My First Steemmonster Battle (Practice Battle But Still Awesome!)

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I had a chance to have @yabapmatt run a sample game with two decks I picked. I submitted them to him and he ran a match using both teams.

Here is the result

(Note: run in 0.25x speed)


5 Quick Takes

(NOTE: These were fully leveled cards that were playing. So all the powers of all the cards were maxed out.)

#1 When playing the Death Splinter (Black), watch out for the Skeleton Assassin. He lives up to his name as he packs a very powerful punch! He took out the Swamp Thing in one turn with his melee and poison. Watch out for this bad-ass common!

#2 Selenia Sky can summon the dragons (and that is an awesome power), but that doesn't mean it will be an automatic win. I matched her up against a regular summoner and mostly rares (the epic was a no-show), and the rares (and common Assassin) did some big damage!

#3 Flesh Golem holds his own as a "tank". Fleshie doesn't look so powerful with what seems to be not much armor, but he definitely holds his own. The ability to self-heal is a huge plus here, and he also has lots of starting health to survive the early onslaughts.

#4 Both Epics didn't do much, on either team. I think part of the problem was how I had them positioned. They got beat on really early and were gone very fast. Where you line your cards up is very important, so pay attention to this so your cards survive a little longer than mine did in this practice match! :P

#5 Finally, it is very cool to see your ideas come to life in a match. I think this gameplay is going to be super fun and I encourage everyone to give it a go. You don't have to spend a ton of money to get a small deck, and I think you will really enjoy the strategy involved, especially when you get to see the replays like this one! :)


I would like to thank @steemmonsters and of course Matt for taking the time to give me a test match to see how it works. It is really really cool and I look very much to the real battles starting next month. I think it will be great for not only Steem Monsters, but also for Steem itself as it brings new people to our platform!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask... I'm happy to do my best to answer!


hahaha... its getting close, I can almost hear that voice already! :)

I know! I hear that in my head every time I see the button!!!

I know! I hear that
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I see the button!!!

                 - littlescribe

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Now you made me want to look at those cards again 😂 too busy with other things and have no chance to learn more... but everybody talking about the kickstarter and the tournament around. Seems like you need to show me how to level up my cards (I think I have 6 cards mow)

yes don't forget them... I will definitely help you learn how to use them! No worries @cicisaja... if you are ready to learn, I will personally be your guide! :D

That's so nice of you @davemccoy 😉 let's see next week when the shop is a bit neat than now😂

you just let me know when you are available! I'm happy to help you when you are ready :D Have a wonderful rest of your week @cicisaja! :D (and don't forget) ;)

All right cctb @davemccoy 😉 cctb = card's coach to be 😆 I will check on my steemmonsters cards tonight when the customers busy with their talks as always

lol... I like that ... I'm a cctb :) ... Your cctb is ready!!! ;)

Hey cici let me know if you are going to play. I have 13 cards now. Maybe we should get a starter pack. I am starting to think I will regret it if I don't. Anyway you are so sneaky that would probably make you good at this game. 😝

😂😂😂😂 make sure that we're in the same team with dave and matt😂 and I don't think my dearly stalker will let so into the game😊 he'll find a way to distract me

maybe we better get him a pack too 🙃 He may like it and get addicted.

He probably has 2 or 3 cards already.. but I'd better keep him busy with the shop😂 so I'll find my way to play with you and the others.

With the cctb label I also make sure that you get a entry for sure on my team! :D

👏 I'm happy being in your team. Just have checked on my sm collection😊 7 cards with 59 result.. what's that means? Someone told me before that I need a summoners.. what's summoners or gold cards means for the tournament?

Anyway Mr. Cctb, do you think a laptop with window 8 and stupid old can't updated adobe flash would be okay to join your team😯 I think I can overcome the different time zone but internet connection might be a probs, but is it important on playing the cards?

It means that you have 7 total cards... The 59 is the total you "could eventually get"... But for now you have 7. That is good, its a start and something we can build on ;) ...

The summoners are the cards that are like the leaders of the team. They are the ones that decide who plays and who doesn't and they do this by "summoning" the monsters to the team. In reality it is you that makes this decision, but you will find the right summoner to match the team you want to play. (for instance, if you want the fire team, then you will have to pick the red summoner to get the players from that color)

The gold cards are the same cards, but they have a gold look to them and they are more rare. The reason for this is to have a collectors edition, plus they can be used to play in "gold card only" tournaments.

