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A chat with @thecryptodrive, The Man Behind The Steem Drive Billoard campaign

A few weeks ago, @thecryptodrive started a campaign that has witnessed a couple of amazing events. Not only has the campaign increased the public attention to Steemit, it has proven that an amazing product – Steemit is capable of connecting amazing people from different parts of the world.
Interestingly, The Merkle published a blog post on the steemdrive campaign today

What inspired the "steemdrive campaign" and how has the journey been so far?

I wanted to do something grand that really stands out, and at the same time something expensive which shows that the money paid out by the steem blockchain is real, I was driving past a billboard and it just came to me that I would like to see Steemit advertised on it, which would be really cool.

What has been some of the most memorable moments so far?

The most memorable moment was the first ground zero campaign, Two hours after launch I was still sitting with about 5 dollars on the post, I felt discouraged, but a fellow Steemian on teamsmooth direct messaged me in and told me not to worry, my post is good, possibly the best of the day and the votes will come. A few minutes after, rainman hit the post up to trending, and shortly after blocktrades knocked it out the park, tears literally streamed down my face.

The New Zealand campaign was also memorable; @cryptoiskey was the liaison/ambassador who helped organise it. His father, garywilson, also lives in New Zealand, he joined Steemit and is sharing his story of terminal cancer with us on his blog, Gary wrote me a lovely message in the steemdrive campaign comments, he is proud of the initiative and proud of his son, I was really humbled that we created something special allowed him (in the last stages of his cancer) to see his son be a world wide success and do something great in the public eye.

Finally in an unexpected turn of events, @smooth decided to donate 2000 SBD directly to the Chicago campaign and any rewards of his comment, in total he donated around 2700 SBD, @liondani donated 200 SBD, and a few others donated 25 SBD, and @fuzzyvest is to also donate 200SBD. This created such a wonderful community spirit and really uplifted the community to a state of joy, that's what I like most about these campaigns is the whole of Steemit stands behind them/

What next for the steemdrive campaign? - strategies, new places etc

Well we have the UK and Portugal coming up, also feedback posts of proof of flight for the large print South African Billboard (the digital ones were in flight already for a month). We have created a campaign partners section, so any blockchain business or witness can offer to support our campaign with regular votes or donations and we will include their banner with a link to their website or blog.

We may need to do smaller pop-up articles and events in-between billboards to help raise funds because payouts aren't as high as they used to be on the platform, we need to focus heavily on donation support as well. We are hoping to try something different and co-brand billboards with a campaign partner, we are chatting with about doing a billboard or other type of media advert in Germany whereby we advertise something to the effect of "Earn on Steemit! Pay with Blockpay!", (any better slogan ideas welcome).

We would also like to try other marketing campaigns such as internet advertising, we have some experts in that field on our team, that we could help them launch such a campaign.

Thanks for doing this @thecryptodrive. I had a great time talking to you

A CHAT WITH @jasonmcz , CREATOR of and Co-Founder of

Thanks for creating I have been a heavy user myself… From the data you've collected so far, what is your opinion on the current prices of Steem and SBD?

So far what we've noticed from the data and the model (I personally) use is that Steem will likely to suffer from a medium or even long term bleed -- meaning the price will likely to decay due to an on-going correction on the price equilibrium. As for SBD the price is likely to be dominated by the price differential between the internal market and foreign markets i.e. Poloniex, Bittrex and etc.

You're also a cofounder of What is it all about?

Oh good question! This is a very exciting project that I am working on with 3 other people full time on. Essentially, we are trying to build a decentralized eSports platform that settles dispute and reward using smart contracts in the ethereum blockchain.

You recently launched your ICO making you perhaps the first crypto entity to accept Steem. Why did you embark on this initiative?

Well it was because if you look at the Steem has been on the top 5 list for a while and it has a lot of influences over non-crypto users and we think it would be a really good opportunity to capitalize this userbase so in the later days we can leverage Steem’s awareness to create a win-win situation.

Where do you see Steem and in extension other cryptos in relation to being used in exchange for virtual goods?

I don’t have much to comment on Steem as a token to be honest but as for SBD I think this is a remarkable thing in cryptoland because this is the very first cryptocurrency that you could compare with a fiat on a stable scale. Not necessarily a hard peg just yet because of lack of liquidity but I see it, in the future, being used by authors, publishers and maybe just an average Steemit user to pay each other or buy goods and services that they provide.

As we can see, some people are already capitalizing on it by utiizing SteemPayment.

I know how busy this week is for you @jasonmcz. Thanks for squeezing the time to do this. Best of luck ;)

Steemians Speak: What’s Your Favorite Post Of The Week ? And Why?

