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RE: My First Steemmonster Battle (Practice Battle But Still Awesome!)

This is fantastic, @davemccoy!

Thanks for sharing this video.

I love how thorns triggers, even when a monster is practically dead, and totally agreed on the Flesh Golem self-healing ability. If not for that one-dodge by the Twisted Jester toward the end... that could have been a Flesh Golem, solo-stomping, rampage! lol


Two other points to quickly take note of:

  1. The AoE ability "Slow", reduces the enemy's speed stat by 2 (two!). Maybe that's at max level... not sure if "Slow's" effectiveness scales with monster card level or not.

  2. After Swamp Thing died, the enemy team lost the debuff icon's - BUT - not the effect of them! Glitch or is that how's it's supposed to be, I wonder?

Skeleton Assassin BEFORE:

Swamp Thing's Death:

Skeleton Assassin AFTER:

Thats a good question... I will tag @yabapmatt and see if you has time to answer that... Very good catch, its something I will want to know the answer too!...(I will let you know if I find out, if you find out before me plmk too :D )

yes I was thinking the same thing! :P My respect for Fleshie grew quite a bit from that for sure!