And yes I think that if you saw the game that I have on this page, then you are going to be perfect! This game is more about getting your strategy right in picking your team, and then the computer will play it based on your choices. So definitely you computer and internet connection are no factors! You are good :)

that's exactly the thing I think will happen. Its not about the money, its about the fun of playing against each other! :D

I honestly enjoyed watching this 90second game. Thought yabapmatt's card will win seeing he has Selenia Dragon lol kinda expected the golem will take your whole team too :)

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That's what I thought too once my tank went down right away... I agree though, it was very interesting to see the come back these little guys in the back did. Both the Skeleton Assassin and the Twisted Jester are pretty tough :D

I think that you're underrating the undead priest and his ability to weak and slow all your team, I know he didn't make any damage but he bluffs all your team like the swamp thing did against Yabapmatt. The abilities that stack in all teams seem very powerful.

wow... that's a very good point there @palasatenea! I thought of that when I first picked it, but since he didn't do much I forgot :P ... Thanks for pointing that out :)

It's just my opinion, I would need a lot of more testing to see if I'm right or wrong but I'm glad you take in consideration :). If this ability has influence with 20 mana cap, it could be devastating with higher mana cap.

I agree... you made a very good observation and I am already incorporating it into my mock teams right now ;)

@davemccoy where can I go to read more about what each monster can do and their abilities, etc.? Strategies like how to line your creatures up and things like that? Any insight on this? Like a cheat sheet or a battle guide?

Sure... Do you have any cards yet and have you been to ?

If so, then go to the site and you can look up each card's stats by clicking on it in your "collection"

If you don't have any cards yet, then #1 let me know and I will direct you to people that are giving a few away to the people that have none. And #2 I can take pictures of my deck and show you each cards stats that way.

Also here is a link to the post that explains the abilities, its a good read and will help you understand it more too:

Thanks, @palasatenea! I'm happy that you like them 😃

Thanks @davemccoy I have a few cards, I'm going to go check them out and check out the sites you referenced too.

What an awesome match! Very Nice! :-)

Thank you @clove71! I really enjoyed it... I know there is one person that will have as much fun as me and that would be YOU! :D

Hey! This is so cool! I am impressed with the teams you picked. Did it turn out anywhere near how you expected it might?

Hey @littlescribe! I agree, very cool to watch a team I picked play! ... and no it didn't... I thought the dragon added to the green team would be invincible, but was surprised at how scrappy the black team is! :D

Hey there minnow man. That twisted jester is a pretty tough little guy! I have managed to save up 13 cards so far. You think if I get a starter pack I would have enough to play ?
Glad I found the Youtube videos. Makes for an easy share

I love that twisted jester! He is not only a good player, but fits my personality! :P

and good on the 13 cards... and yes you will have enough with the starter pack, your 13 cards will just make it even stronger! ;) ... And we have a few surprises planned for our friends, so keep your eyes open! ;)

haha..... aw man! good stuff.

I didn't even know that Steem had it's own version of Pokemon. I was interested in them briefly back in the late 90's.

Anyway, good to see you having fun!

Its a really cool game and just now getting going.. You should check it out, I think its going to be a blast!

This is fantastic, @davemccoy!

Thanks for sharing this video.

I love how thorns triggers, even when a monster is practically dead, and totally agreed on the Flesh Golem self-healing ability. If not for that one-dodge by the Twisted Jester toward the end... that could have been a Flesh Golem, solo-stomping, rampage! lol

Two other points to quickly take note of:

  1. The AoE ability "Slow", reduces the enemy's speed stat by 2 (two!). Maybe that's at max level... not sure if "Slow's" effectiveness scales with monster card level or not.

  2. After Swamp Thing died, the enemy team lost the debuff icon's - BUT - not the effect of them! Glitch or is that how's it's supposed to be, I wonder?

Skeleton Assassin BEFORE:

Swamp Thing's Death:

Skeleton Assassin AFTER:

Thats a good question... I will tag @yabapmatt and see if you has time to answer that... Very good catch, its something I will want to know the answer too!...(I will let you know if I find out, if you find out before me plmk too :D )

yes I was thinking the same thing! :P My respect for Fleshie grew quite a bit from that for sure!

Great match up.

I got two takeaways from this battle. First, it just goes to show that you don't need to buy a lot of powerful cards to get a powerful team. As you proved here, it was actually two common cards that made the big difference--the Skeleton Assassin and the Flesh Golem. I'll be watching shoot up in price on the market over the next few days. Lol!

Also, you can really see how mana really levels out the game. It forces players to play smart. The Lightning Dragon, and his 8 mana, for example, was matched by the Skeleton Assassin, Screaming Banshee, and Undead Priest, all summoned just for 8 mana, too. It makes you wonder how things could have turned out differently if the Spirit of the Forest with all her abilities was played instead of it and Lyanna Natura did the summoning. Who knows, that extra life point she gives could have given the Golem the edge to outlive the Death Team.

One question, though. Would you know how much damage the Poison ability does at the start of the next round? In this battle, Swamp Thing got a 2 damage, but I'm not sure if that was based on Skeleton Assassin's original damage or just a chance calculation.


hahaha on the prices going up on the 2 awesome commons! :P

And definitely the combos are amazing and something that will make a huge difference. I love the way Mana comes into play and how it gives us many choices! Even 1 point can be super valuable!

