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There is the "Have you been here 2019" contest and as I love this tool a lot - and the team behind as well - I have to deliver even the BEER version of my TOP4.

But first at all a warm greeting to the @SteemitWorldmap team, @martibis, @choogirl, @livinguktaiwan, @lizanomadsoul and @itchyfeetdonica.


Here I picked 4 of my favorite BEER posts from my steemitworldmap from 2019

Check out this post for the contest rules and explanation.

Some statistic

From my 35 locations I marked in 2019 on my Steemitworldmap there are 11 related in some way to BEER and this is a damn good reason for this post.

I will add a few more at the end, just as I love it.

Anyway, here we go.

1 - The twe years of #BeerSaturday in Rochefort, Belgium

This wonderful #BeerSaturday challenge is now running since more than 2 years. Or with other words 104 weeks in a row.

For sure this is a quite good reason to celebrate and what is better as to celebrate with beer.
So I decided on my way back to my hometown, to make a little stop at one of the well known Trappist brewery in Belgium point.

Navigate the team

But as we are in that car with a group of 4 people, I decided as. Well to make the drive to this location in somewhat a secret. I looked to my smartphone for the map app, searched for that Rochefort brewery and gave the driver some navigation input to go directly to this location – without letting him know what this is.

You can imagine that the surprise of our party was quite huge is nobody expected to end up at this very nice beer location where they even sell some of their self-produced beer. This is what I expected.

Damn sunday

Sadly, as we arrived on a Sunday, the main door was locked and there were not many people running around in that location. But should we leave, without getting that beer?
No way.

We have to find somebody, we have to knock some doors, make some noise and see why they all are awy. After a while, running around the Abbey, we saw a few people inside and behind a window.

Make noice

By making some more noise this nice and friendly monks recognize that there are some thirsty beer lovers in front of the window. They showed us the hidden bell!

Luckily, a few minutes later the door to the beer heaven was opened and we were allowed to buy some of their liquid.

See the Post at https://steemit.com/beersaturday/@detlev/wow-since-2-years-i-maintain-the-beersaturday-celebrating-with-rochefort-8

2 - Punks in London

The BrewDog PUNK IPA - a post modern classic beer and I had a few in London at that huge Brewdog store beneath the Tower of London.

But first you have to visit the tower. This means for me, a backpacker who like to have not so crowded areas, some pain.


The tower of London

There are hundreds of people, bus loads to tourists at this lovely place and all have to queue up to enter the tower.

The location itself is really interesting and carries tons of history.

The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. It lies within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which is separated from the eastern edge of the square mile of the City of London by the open space known as Tower Hill.

Text by WikiPedia

This means nothing else, as that the tower is luckily very close to the Brewdog Bar at the tower road.

See my Proof of visit in London

This is how the story goes on.

We did our round at the tower and saw even the nice guys with this huge hats and a few other walking around during their world known Change of the guards and even more dragons and weapons within the different building.

But all this history is so old dusty that I get soooo thirsty. With this and some more quite good and powerful arguments I finally moved me team to the pub and served them some food and myself a few dogs

Read the full post at https://steemit.com/beersaturday/@detlev/the-brewdog-punk-ipa-a-post-modern-classic-beer

3 - The 100 weeks of #BeerSaturday in Val Dieu, Belgium

We celebrate 100 weeks of #BeerSaturday with a very special beer. This Cuvee was created to celebrate the 800 years of beer brewing the the abbey in Val Dieu and I thought to myself

Yes, this is a excellent fit!

A beery collage

From all the pics at the Abbey in Val Dieu I created a nice collage

About Val Dieu

As again some history comes before the beer, here is the story about the old castle in Belgium.

In 1216 a small number of monks from the Hocht part of Lanaken, near Maastricht, settled in the uninhabited valley which formed the border between the Duchy of Limburg and the county of Dalhem; they called their settlement Vallis Dei this is in French Val-Dieu and in English Valley of God.

A lot damage

The abbey's original church was destroyed in 1287 during the War of the Limburg Succession. The church was rebuilt, but was destroyed again in 1574 during the Eighty Years' War, and in 1683 by the armies of Louis XIV. Under the jurisdiction of Abbot Jean Dubois, from 1711 until 1749, the abbey flourished. It was dissolved during the French Revolution, when the church was destroyed for the fourth time.

Text by WikiPedia

Try to get a Proof of visit


Anyway, I tried to have a chat with this nice lady behind me to get my Proof of visit but she doesn't reply to my questions and this means I had to search the bar aka the Pub of the monks in Val Dieu

Read the whole post at https://steemit.com/beersaturday/@detlev/we-celebrate-100-weeks-of-beersaturday-with-a-very-special-beer


4 - The other food in Bangkok, Thailand

During my summer trip I found some really different food in the streets of Bangkok and I guess not only the locals like this.

Delicious food

You may have a try to this insects and worms or grasshoppers but it is not my style.


Beach life

First we have to enjoy the beach in the south of Thailand at all this nice beaches and at the different islands.

The traveling in this country is so relaxed and we enjoyed staying at all the nice and green places.

The real Thai food is so tasty and healthy that we even did a cooking class at the other hotel.


Living in a bamboo garden

At the Milky Bay Resort you may book such a huge family bungalow with even AC inside. But the best of this resort is the nicely arranged area with all the huge bamboo and the good food

Happy end with beer

But at the end, everything comes again to the beer and this shirt from a real "believer" was so damn cool that I had to picture it.

Some from my other Beer Posts

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