All cryptos are the same and you need to get in now because they are extremely low priced for the invention of Computational Trust!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Crypto-currency should be referred to as an ownership right (token or share certificate) to a platform, or a specifically designed currency, built on a blockchain backbone. Why you need to get in on many of them and 'hold' as they will all be able to be interchangeable (shape shift) with ease through a shape shift application (app) or soon in your computer browser.

Shape shift, sounds like an X-Men movie eh?

To give my almost 1,000 followers an update, I am still waiting on my VW Van as the tachometer is giving us trouble. I will be moving into 50 square feet and traveling the Americas soon. I should have been headed south already as I only bought summer tires and Edmonton Alberta Canada has already seen snow. This week I am off to Nelson BC to do some errands and get my shed to lock up stage. I had to stop in-between Trail and Castlegar BC Canada, for this beautiful shot of a pond:

Bitcoin is a 'utility' and since it can be used like money some are doing such like me and my friends. The utility is: the most secure data base ever invented. As simple as that. My analogy is: picture it like a big spread sheet (an excel spread sheet) with 21 million cells. Each cell has a password assigned to it and that is called the keys to that cell. These keys can be transferred to other cell keys and are then owned or controlled by the new keys. Cool eh! There is even an open source protocol that releases these cell ownership controls over time ensuring decentralization and utilizing consensus systematic for any updates.

Currently, the market capitalization (net worth) of all cryptos is around $129 Billion USD. This time next year I predict $1.2 Trillion USD. That is a 10x gain. You need to sell some of your assets and get in NOW! Please note I am not a financial advisor but have 35 years of generally accepted accounting expertise.

Speaking of shape-shifting: The financial world is not what you think:

The existence of an economic super-entity as the study authors call it has never been documented before. I suspect that control is less now than a hundred years ago but I don't know that. The fact that these large data sets have only recently become available has restricted antitrust institution actions and pretty much went unnoticed. I suggest it is time these organizations are forced to act on this information. It has been proven small cross-shareholding companies can effect market competition. It seems to me to be common sense as we just look around. We don't see too many price wars at our local gas stations, utilities, banks, etc. Is it because they have the same shareholders and are either conspiring or simply a wink and nod, or is it the smart way to make more money? Back to following the money and it all makes sense.

The blockchain is like water any type works for your survival. Tap water, lake water, spring water, creek water or bottled water. Now then how does a token become money: it becomes money when a value is attached to the controlling or ownership of the token. Why would someone want to own such a utility or a portion of it? There is value in someone notarizing contracts in a manner so secure it has had zero down time and zero hacks or errors from the early stages - currently the bitcoin blockchain is now running over 9 years worth of 10 minute blocks of transactions. I call it triple entry accounting: a transaction 1) buyer 2) seller 3) witness by ledger and community. Or debit, credit and witness. You can sell services on this backbone and therefore owning control allows for a return on investment. Computational Trust!

The current economic system is designed to keep you from becoming super rich and threatening the power that is currently in place. I see the finance world wasting up to 20% of the gross domestic product (GDP) keeping you drenched in expenses like bank fees, lawyer fees, insurance fees, etc. You need to be the change and the best thing you can do is shop local!

The system has us all numb through sugars, alcohol, prescriptions and limited education. Even gambling and buying lottery tickets has the government keeping your money so they can waste your taxes the way they decide.

Here is a picture of the lobby of the Castlegar casino I had excellent Russian borscht (soup), a few days back. I am not a gambler and or speculator my investments in crypto-currency is based on years of experience in finance and not trusting the current system:

The current volatility of the crypto-currency (bitcoin) world is there as big money can pump and dump it to shake you out of it as they buy it all up. What I mean by all crypto's are the same, is because of shape shifting, you can be paid or spend in one while shape shifting into the one you trust while not needing to use it.

Most of them are positioned to fight the up coming inflation that I see.


Excellent post, you are absolutely right, now is the time to enter the game and start your own business. Many of us probably did. Thank you @greenman and your thoughts are close to me, so I Upvote and resteem

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I agree, we all need to learn and move forward. Thank you!

Wow.. Wonderful and creative writing about cryptocurrency @greenman..😊
Really grateful in your effort..👌
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I'm looking forward to an article about your bike, how did it look?

I am too! The bike looks great and is so much fun to ride - goes real good on sand, gravel, trails and grass. I expect next week some time I should post a full video of the van running and the bike hanging off the back of her.

it's your bike?? @greenman

This the one which @greenman have

Yes, it's very interesting how are your advances with the bike and how much battery is enough?