And my understanding is that once a monster gets poisoned it will get the negatives each round (and not based on the original hit but poison as a potion). I could be wrong (since it died on the first round we can't tell). That is something that we should ask @yabapmatt when he has some time! If you find out let me know too :D

And thank you for a great comment! :D

Will do. It's actually one of the things I'm trying to figure out with the abilities since not all of them say how much damage they will cause, like with Blast. Thanks for replying.

I am with you completely on blast myself... I think we will all figure it out really quick when we have these rounds. Matt told me that things are progressing well in their testing phase so that shouldn't be too much longer ;)

Well, I'm very excited. I can't wait until we can actually start playing. 😃

One thing I didn't understand was why did he only have three cards and you got to have five cards? I guess I need to have a look at the rules and card stats if I am going to play.

Hey @bashadow... The reason is that you get a total of 20 mana (like a salary cap)... The cards on the green team were more powerful and thus cost more Mana to play. The cards on the black team were smaller and thus I could afford more of them grouped together. Here's where you find the mana cost in this 20 mana game:

So as you can see, I have 5 more mana to add more cards to the black deck to equal the 8 mana of the lightning dragon!

Thank you, I really should start reading about the game and learning the rules if I plan on playing a round or two, which I do.

You will catch up quickly and I will help... I plan on a series of tutorials coming very very soon ;) ... stay tuned my friend :D

That sounds good, the games are going to start up soon, I see a lot of people talking about it, so I guess it is time to start getting into the coming flow of the game.

you have about 3 to 4 weeks... I think you're a pretty fast learner, so you will need maybe 30 to 40 mins! :P

I think I will be revisiting steem monsters now that I'm seeing this working prototype.

I hope the first battles won't be unbalanced by the people that bought a million cards.

My understanding @jeezle is that they will have different size tourneys... So a guy at level 1 through 4 won't be playing a fully maxed team. The more maxed the cards are makes them more powerful, so if they do have separate classifications of tourneys then it will solve that problem. According to @yabapmatt, it will even be fun for the guy who buys a simple started deck to get started. I'm looking foward to it and I think they completely understand your issue of balance!

Oh dear. It is as I feared it would be. I have no idea what's going on @davemccoy. 😢

  1. Who won? I'm assuming you as all @yabapmatt's cards disappeared.

  2. Are the numbers on the right of the cards indicative of combined cards and, if so, would you recommend we combine them now? (Earlier when I asked you said to wait).

  3. When the cards go to 0 does that mean you've lost them for good or they are just out of the game?

  4. Would you recommend buying missing cards. I don't think I have any complete sets?

  5. Where on earth does someone like me, who hasn't a clue, start? 😱

Thanks for your help! 😍

I'm off to watch the video again . . .

:) Gillian! ... you will get it... there is a lot to think about, but once you get the main points it is not so hard :D

Here are your answers:

  1. the black team (me) won, you are right. Making the other guys cards disappear is a good thing ;)
  2. I would still say that you should learn first so that you can pick your team 2nd. Once you pick what color(s) you like and decide your strategy, then you can trade the excess cards to improve your team you plan to play. THEN you can level!
  3. Only for the game. You never lose your cards in battle for good. They return to health for the next battle ;)
  4. yes, but only when you have your strategy in your mind. Usually you will start with a color or two and make them the strongest they can be. I'll help you make this decision when you're ready to think about it!
  5. I will be putting out a series of basics in the next few weeks. I suggest that you try to read these type things and just ask lots of questions. Pretty soon you will know what a "tank" "sneek" "healer" etc are, and it will seem super easy at that point! Just keep doing what you are doing, ask lots of questions and you will get it super quick! :D

Thank you so much @davemccoy. I'm glad you've got confidence in me at least. 😂

The fact that we don't lose cards for good makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

With regard . . .

I'll help you make this decision when you're ready to think about it!

  1. Just to be clear here. Making the decision will come after I have a strategy right?

  2. Is it possible to have a strategy before the game starts?

I'm looking forward to your basics series. If you fancy doing an interview with me (me asking you questions) to give you some ideas just let me know. I'll never be more newbie than I am now so am sure to have lots of questions those with no experience will have.

Right now I am able to ask really, really basic questions, as you can see.

I'd be happy to look at my account in advance and make a note of anything that comes to mind. 😁

yes... the strategy part all happens before the game is played... the gameplay will be just watching the results. I will help you when I put out these basic series posts... You will see, this is the fun part for me, helping my friends to figure it out :D

You will see, this is the fun part for me, helping my friends to figure it out

That's good to hear since a number of your friends seem to be scratching their heads @davemccoy. 😂

I'm really looking forward to reading your basics series. I could do with something new to get my teeth into. 😍

I have and will continue to do game play analysis videos on @monsterworld and don't worry if I just saw this video without knowing anything I'd be confused out of my gourd.

