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RE: My First Steemmonster Battle (Practice Battle But Still Awesome!)

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Now you made me want to look at those cards again 😂 too busy with other things and have no chance to learn more... but everybody talking about the kickstarter and the tournament around. Seems like you need to show me how to level up my cards (I think I have 6 cards mow)


yes don't forget them... I will definitely help you learn how to use them! No worries @cicisaja... if you are ready to learn, I will personally be your guide! :D

That's so nice of you @davemccoy 😉 let's see next week when the shop is a bit neat than now😂

you just let me know when you are available! I'm happy to help you when you are ready :D Have a wonderful rest of your week @cicisaja! :D (and don't forget) ;)

All right cctb @davemccoy 😉 cctb = card's coach to be 😆 I will check on my steemmonsters cards tonight when the customers busy with their talks as always

lol... I like that ... I'm a cctb :) ... Your cctb is ready!!! ;)

Hey cici let me know if you are going to play. I have 13 cards now. Maybe we should get a starter pack. I am starting to think I will regret it if I don't. Anyway you are so sneaky that would probably make you good at this game. 😝

😂😂😂😂 make sure that we're in the same team with dave and matt😂 and I don't think my dearly stalker will let so into the game😊 he'll find a way to distract me

maybe we better get him a pack too 🙃 He may like it and get addicted.

He probably has 2 or 3 cards already.. but I'd better keep him busy with the shop😂 so I'll find my way to play with you and the others.

With the cctb label I also make sure that you get a entry for sure on my team! :D

👏 I'm happy being in your team. Just have checked on my sm collection😊 7 cards with 59 result.. what's that means? Someone told me before that I need a summoners.. what's summoners or gold cards means for the tournament?

Anyway Mr. Cctb, do you think a laptop with window 8 and stupid old can't updated adobe flash would be okay to join your team😯 I think I can overcome the different time zone but internet connection might be a probs, but is it important on playing the cards?

It means that you have 7 total cards... The 59 is the total you "could eventually get"... But for now you have 7. That is good, its a start and something we can build on ;) ...

The summoners are the cards that are like the leaders of the team. They are the ones that decide who plays and who doesn't and they do this by "summoning" the monsters to the team. In reality it is you that makes this decision, but you will find the right summoner to match the team you want to play. (for instance, if you want the fire team, then you will have to pick the red summoner to get the players from that color)

The gold cards are the same cards, but they have a gold look to them and they are more rare. The reason for this is to have a collectors edition, plus they can be used to play in "gold card only" tournaments.

And yes I think that if you saw the game that I have on this page, then you are going to be perfect! This game is more about getting your strategy right in picking your team, and then the computer will play it based on your choices. So definitely you computer and internet connection are no factors! You are good :)

Ahh.. I don't have summoners😂 and I won't purchase any packs till I achieve my goal on steemit😆 thank you coach. So, it does means that I should pick the right cards to build a team, most of my cards only have 2-4 hearts, how to increase the level?

that's exactly the thing I think will happen. Its not about the money, its about the fun of playing against each other! :D