There’s been an increase in the quality and quantity of really awesome posts on Steemit. And we thought it would be interesting to reach out to Steemians asking them:

What’s Your Favorite Post Of The Week ? And Why?

@tuckfheman ...
Because in all of my life, I've never been as happy as that kid on a swing.

My favorite post this week would actually have to be a non-trender
It is my favorite because I feel it is proof we are attracting a diverse audience and some pretty interesting individuals. This guy has over 10k followers on Instagram, which I think is a feat in itself personally, can't wait to see more people like this come our way.

My favorite is
It contains many interesting ideas, especially I like the idea about 100 wishes .it makes me shink what I want

Her blog has not received anywhere near the exposure that it deserves, but hey, that's steemit for you! This is her beautiful blog.

Hmmmm. Its note an easy one!. Well, I do have it though . Its an introduceyourself post of the skypilot
Because the content is just 100% original and extremly interesting to read . It is also great to see such amazingly diverse people join steemit!

and this :
Do I still have to explain why I liked that vagina post ...haha ! Anyways it was refreshing among all serious stuff I am reading and I happen to like the woman who wrote this . She is smart and interesting . I like open and honest women

Ok. really impressed me

This my favorite post:

I do know him personally, but that’s not why I chose him. I chose him because his story is extremely motivating and inspiring. He’s a young athlete, half ghanese and half german, and he started boxing as a teenager, became a rising star and won many tournaments. But then, he got shot in the foot during work, and the doctors told him he’d never walk normally again. But he trained hard and managed to get back to 99% health, he is now a personal trainer and will continue his boxing career. It’s a very motivational story that could inspire lots of people, and he’s also new on steemit!

a. Last week’s edition has been translated to Chinese and will be published soon.
b. If you’ve got any suggestions, please make a comment using the reply box below or send a message to me on @infovore.
Would love to hear from you
Ooh. And don’t forget to follow my blog. ;)

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

This is a great idea. I was wondering if you could help me do the same thing in Manila Philippines. Set up a billboard in metro manila. My country has over a million in population and the biggest user of android phones with more than 40million users in facebook. I live in the metropolis. How do i start?


You are most welcome @tjpezlo , we need people all over the world, please contact me in, my name there is thecryptodrive. All billboard campaign info can be seen at the @steemdrive blog.


I already initiated contact and replied on your reply. I just joined you fb group for faster communication. Im working on the blog and waiting for qoutations from ad companies. Will give you feedback asap.

Great post and very proud to be part of the @steemdrive initiative. Every advertising medium we can utilize we should. The more members that use a way to promote steemit the better it will be for all of us in the future.Thanks for mentioning Dad he loves the platform and the responses he has received:)... BTW Glad you like my billboard image ..awesome.


Happy to hear from you. @thecryptocreative really had nice words about you. And relay my greetings to dad ;)

Thanks for including me ))) Looks like my link is broken, but oh well )))) Feels good any ways

Oh and thanks to @nekromarinist for picking my post as the favourite for this week!


Thanks.... I fixed the link now ;) That was a great post.

Nice posting, and you have good idea to interview many steemians. :)


Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. How have you been doing btw?


I just try to write article regularly, it is hard for me writing in English language (My first language is Bahasa Indonesia), but I must try, because I want share a good thing, sharing culture knowledge and kindness with writing. Any way nice posting :)


Just keep trying. I'm also a non-native and its pretty difficult trying to keep up with the various nuances of the English language.

Thank you @infovore, it was a pleasure doing an interview with you, kudos on your project! Look forward to the next steemmag issue!


Thanks so much. The pleasure was all mine. I really had a swell time chatting with you. All the best with the billboard campaign. Waiting for the next update ;)

Great job/ideas, such dedication powers us up all together, thank you! Namaste :)

It's an awesome post. I am pretty sure will go along way.

Nice idea. Simple and creative. Good luck)

Pure awesomeness! The first link to @thecryptodrive is broken btw. It misses "the".


Thanks. Fixed! I'm glad you liked the interview series.

great idea, gives me food for thought on how to promote steem.

Can I ask for $ 1sbd ?

I could not agree more on all of this! I discovered steemit just this past week and already it has altered (disrupted to the max!) my marketing and promotion strategy for my project! This HAS to be quaking boots of the gatekeeper sites such as Facebook/Google/Youtube/Reddit.

Steemit has become my litmus test for content viability/validity and I will utilize it to the fullest!

I hope you will take part at this challenge.

Great post, very informative.

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Keep up the good work!

I am new to Steemit, and already I can see the potential in become an active member of the community. If you have tips and tricks that can help please point me in that direction.

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