Glad to hear I'm not super dim then @jarvie. I'll try and find some more videos and see if that helps. If not, I'll wait for Dave's basic series posts. I don't even have the fundamentals at this point which I'm sure are taken for granted by people who have played these types of games in the past. 😁

That was a very interesting matchup, @davemccoy. I thought it was curious that the Lightning Dragon's Thorns  ability could reach the Skeleton Assassin on the back row. I guess I had considered the possibility that Thorns  is a Melee defense rather than a Ranged defense, but there isn't really such a thing, is there? I was expecting that Thorns  would only work in an "up close and personal" fight on the front row. Good to see that I was wrong on this.

🙚   SteemMonsters: • Site   • Discord   | • Site   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘

Hey @trisquelwhare... You are right in that the thorns hits back on melee... The reason why it looks funny is that the Assassin is using melee. He is a "sneek" so he can strike with his melee attack from any position in the lineup. And since the Dragon has thorns, he will respond in kind! ;)

Aha! Of course. Thank you for putting me right on this. There is so much that I'm yet to consider about the gameplay features in SteemMonsters. I'm learning, slowly. We still have plenty of time yet before the tournaments start. I'm hopiing to build up my spreadsheet before then and be able to select a decent Team from it on-the-fly. That's the plan, anyway. I'm now pulling in the live data directly from the SteemMonsters API into my spreadsheet too, so that helps. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community!

awesome... I'm thinking we have a good group of people that are assembling here and everyone will get involved in different speeds and levels of interest. I'm happy to have these kind of discussions so that we can all enjoy this game together! :D

ps... very cool that you are getting the data directly! Good job, it will come in handy I'm sure of it! ;)

That went all so fast! I had issues to follow :) I love the animation! It's a very exciting game! But I guess it will take me ages to learn how to play :) Thank you for the video Dave and congratulations on winning the sample game! :)

lol... not as long as you think... You can slow the video down to .25x speed. That will slow it to a mind manageble level. :P ... and you will get it fast... This is just the beginning, I will have many explanations out to help people to understand! ;)

Hahaha, silly me! If I won't get it fast I will try and try and try until I master the game! :)

Thank you for coming back to me Dave!

I had a feeling you might be like that... You seem like you do everything as best you can... So that will definitely come in handy here! ;)

Wow! Congrats on first winning! What strategi did you base on in placement of you monsters?

Thanks Marina! As for strategy on the placement, I will be posting more complete details, but here is a short version:

in the front put your tanks (high defensive stats, health and shield, etc)... Those will take the brunt of the hits from the other teams. (remember that most monsters will only attack the front guy, so the tank is the best to take those hits and keep standing).

and there are 2 other main things to consider: 1) the guy in the back will get hit by the other team's sneek, so make sure he is decent in defense or expendable (also snipes are a factor too), and 2) know where your card can fight from. (ie an archer can't shoot his arrow from the first slot, so keep them near the back so they don't get stuck up front if the tank goes down).

I'm looking forward to explaining further, so ask me any questions... You are my teammate so I will happily get you up to speed ;)

Great! Thank you for the early short version will wait for your post with compleat details

You are very welcome! Its going to be fun! :D

I think as more and more matches (practice or real) are played and tactics get developed, there will be cards that will surprise i.e. are overlooked now but will become highly prized and vice versa in the future.

Thanks for sharing 👍

I agree completely! This one match showed me a ton... I will learn from many many more as time goes on! Thank you for watching and for commenting!

Thanks for this Dave...Awesome to see it in action:) Looks like it's going to provide a lot of fun, for a lot of folks on the steem chain.

I agree PK... And I'm happy to have you on the team as having fun with friends is a big part of life!

So entertaining to watch :D

I agree :D... I think the game will be tons of fun for players and even spectators too (once we get into the Gold Games) :)

Wow what a cool battle can't wait until we can play our first battles!

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I agree... :) ... Its a ton of fun for sure!

You know what..
I haven't played this game before and these names sound strange to me. I can only imagine how they look like especially skeleton assasin.

Looking forward to trying it out...

It will be coming soon! I think you will like it a lot! Look for it in September for the battles to start for us all :D

Alright...gonna check it out when comes out.

Wow this combat was a serious one, I'm glad that the black team is so powerful, I've some black cards too. :D

Agreed... I love my black cards now :D

That damn skeleton assasin!

This was awesome to see. Just curious, why did you have 5 cards versus Matt's 3? Didn't seem a fair fight being 5 on 3. I enjoyed the action though. I bought a bunch of the assassins too, keke.

I'd love to see Rex, Medusa, and Swamp Thing in action.

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