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RE: My First Steemmonster Battle (Practice Battle But Still Awesome!)

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One thing I didn't understand was why did he only have three cards and you got to have five cards? I guess I need to have a look at the rules and card stats if I am going to play.


Hey @bashadow... The reason is that you get a total of 20 mana (like a salary cap)... The cards on the green team were more powerful and thus cost more Mana to play. The cards on the black team were smaller and thus I could afford more of them grouped together. Here's where you find the mana cost in this 20 mana game:

So as you can see, I have 5 more mana to add more cards to the black deck to equal the 8 mana of the lightning dragon!

Thank you, I really should start reading about the game and learning the rules if I plan on playing a round or two, which I do.

You will catch up quickly and I will help... I plan on a series of tutorials coming very very soon ;) ... stay tuned my friend :D

That sounds good, the games are going to start up soon, I see a lot of people talking about it, so I guess it is time to start getting into the coming flow of the game.

you have about 3 to 4 weeks... I think you're a pretty fast learner, so you will need maybe 30 to 40 mins! :P