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RE: My First Steemmonster Battle (Practice Battle But Still Awesome!)

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I honestly enjoyed watching this 90second game. Thought yabapmatt's card will win seeing he has Selenia Dragon lol kinda expected the golem will take your whole team too :)

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That's what I thought too once my tank went down right away... I agree though, it was very interesting to see the come back these little guys in the back did. Both the Skeleton Assassin and the Twisted Jester are pretty tough :D

I think that you're underrating the undead priest and his ability to weak and slow all your team, I know he didn't make any damage but he bluffs all your team like the swamp thing did against Yabapmatt. The abilities that stack in all teams seem very powerful.

wow... that's a very good point there @palasatenea! I thought of that when I first picked it, but since he didn't do much I forgot :P ... Thanks for pointing that out :)

It's just my opinion, I would need a lot of more testing to see if I'm right or wrong but I'm glad you take in consideration :). If this ability has influence with 20 mana cap, it could be devastating with higher mana cap.

I agree... you made a very good observation and I am already incorporating it into my mock teams right now ;)

@davemccoy where can I go to read more about what each monster can do and their abilities, etc.? Strategies like how to line your creatures up and things like that? Any insight on this? Like a cheat sheet or a battle guide?

Sure... Do you have any cards yet and have you been to ?

If so, then go to the site and you can look up each card's stats by clicking on it in your "collection"

If you don't have any cards yet, then #1 let me know and I will direct you to people that are giving a few away to the people that have none. And #2 I can take pictures of my deck and show you each cards stats that way.

Also here is a link to the post that explains the abilities, its a good read and will help you understand it more too:

Thanks, @palasatenea! I'm happy that you like them 😃

Thanks @davemccoy I have a few cards, I'm going to go check them out and check out the sites you referenced too.

cool.. let me know if I can help you any further.. you can get me on discord at davemccoy#2479 :) or of course here on steemit too! :D