SteemMag – Steemit’s Weekend Digest #34: Ushering In A New Dawn With SMTs: A Chat With The Steem Dev behind DTube …Meeting The Creator of the first Steem-based token and This Week On Steemit

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It is with great delight I welcome you to the thirty-fourth edition of SteemMag, a weekend digest for Steemians.
It’s an historic one as it’s the first edition after one of the most important announcements on Steemit – The Launch of Smart Media Tokens by @ned.

Every edition, I take a look at some of the most important/trending topics and have a chat with top Steemians who have expert views on such topics.

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This week has been an amazing one on Steemit. You can feel the excitement amongst users after @ned’s announcement and we all hope and look forward to an amazing future.

In this edition, SteemMag had a chat with @biophil, the creator of POCKET, the first subtoken built on the Steem Blockchain.

We also had a chat with one of the most prolific Steem developers, @heimindanger . He is not only the creator of the widely used but also the developer behind popular DTube, the decentralized video platform.

A Chat With @heimindanger

SteemMag What inspired you to create Dtube?

@heimindanger -
YouTube and STEEM. They are probably my top 2 most visited websites 😃

SM - Which was more challenging in developing, Dtube or Steemwhales?
Both took a while. SteemWhales was hard because I was discovering the STEEM Blockchain and how to work with it. DTube was hard because I was discovering IPFS. So as the second depended on the first, I'd say DTube was more challenging.

SteemMag - How has been the reception of Steemians and non-Steemians to Dtube so far?
@heimindanger -
I honestly couldn't hope for a better reception of DTube after the launch on SteemIt. Articles are rocking the trending and 99% of the comments are overly positive. I don't have much data about non-Steemians, as you have to be one to be on dtube, but I have talked with a lot of people who joined Steem thanks to DTube.

SteemMag - With the launch of SMTs, do you plan on creating one for Dtube?
Yes, why not? I believe content separation to be important, so should the reward pools. I actually cannot wait for the SMT launch, I would love to see how much it would affect the hot and trending sections

SM - Where do you see DTube in 3-5 years?
It's hard to tell because DTube relies on other technologies such as STEEM and IPFS. If STEEM and IPFS keep doing well as they are doing now, I have no doubt DTube will be a very popular website.

Thanks for having another chat with SteemMag, @heimindanger. We are all excited to witness the beginnings of this amazing platform. Wish you and DTube loads of luck in your endeavors.

A Chat With @biophil

SteemMag - 1. Your work gave Steemians a prelude to how SMTs could work, how was the reception to POCKET?
@biophil -
The reception was fantastic, and basically everything anybody has said has been positive. An important aspect of this is that I didn't charge anybody for the tokens: there's no better way to invite controversy than to ask people for money. Another thing that other devs could probably learn from is that whenever you can, you should act from the principle that "actions speak louder than promises." I didn't tell anybody I was doing this until I launched, and I believe that smoothed everything out tremendously.

SM - How would SMTs affect your Steem-based development? Are you planning on launching a formal SMT powered token?
I haven't thought through all of the possibilities yet of how I'll be able to use SMTs, but I'm excited about the project. I love the fundraising possibilities, but as a US citizen I have to be very cautious about how I navigate that due to the uncertainty surrounding SEC policies on ICOs. To your second question, I stay pretty quiet about my future plans on principle; however, I have thought about the various ways that POCKET could be implemented as an SMT. POCKET balances could be snapshotted, and new shares of a non-inflating SMT could be distributed to balance holders. I'm not sure what purpose it would serve, and POCKET would probably lose its place as a comment-based tipping currency -- but maybe it would be a good direction for the project. We'll see where the community is then!

SteemMag - What can Steem Inc and Steemians in general do to accelerate adoption rates of SMTs across the media and crypto industry?
The reason I built POCKET is that it was an easy proof-of-concept (that's what POC stands for, anyway) decentralized autonomous application that could integrate directly with Steem. I didn't ask anybody's permission to do it. I didn't ask anybody if they thought it was a good idea. I didn't have to! That's the incredible beauty of Steem, that it's a completely public and fee-free blockchain that has tremendous untapped possibilities. Hopefully POCKET has inspired people to think bigger about what Steem can be; if it accomplishes only this, I'll be happy with my work

It was nice having a chat with you @biophil. It’s always a pleasure seeing the POCKET bot at work. Look forward to even more exciting use cases from you.

This brings us to the end of an amazing week for the entire Steem ecosystem.


I'm pleased to select @ceepee, @steembusiness and @ogochukwu as the winners of the SteemMag design competition announced in my last post. I will also be giving @laylahsophia and @lemmybe some tokens for participating. Thanks so much guys.

Thanks for getting to the end of this weekend's special edition. What was your favorite feature? Do you have any project you would like to have featured on SteemMag?
I would love to hear from you!

And don’t forget to follow @steem-mag and other mentioned Steemians ;)


Awesome Step Finally will Read SteemMAG

Haha. Thanks for dropping by. Someone you would like see on SteemMag?

I was wondering whether this would be followed with another set
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btw, I sent you a reply in the chat
I hope you're doing great!

Nice work.. Will definitely be reading steemmag often to know more about some amazing projects and works on steemit. Resteemed

Thanks for dropping by, Evelyn. Feel free to suggest what you would like to see in the next editions.

It's so awesome to see my design as cover picture of @Steem-mag :) Keep on going with this great project, I'll be reading it regularly for sure :)

Thanks man for the nice design. Really loved the fact that it filled the preview cover image for posts.