Right. I have a second electric bike that is a road bike and goes faster but after about 2 hours I was peddling the heavy bike for the last 20 km as the battery died. Lucky the fat tire bike is better technology and I bought an extra battery pack. I will keep everyone posted on how I find things - can't wait to fly around the Grand Canyon with an electric bike.

Have a great trip to you and make the batteries last long, keep us informed, I'm interested!

This bike is greenman ?





you are most welcome duddy.

The more we distribute, the more people will know, this is a good textbook.

A broken tachometer, that is a blessing i would say, you can sell your van in 20 years with the same amount of km :-)

I resteemed your post, it is a funny coincidence i just posted a similar post questioning authority and financial power.

All hopes on the blockchain, thanks for posting sometimes.

Thank you for sharing the info!


i agree @greenman, such a useful information really helpful in long run.

greenman you ar relly good man..!!

wow @greenman what an excellent post! This is such a big and deep issue, and its good to see you giving so many reasons why our current Free Market Capitalism has had its day, and why Crypto is such an amazing alternative.

We don't see too many price wars at our local gas stations, utilities, banks, etc. Is it because they have the same shareholders and are either conspiring or simply a wink and nod, or is it the smart way to make more money?
This is just one tiny symptom of a system that has past its prime. The real free market ended quite a long time ago, and now everything is corruption, shady deals and infinite greed.

Finally we are waking up, and have now invented something (Crypto) that is ready to pick the pieces when the day does come that this archaic 'survival of the fittest' mentality dies, and our current systems break down.

We are on the cusp of real change, and for now we just have to live our lives in the most positive and productive way we can. It's high time for us to create real security for ourselves, like you have.. It may take years or even decades for real change to come, but when it does I believe great things will be seen around the whole world.

thank you! re-steeming this one!

Excellent comments - thx!

i agree with you @greenman, no doubt so thoughtful comment.


Excellent, informative and thought provoking article. I also have a very similar line of thinking about the future of crypto and world money management. I am currently in a phase of increasing my investment's weekly with as much as I possibly out it. My holding's at this point include Silver, Bitcoin and Steem with thoughts of looking into Siacoin, Bitshares and/or Kexcoin as I truly believe in these projects.
I remember first hearing about shape shift and thinking, "Wow, this could be a game changer." And I still think it is/will become even more so as you described in your piece. Glad I found this today and I look forward to going over some of your other work as I am still very new to the platform. Good luck with your investments moving forward!

Strongly agree! They are cheap! good time to buy in and get rich after a couple of years!
Good post! Upvote, resteem!

It's really helpful for us , thank you sir .

Please also visit India 🇮🇳 , my birthplace it's really beautiful and great journey for you sir .

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I already got some cryptos ) thanks for sharing your thoughts, resteem

Right now we have opportunity to buy cryptos at cheap prices .

Thx, I see the resteem.

Thank you for writing such a great article to motivate about cryptos.

you are fighting from inflation in a very excellent way it was great seeing your blog post today and i hope your VW Van is ready by now :)
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Greenman is on point! Everyone here definitely follow him as I recently have! Extremely informative posts!

Amazing post @greenman we have to get in crypto right now the market is falling and princes are very low
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Thank you very much for the great support it is a great pleasure to be a fan of your blog

thanks for sharing keep it up @greenman.
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I am from Aceh-indonesia.

Excellent tips and suggestions @greenman, now is the time to enter the game and start your own business. Many of us probably did. Upvoted and resteemed the post to my followers too.

Absolutely Sir! I totally agree with you ! Just HODL :)
You got yourself a new follower :)

Thank you for the infos. I also think that a big inflation will come and I am happy to see that the percentage of your Steem has changed. I will upvote and resteem because everyone has to know about the inflation that is coming.


your articale and thought are giving a clear concept on crypto currency. nowadays people are thinking about block chain and crypto curency. and thanks to you for clearing the concept of ctypto cureency. I am happy to here that your van is almost ok. so best of luck on your tour.


Thanks for the advice greenman. I've been after bitshares but not doing well finding a wallet for android. Hard to make the decision to sell bitcoin to buy others crypto too. At least,it is for me... Upvoted and followed.

ooo i like your all post

Another wonderful post by @greenman

  1. This post is very useful to all crypto currency users....and specialy to me...
  2. I can take some idea about crypto investements....and I always try take good investments for my future.....
  3. I think you have more expereince about crypto investment....and specialy I want....thank you so much @greenman for sharing your valuble knowledge with us...
  4. You are presantation and written skill is execellent sir...I respect it....
  5. I'm become a your fan...and I always try follow your blog...

