manages the servers?
  • who control everything works fine
  • It's an external project not based on steem blockchain?
    i know this game it's not out yet, but I have doubts about how 2 people can compete against the most stronger videogames house.

Can you give me more advice please?

Great to see the game grow!

Trading is looking good, this helped finish my set:


Excellent work @reseller! Now just a matter of leveling them up.


Wow.... that is awesome.

Yeah this is a start.
We can exhange mostly with our friends,
but we need something that has more trust, and we could start trading with other people aswell.

Looking forward to the updates.
i absolutely love steemmonsters !!!

I have no idea what's going on, but I'm fucking excited :)
Anyone up for doing a dtube tutorial on how to trade and the basics of card games for total n00bs like me, who have just bought in from the excitement, because it's on the blockchain :)