You're most welcome :)

Quite informative.
The SMT tokens announced by @ned makes steem gradually an "all in all" which is a good one. You don't need to visit etheruem, waves or wings to have your projects established.
I am ancious for more devs on Dtube. I guess in the near future, it gives youtube a run for the money.
On pocket by @biophil, i'm yet to know about it. I guess i blame that on my non too versatile nature lol. But it's a cool one to be able to send rewards other than through upvotes. I guess it's just like the "tipping" service tipu I know of. Would read up on it anyways.

thanks for the knowledge shared.

pocketsend:[email protected], it's better than @tipu because you don't have to trust anyone not to steal your money!

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Thanks @dorth. Guess you have @biophil to thank now that you've got some POCKETs too ;)

Lol... Yeah I do. I was able to read up on it too. Interesting to know steemit goes beyond just blogging. Although I am yet to know how to access my pocket balance, @biophil could help out.

Congrats to the winners, I hope to participate for the next one! Yes ooo the SMT announced by Ned is seriously shaking everywhere, Steem is raising as well, it's time for one to start storing Steem! Thanks for sharing! Welcome after 19days of being MIA...........

You were keeping count. Well done ma. Grins.

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Haaha. Truly the sweetest! Lol. Thanks for the warm welcome

You're welcome. please easy with the MIA🤗... Ermm can i ask you to Interview someone?

Happy to see steem-mag live and well! I helped @heimindanger with some translations and It's great that @biophil liked some of my posts! He says I'm doing something right... Pocket tokens are in my pocket too! Looking forward to the next edition!

Haha! Thanks bud for dropping by. You've been a consistent reader of SteemMag and I'm so glad you're having fun here.

Hello @infovore

Just like you said the Launch of the SMT was the break of a new dawn and I just found out yesterday that it was actually a neccessity, read @cryptoctopus to know why I said so.

Also d tube is opening a whole new opportunity for video. I interviewed @heimindanger last week and i must say he is a smart fellow.

I have not heard of POCKET by @biofill , i will have to check it out later.

P.S I am glad you chose my design as one of the winning entries. You made a small typo with my name though.

Welcome back


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Thanks man for the test tokens :)

Thanks for dropping by. Sorry about the typo :( Fixed it. And you're absolutely right, with a lot of apps like DTUbe being built on the blockchain, SMTs are truly the game changers. We're getting to the top. Soon

I dont think i agree with @heimindanger about dtube not being a very popular site.

With the intro of SMT alot of investors will actually adopt STEEM as a mainstream.
It has already started to happen and when it has risen to the likes of bitcoin and eth. You will see the growth of Dtube.

It is just a matter of time.

Haha. Just being humble I guess. But we're just starting and there's a whole of progress points lined up DTube. Nevertheless, its an exciting project for the decentralized movement.

exactly. The future holds great things for us. Thanks too for being awesome

This proves the active growth of our coins and a great future for this project! I'm happy to receive such great news!

Wow! Congrats to the winners... I'll be looking forward to the next... STEEMMAG!

Thanks. Is there someone or an app you would like to see in the next editions.

This is a beautiful edition of SM. I look forward to more awesome contents. And thanks for the token. Congratulations to the winners

Congrats, once again. And thanks for dropping by.

Thank you so much for the tokens. I got them yesterday. Cheers.

Great work @infovore, i will be reading more on steemmag. Its also inspiring to know that you are also working greatly behind the screen to ensure that steemmag and steemit as a whole go much further forward.

Thanks for the good words, bud. A steemian you would like to see on SteemMag?

SMT is the next thing right now! Its announcement has brought positive feelings to steemit users.

I like this feature, there is a lot of positive vibes from the people you 'interviewed'.

Congrats to the winners! 👍

Thanks for dropping by, smyle. You're right, a lot of Steemians are giddy over the announcement. Exciting future!

Awesome to have steemMag back again. So much information to grab here. looking to more updates from steemMag.
And thank you @infovore for selecting my work as winner for the steemMag competition

Thanks so much design. It stood out and was exactly what I was trying to create with my previous canva designs. You rock!

Thank you. The feeling of winning is different.

Wow so impressed,thanks for sharing @infovore and keep up the good work...👍

Thanks for dropping by. Any project or Steemian you will like to see featured on SteemMag?

Hmmm.... Indeed this is the dawn for Steemians. Great content sir

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Thanks once again and keep on making impact.
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Good to see Steem Magazine after long time. It will be a great way to be in touch with STEEM snippets and developments. Thanks @infovore.

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Steemit into a new level. Great news.

@infovore, so nice new development, is with great delight "SteemMag", a weekend digest for Steemians.It’s an historic achievement.

I think i also fall in the class of people that dont know about pocket by @biophil. I have to search for more information on it and be able to share the knowledge with fellow steemians.

pocketsend:[email protected], here are some tokens to get you started! the original announcement post is here:

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i have not been catching up with steemmag like i promised but that will change..

there is even a steemmag competition. oh my God where have i been

This is really great, @infovore :) I was thinking about possibly creating a separate account to run as a publication, but I like how you use a tag for that instead. It makes total sense to me. I'm inspired to follow your lead.

I was perusing the smt tag to see what people were saying about the announcement, which is how I found your magazine. Really well done!

very good post friends

Those projects up there are great. You guys are giving moral to some here . This is an inspiring development on steemit and it really means we are moving very fast .

Where have i been all these while?
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This is good news and a sign of progress to our platform
steemit is taking over

This is a beautiful edition of SM. I look forward to more awesome contents. And thanks for the token. Congratulations to the winners

Good work and a great blog. Thank you for upvoting my post . I am following you already. And i will post more on financial management.

great post.. i like it

This was really great information. I learned a lot of new things, thank you.

@infovore l like what you share. I first read about Dtube on @Jerrybanfield's post some days ago but I'm finding it difficult to use Dtube. I would appreciate an Expo.

I got my 90 steem wining prize @infovore. Thank you so much.

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