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i like to follow you because you have vast amount of knowledge in crypto and world economics thanks for sharing that :) resteemed and upvoted

great post @greenman, upvoted and resteemed !!

I like your article and your points.
Your writing style, and the images... makes the whole thing hard to read.
I can't show it to my mom; I'll have to condense it and make it readable.
Just saying, in case it helps.

Thanks for feedback - I followed you.


I wish I could buy more now... but I sterted crypto 4 months ago. some stupid beginners mistakes and some terrible ico's... now everything is soo much down.. I think I have to wait till some are back to my purchase levels again... frustrating times... started @ the wrong moment I guess... But Steemit brought me joy again... And If I really don't know it I call to

@greenman - Exceptional writing Sir. Facts & experiences are well written. I also invested on gold too Sir. Excellent article you shared here.

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@greenman - Oh my goodness, I just noted you are doing an awesome job of promoting in linkedin by forwarding posts to I'm excited by your work Sir. Promoting Steemit in Linkedin a brilliant idea.

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This is really complicated stuff but of course you're right...... The system exists currently to keep the rich rich and prevent the poor from ever breaking free. Cryptocurrency can change that. However, we need awareness and trust in crypto. It isn't fake money. Most of the bigwigs who are saying that it is secretly are holding a ton of it.

Nice read.

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This is awesome to know great indeed and i love the fact that you have invested very wisely and smartly invested in good stuffs which gives great result in future ahead resteem and upvoted

great post.beautiful photography,follow and resteem

Thanks you very much for you open and clear thoughts. I think that the GAME / Mobile Go could grow big as well. I was in-time with that ICO.... its a matter of time in my opinion.
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You are a great right

Great topic for a new competition in the bitcoin ....., I really like it. thanks for sharing post in everybody.......Upvote and resteem.

i am trying to bring the change by doing my bit i was inspired by the words you have told me earlier now i try to make a change even it is small but it will make a difference thanks for sharing @greenman Upvoted and resteemed

@greenman. Really thanks for educating us more about crypto-currency, i didn't know this much about it but now i know. It really made feel happy. Also i like your optimism about the worth of crypto-currency in future, it is massive. Thank you. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you. Diversity is the order of the day in crypto-currency. Nice.

59% in Bitcoin that's a great move it has great future,thanks for your I Upvoted and resteemed

After a short stint with bitcoin upon it's inception I bailed too early and took a nice kick in the a$$ when I see its worth and potential now. So earlier this year I started to buy into / mine some prospective coins. So with that being said I would have to agree with you 100%.

Upvoted and resteemed. Excellent post about low prices. But i think there are some shitty coins out there like dogecoin that need to be avoided

Many cryptos are scams or just busts. Less then 20% will pay off. Do your research people!

I totally agree! To me anything other than BTC is speculation!

I agree now.. too late.. I also thought to jump in some money trains when I started crypto.. I made myself crazy.. if I look now 3 months later I just had to keep BTC and I would have made a profit... now a loss.. Did you ever think about delegation of your SP? I think you can also get a certain amount of SBD each day.. If I would have your SP I would do that.

That is interesting. I will look into it. I know nothing about it.

Let me know if you would need Any info. You Can find me an steemit chat. Yeah you could easily do something without losing your actual sp. Only your vote worth Will be less. So for me that's not Good. Lol😭 but I hope you appreciate the support.

Delegating my vote power must cost something so probably just best for those not curating and instead of losing curation rewards they get something. I am pretty active on here and seem to upvote lots even my own comments.

Yes I know, but I think if you for example delegate it to you get also each day an amount of sbd. So then you don't need to active on the platform. check out inventor16 a friend who does the same . But if you are active on the platform and want to curate yourself then it does not make sense... But maybe you can better do it yourself.. that's better for me, lol... like I wrote, i need to post a lot to correct some stupid beginners mistake on crypto.... and the make my trip to the US in year 2019..

Might be smart to do while away from the internet. Wonder how secure it is?

Btc is still speculation
It's not for sure going to win.

You are right but for me it is the most secure investment available to man so in my mind only 98% secure.

I bet on bitcoin in 2013 and bought 250
I have sold on way up and still hold 45. I believe in this technology 100% but bitcoin has for first time since it was born taken steps backwards in past year. Another Crypto can win this battle but none the less crypto will change everything! I hope bitcoin is the winner but it might be beat by another Crypto

Once you understand with shape shifting they become one:

I believe the longest audit trail will be most trusted. Tripple entry accounting.

That's a good point. I would bet on it for sure. There is a chance ESP with this division in leadership though it effects things to the point another can catch up. I definitely would bet against this but we should all keep it in mind!

After doing more research the audit trail is more important then I first thought. The longest audit trail is definitely more of an advantage then I first realized. Anyone who brushes this off please just look into how important this is!

Excellent. Yes this is the big four in a box (Peat Marwick - Deloitte - Ernest & Young and Price Waterhouse).

wow . it's imagine post..

Interesting I kind of had an intuitive idea about it but I wasnt clear and you have given me a LOT of food for thought. You have put it well, I'll get free and try to set up my Steem Profile tonight, I just got in and I like the community here.

Would love to take part in your future discussions @greenman


Thanks for kind words.

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REP and GAME, two more post ideas for you... always enjoy your work, thanks!

thanks for sharing, a publication of experience and passion in finance.
I do not know GameCredits that I find interesting.
I will buy some tokens, $1.76 price today

Wow.. Wonderful and creative writing about cryptocurrency @greenman..
thanks for sharing .....

You are really a try to reached at top of the bitcoin.your thoughts are i upvote and resteem

resteem, it is really interesting I hope it opens the eyes of people.
and We all succeed in emerging from modern slavery.

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@greenman - Exceptional writing Sir. Facts & experiences are well written. I also invested on gold too Sir. Excellent article you shared here.

you are a experienced man in this crypto field and its good to see some advice from you always thanks for your valuable posts always it help me a lot upvoted and resteemed for you :)


The post does says it all and looking at your investments it is definitely a great deal you have done .and thanks for the tips buddy
It is indeed the right time to get into the crypto world and invest in a good way for the better future :)

Outstanding post . I totally agree with you, the cryptocurrency is also a hope to fight the bankers corremmpu and change the international monetary system. Thank you for sharing!


Now a days i keep seeing a post which say buy a bitcoin now and you will own a Lamborghini later seems like its true hahah thanks for sharing your thoughts and i agree on that view they are quite cheap now to get into it. Resteemed.

after your post i just went to check the prices and today it looks like the best day to buy ,everything is looking cheap even a little amount of crytpto will rise in future resteemed and upvoted

its fantastic post about your steemit status and introducing empower of your steemit in bitcoin world, a new name on you.

yes it's true. Best time to buy some steempower too.

I agree with you, I'm buying the same now, and I advise everyone.I Upvote and resteem

@greenman it's very interesting post!!

Excellent post, you are absolutely right, now is the time to enter the game and start your own business. Many of us probably did. Thank you @greenman and your thoughts are close to me, so I Upvote

Absolutely mate! This is the time to buy the max we can, as soon the prices will rocket high and will be hard to buy.

Thanks, congrats on all your followers!

Don't want to judge your portfolio but it would not hurt to have some litecoin there as well, with the upcoming prevalence of offchain atomic swaps on lightening and segwit enabled blockchains, those which are not yet saturated up to their relative potential will most likely see a huge increase in the market cap. (all this comes from a student mind with no experience in finance don't take it as an investment advice)

I like your thoughts on it and yes litecoin on my radar for exactly that reason. Thanks for reading my post!

oh reading is easy, thanks for sharing your portfolio with us.

You have an excellent investment breakdown, 86% in the crypto currency, this is a serious capital!

Bitcoin is the coin of king


Litecoin is no doubt has a bright future


I have started buying the cryptos as much as I can. As in the last few days when the bitcoin ban news came from China, all the cryptos were in Red and I bought a lot of steem and coneverted all my SBD into steem. We all know that the future of cryptos is very bright right now.

wow really great article @greenman, i don't know much about cryptos before following you but now i gained so much knowledge about cryptos after reading your knowledgeable posts. upvoted and resteemed too.

It's great that you give advice, which tokens are better to buy now. About Augur and GameCredits, I did not think it, but now I'll buy a little.

My analogy of blockchain for the un-initiated is a game of monopoly where the players are anonymous; who do you trust to be the banker? So we randomly select a banker at the end of each turn, and that banker writes down all the transactions on the excel sheet and sends copies to the other players, so long as at least two of the other three agree, the game can continue.
I'll be using that in a few weeks when I go to a major solar energy conference to explain SolarCoin and ElectriCChain to the industry.